Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Jacksonian Party Stop Gap Energy Policy

The following is a position paper of The Jacksonian Party.

The Jacksonian Party favors an Energy Independence Policy for the United States.

To get the Nation from the current energy non-policy to the future of Energy Independence, the Jacksonian Party proposes a Stop Gap Policy for Energy Production, Refining and Research.

In the following all normal guidelines for air, water and soil conservation and pollution shall be demonstrated by companies. However, Environmental Impact Statements are waived with some provisos for endangered habitat and historical sites, which shall be addressed by companies and technology or techniques to mitigate damage to same demonstrated. Additionally, all such companies, to gain this waiver, MUST demonstrate the capability to pay, in-full, over 5 years for a worst-case scenario of their Energy Production, Refining and/or Research. For those companies creating effluent that will impinge upon States, they shall demonstrate ability to meet State level guidelines for such.

Only entirely US based companies and firms are eligible for any of these awards and land use.

For the Production of current energy sources the Federal Government shall open up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve for petroleum exploration and drilling. No other mining or land use, beyond that necessary for such production, drilling and environment mitigation is allowed. Additionally the Continental Shelf Economic Zone of the United States shall be opened for such use.

For Refining and Research the Federal Government shall make open the entire Closed Base and other Polluted Federal Lands list to use by companies and energy producing and research companies. All such leases will be payable at a rate of $1 US per month for 99 years. A final clean-up plan for that land shall also be demonstrated and funds set aside or continual and/or incremental cleanup plans demonstrated. As such lands are already polluted, only mitigation of pollution spread is necessary along with meeting the standard normal guidelines for effluent and air quality. Of prime concern is petroleum refining and this shall be given the highest priority for those companies able to demonstrate need for such land and ability to utilize it for same. If competing and similar concepts are proposed and they are of equal value to the American People, then companies shall be chosen by random means, although the first winner is excluded from all subsequent awards for petroleum refining until all companies have won a single award or have dropped from competition for same due to geographic location.

Federal Polluted Land or Base Land that has been closed shall also be given consideration for new and novel energy production and research.

For current energy production, ALL categories of energy are to be considered so long as effluent guidelines are met.

For energy research, this research shall be to new or novel techniques or capabilities. For those of existing or renewable energy sources, the Federal Government shall award prizes on the following:

  1. Biomass. On a per acre basis of non-aquaculture capability, a company that can demonstrate a 20% solar energy conversion rate and net energy production above and beyond all energy needed to be used to grow, cultivate, store, ship and refine such sources shall be awarded at a basis of $1 Billion for the first full acre of land that can produce such for three continuous years. This shall be awarded to each technology that uses different techniques and capabilities to the first three of same that can be demonstrated. Mere variations on technique or capability are not sufficient for this and entirely different means and methods must be demonstrated as reaching net energy output and conversion rate of greater than 20% from incoming solar radiation. No other energy means may be added into the net result unless it be accounted for in the entire processing cycle.
  2. Solar conversion to electricity. On a per acre basis of non-aquatic nature, a company that can demonstrate a rate of 45% solar energy conversion to electricity shall be awarded $10 Billion. To gain such award the technology needs to use only solar, reflected lunar or starlight for energy input and may use no other source for output. Further, it must be demonstrated that such technology over its expected lifespan shall produce ten times (10x) the amount of energy necessary to create such capability and maintain it. This award shall be done after three years of demonstrated capability with daylight uptime of 99.99%. The first three different technologies or techniques to demonstrate such shall gain this award beyond mere variations of a single technique or capability.
  3. Space based power conversion and transmission to Earth. The awards in this category shall be from: Earth orbit, Lunar surface and non-Earth/Moon Solar System Space. The technologies are to be demonstrate as being able to produce 10 Gigawatts of destination or Earth based distribution of electricity from space based sources. In each of these three areas novel technologies and techniques for doing so demonstrating that no other source of input other than space based naturally provided ones are being used. The Award for this shall be $10 Billion for a demonstrated capability over a three year period with 99.99% uptime CONTINUOUSLY. The first three of these technologies shall gain this award.
  4. Superconductivity. The United States seeks environmental temperature superconductors for Terrestrial and Space based use. For either of these environments, superconductors must demonstrate full capability to operate with no support equipment within their environment and still retain superconductive capability. Only specially made sheathing or protective coatings are allowable for this award area. The first three techniques that can demonstrate a continual three year transmission of 1 Megawatt with zero loss over 100 miles shall gain this award of $1 Billion. As with other areas, mere variation in technology will not gain this award, but only new and novel approaches to do same are eligible.
  5. Nanotechnology based clean energy creation, conversion and storage. For each of these areas, nanotechnological means that demonstrate new and novel approaches for the creation, storage and conversion of energy that are compatible with existing systems are to gain awards.

    A) For the creation of new energy such technology must demonstrate the capability to process out ten times the energy used to produce for same over the life expectancy of that source.

    B) On storage the technology must be demonstrated to be 95% efficient for atom or molecular based storage and 99.999% efficient.

    C) On conversion the technology must demonstrate itself to be 95% efficient for molecular conversion and 99.999% efficient for electrical conversion. The molecular conversion is the direct conversion of one fuel type to another, while electrical conversion is a direct processing via demonstrated means from an external molecular or atomic source to electricity.

    Each of these areas shall offer prizes for the first three novel or new approaches on a per area basis, although a single technology may encompass all three and gain a triple award. The single award is to be $1 Billion for three years of continued and demonstrable use.
The Jacksonian Party supports highly the concept of Energy Independence for the United States. By putting common resources to the disposal of US Companies The Jacksonian Party seeks to increase the welfare of the People by letting their ingenuity be put to good use.

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