Friday, May 26, 2006

The Twilight of the Two Party System

The following is a position paper of The Jacksonian Party.

Yesterday the Senate of the United States of America has decided that the Laws of the Land may be broken with impugnity where the National Sovereignty of the Union is concerned. This posting at Dumb Looks Still Free on the Zero Party State offers a tart look not only at that, but a President who has made the fateful decision that to save the Ship of State He must try to chart a path In Front of the Iceberg and hope the speed of the Ship will not tear its bottom asunder on the unseen ice below. This compounds the earlier decision by the Republican Leadership in the House to effectively declare that Representatives are Above All Law in their activities and should be considered Sacrosanct Landed Aristocracy.

The activities are not ones by individuals upholding their Oath of Office to abide by the Laws of the Land and Defend the Constitution of We the People. The Jacksonian Party does not CARE about what their intent *is*, only their activities and actions are of any account in this Republic and those activities are ones that have repudiated the foundation of this Nation upon the Constitution that codifies the original precepts set forward in the Declaration of Independence. Further, these activities actively break the agreement that a Federal Government shall Serve the People and Protect the States in whole and in their individuality.

The Two Party System which is vigorously presented in Civics classes and Social Studies classes as a wonder of the United States has now turned out to be a Zero Party System in which both political parties have worked towards the common end of dividing We the People so as to dissolve Our Unity and impose upon Us a class of individuals that are to be considered Royalty. While one party may have started this by shifting power for the States to the Federal Government from the 1930's onward, the other party is also at fault for buying into this scheme for their own reasons, perpetuating it and completely feeling free to Reward those that do not abide by the Law of the Land for Our collective National Sovereignty. They have both decided that the United States needs to be RULED *not* GOVERNED.

This is what their ACTIONS have done, no matter how *good* the damn intent! In weakening the States and making artificial divisions within We the People and rewarding some and denying of others special privileges and status, the two political parties have worked exactly opposite of the entirety of the Constitution. They now see the Constitution as an *obstacle* to furthering their sinecured RULE over We the People. And yesterday they made that break clean and obvious for all to see who would be bothered with wanting a Nation State that upholds the rights of the individual.

It is part of the normal course of affairs that scoundrels gain high office, now and again.

It is NOT normal that such an individual be protected by the OTHER PARTY and that the leaders of that Party that are in Leadership in the House of Representatives present that Congress as a WHOLE is above investigation by the Executive with the consent of the Judicial branch. Congress now wishes to be an unaccountable Aristocracy to Rule this Union.

And it is NOT the normal course of affairs that the highest leader of that Party holding the Office of the President will back such a belief by FREEZING an ongoing investigation so as to allow anyone who has committed crimes to have time to hide or destroy evidence or to, indeed, flee the Nation if that is their desire. And such individuals may do so by walking Southwards as there is NO OBSTACLE to that nor, indeed, to the flow of slave labor northwards. In doing this action the Executive branch is bowing to the Supremacy of the Legislative branch and abdicating the responsibility of allowing the wheels of Due Process to move in an orderly fashion so that Justice may be done in accordance with the Laws of the Land.

And it is NOT the normal course of events that the Senate shall decide that not only will breaking the Sovereignty of the United States not be effectively punished, but that those individuals that are long-term breakers of those Laws shall gain reward and benefit from the doing of same. Further, the Senate not only does *not* want to protect the southern border with a neighboring Sovereign State but has stated, in a clear grab for Executive power beyond all divisions given in the Constitution, that the United States must *ask* for the assent of Mexico to build ANY demarcation of the border in the way of a FENCE. The Senate of the United States has decided, in its majority, that the National Sovereignty of the United States shall be turned over to a Foreign Nation for VETO. Note that the Senate cites NO FOREIGN TREATY for this nor does it cite any reasoning as to WHY this should be done nor does it present this in the fashion of a normal viewpoint of the Legislature in foreign policy via a 'Sense of the Senate' proceeding. By placing this within this Bill it is the clear and obvious action of a Senate that believes itself to wield the authority of Foreign Policy on its OWN and hoping that the House will sign onto it so as to become Co-Sovereigns within the United States and strip the Executive of the Foreign Policy power clearly given in the Constitution to the Executive.

Here are the Senators that have signed onto this concept in the passage of the Immigration Bill:

  1. Akaka (D-HI)
  2. Baucus (D-MT)
  3. Bayh (D-IN)
  4. Bennett (R-UT)
  5. Biden (D-DE)
  6. Bingaman (D-NM)
  7. Boxer (D-CA)
  8. Brownback (R-KS)
  9. Cantwell (D-WA)
  10. Carper (D-DE)
  11. Chafee (R-RI)
  12. Clinton (D-NY)
  13. Coleman (R-MN)
  14. Collins (R-ME)
  15. Conrad (D-ND)
  16. Craig (R-ID)
  17. Dayton (D-MN)
  18. DeWine (R-OH)
  19. Dodd (D-CT)
  20. Domenici (R-NM)
  21. Durbin (D-IL)
  22. Feingold (D-WI)
  23. Feinstein (D-CA)
  24. Frist (R-TN)
  25. Graham (R-SC)
  26. Gregg (R-NH)
  27. Hagel (R-NE)
  28. Harkin (D-IA)
  29. Inouye (D-HI)
  30. Jeffords (I-VT)
  31. Johnson (D-SD)
  32. Kennedy (D-MA)
  33. Kerry (D-MA)
  34. Kohl (D-WI)
  35. Landrieu (D-LA)
  36. Lautenberg (D-NJ)
  37. Leahy (D-VT)
  38. Levin (D-MI)
  39. Lieberman (D-CT)
  40. Lincoln (D-AR)
  41. Lugar (R-IN)
  42. Martinez (R-FL)
  43. McCain (R-AZ)
  44. McConnell (R-KY)
  45. Menendez (D-NJ)
  46. Mikulski (D-MD)
  47. Murkowski (R-AK)
  48. Murray (D-WA)
  49. Nelson (D-FL)
  50. Obama (D-IL)
  51. Pryor (D-AR)
  52. Reed (D-RI)
  53. Reid (D-NV)
  54. Sarbanes (D-MD)
  55. Schumer (D-NY)
  56. Smith (R-OR)
  57. Snowe (R-ME)
  58. Specter (R-PA)
  59. Stevens (R-AK)
  60. Voinovich (R-OH)
  61. Warner (R-VA)
  62. Wyden (D-OR)
The work of the Two Party System since the 1930's has been that to divide the commonality of We the People and repudiate the Constitution in that doing. And the fruit of those long decades of giving unto the Federal Government more and more responsibilities and allowing the Legislative and Executive branches to codify their parties into perpetual power and their persons in High Office in Congress as Royalty that may not hindered by the mere Law that applies to We the People is a bitter one. We the People now stand as a People divided by ethnicity, national origin, skin color, living circumstance, sexual outlook, religious viewpoint, and fiscal wealth. Each party has pushed hard for these divisions so as to ensure that We the People will view each other with suspicion and not be able to come together to form 'a more perfect Union' and ensure 'Justice' that can be applied equally to All of the People.

Now the 'common defense' is being abdicated and the view that the Nation needs RULERS and Landed Aristocracy is at the forefront. These actions are NOT ones of elected officials to serve We the People or to Govern a Republic of Free People. These ARE the actions of Nobility seeking to establish themselves permanently upon the United States, introduce an underclass that will be beholden only unto them and will give them the power to change elections so that We the People will no longer exist as a Unified Whole, but will be putting into power a Fraction of that Whole via allowing a massive influx of foreigners who have proven unable to abide by the Law of the Land.

And in not putting any obstacle into the path of such, the expectation is that individuals with forged documentation will seek help from those organizations able to provide them quickly and enmass: Drug Cartels, Narco-Traffickers and Transnational Terrorists; plus some smattering of Communists and other Transnationalists across the globe.

Further, in not giving out imprisonment as a penalty to those taking illegal activities, but merely fining them and then actually *rewarding* their actions as *good deeds* of *hard workers*, the Senate wishes to entice MORE people to break the Law and come to the United States. And by putting paltry fines upon businesses that use enforced slave labor from illegal aliens and not preventing them from *continuing* to do so, the Senate has decided to advocate that this practice SHALL CONTINUE. The fines will be absorbed as the cost of doing business and passed on as minor price increases to We the People for the goods and services we procure.

By importing slave labor against Amendement XIII, seeking to take the power of Foreign Policy and move it from Article II to Article I and of declaring that the provisions set forth in the Constitution for allowing the search and investigation of Congressmen for 'treason, felonies and breach of the peace', the two parties via the elected members in the Federal Government are declaring the Constitution, itself, to no longer apply to the United States. Each and every one of these actions on their own is despicable. Taken as a whole they are an affront to the Union, the States and a clear indication that the status of We the People under these Supreme Parties is that of People who are to be RULED OVER, not Governed.

In opening this breach into the compact between We the People and setting the Congress up as a Supreme Power, beholden to no one, the Congress with complicity from the President have taken it upon themselves to disunite the Union and create a new Nation to their own liking.

We the People have only the recourse of Our States to fall back upon, as this is a clear and distinct break that was worried about after Shay's Rebellion. The too powerful Federal has usurped all Power and now seeks to end the meaning of a United States that has forceful and independent States within its confines. By throwing in a large underclass that will be beholden to the Federal Government, they are now putting the means in place of converting entire States to the needs of the new Aristocracy. For once the majority of States have been overwhelmed and made to bow down by this new influx of 'Citizens' and by impoverishing the rightful existing Citizenry by encouraging a flood of illegal labor to take more and more jobs from the Citizens, We the People will be ultimately divided and destroyed as a Free People and subverted to the will of the minorities set at each others throats for the goodies of the Federal Government as they dispense it.

The original division of Powers within the Constitution sets the States as having rights over which the Federal Government may have NO SAY. And so it is time to for We the People to enforce those Rights and Our Own and hold the entire Legislative and Executive Branches to account for their actions. So be it resolved the following for which The Jacksonian Party now enjoins All of the People of the States to press for, so that the Federal Government may be forced to either back the Constitution or declare it at an end and the Two Parties as the Rulers of this Land:

1) Join the Right of We the People via Amendment II with the Right of the States to exist as given in Article I, Section 10. In so doing any and all violence from illegal aliens will become Terrorism. In so doing any and all incursions by Mexican Federal Military and Police shall become open Acts of War upon those States effected. In so doing all International Drug Cartels that sustain violence within the United States via gangs shall be considered an open act of War by all Foreign Nations harboring, aiding and abetting same to do these activities, or if they are fighting them, then they are to be given assistance to end such immediately. In so doing We the People will be given the right for a 'show cause' due process system run by those that openly use arms within Our States so that Justice and Punishment for openly threatening the Right to Bear Arms and the Right of the State to Use its Law Abiding and Armed Citizens to defend it.

2) Each State shall look to its ancient right to determine Citizenship as consisting of those born within its confines by individuals here Lawfully or existing Citizens and that No Other thing shall be allowed for those here illegally.

3) To reform the Federal Government each State shall look to pass an Amendment to the Constitution that sets the House of Representatives to Represent the largest portion of the People as seen by the Founders and make such Representation be at a ratio of 1 Representative for every 30,000 People. As part of this, the House of Representatives is to be shorn of all funding for any staffing beyond those staffers necessary to coordinate current committees.

4) We the People shall lobby Congress to actually USE its powers over the Law of the Sea and Foreign Commerce and enact Warrants via the Letters of Marque and Reprisals and give bounties and prizes and awards to those Warranted to seek out and capture the goods and transport that is assisting those enemies of the United States to flourish.

5) We the People shall lobby Congress and the Executive to shear off useless appendages of the Federal Government that hand out the Wealth of this Nation to individuals and companies and Nations that do not abide by the Law of the Land or are not Friends of the United States.

6) Each State shall be enjoined to fence off their borders if they adjoin to Foreign Nations that do not attempt to stop their Nationals or those of others transiting their Nation from entering into that State illegally. And if the Federal Government asserts that it is the sole decider of such things, then they are to be told that when they have decided to abdicate their responsibilities to maintain the Union and enforce the Laws of the Land that they have given up that power and that the States and We the People rightfully assert it through Our State until such time as the Federal Government shall actually Defend Us and Uphold the Constitution.

The Jacksonian Party is disgusted with the Zero Party State turning into an Aristocratic Class that may not be brought to heel by the Laws of the Land.

The Jacksonian Party stands foursquare for the Constitution and the division of powers therein.

The Jacksonian Party advocates legal and lawful means to hold the Federal Government accountable for its misdeeds.

The Jacksonian Party reminds each and every individual of the United States that they are enjoined by the Preamble of the Constitution with the responsibility to maintain the Union beyond the mere Federal Government.

The Jacksonian Party now points out that in passing the buck of responsibility for Our daily lives to the Federal Government that We are giving up Our Rights in that doing and becoming mere supplicants to an All Power Federal Government. And since these rights were lent and not given, We the People can end that loan and tell the Federal Government to shut down its useless functions that have not helped the People one tiny bit and have only served as a means to further divide Us through the distribution of Rewards to some and not All of the People.

The Jacksonian Party points out that the Government of the People, By the People and For the People can only be changed if the People wish to remain Free as individuals and not serfs upon this land.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The 21st Century and We the People

This paper is a viewpoint on the proposed policies of The Jacksonian Party.

Today is a day that may see the Summer of Our Discontent come true. A proposal has been put forth by the President that has not been well thought out and, by trying to keep to a *safe* course, actually charts the Nation into Troubled Waters. My personal viewpoint is available here, with much intemperance on my part. As in all cases, whenever something as seen as going awry an attempt must be made not only to place blame but to offer something *better*. And so I hope to bring disparate themes together by showing what it is this Nation could become if the proposals put forth by The Jacksonian Party were implemented.

First and foremost, The Jacksonian Party recognizes that the full and entire responsibility of this Nation does not rest upon the Government, but upon the People. I have written on that here. The Federal Government is one means to achieve the ends set out by the Constitution, but, as in all other cases, the responsibility and actual achievement of these things rests with We the People. And so the political system has sliced and diced the People into various groups and set them at each other's throats so that the Voice of We the People can no longer be heard, and thus let Us lose track of those responsibilities which are Ours to have and hold.

Demonstrating that some classes of people have been denied rights is one thing. Setting aside rights and privileges for *any* group of We the People based on any biological or sociological background is quite another. The Constitution makes no distinction on such after the Civil War and neither should the Federal Government in how it implements policy and gives out goods from the National Treasury. By trying to divide the populace based on this color or that one, or based on this background or that one, or to pander to any individual Group, be they organized or unorganized no longer lets those running for high office address the People as a whole.

The Jacksonian Party recognizes the natural rights of man to follow the premise of the Declaration of Independence, but adheres to the codification of how those rights are to be used set in the Constitution. Indeed, all people have these rights, but they are only recognized here in full, while other Nations do not do so. That said, to *gain* that protection requires the equal protection and due process of Law, as is clearly stated in the Constitution. Those that do not adhere to the Law to seek entry deny this basis of understanding and denigrate due process in so doing. To give such equal protection and due process is to grant that the Constitution is *not* a document requiring same, which is clearly not the case.

Thusly, illegal aliens repudiate the very laws that they seek sanctuary under and, if that is granted, the structure of that law is weakened.

For this new Century this Nation is beset by many ills foreign and domestic. The United States seems to get this regularly, and every few generations requires yet another look at We the People and how We run Our Nation.

Lets take look at a checklist:
- New technologies opening up vistas never before conceived,
- Attacks upon the Nation from those overseas that do not respect Our Nation and a city badly hurt,
- Strife and unrest along the Southern border,
- A new networked system of communication that allowed the free flow of ideas quickly,
- Muslims taking up arms against the Laws of Nations and killing non-believers,
- US Forces sent to put an end to such lawlessness,
- Strange forms of political thought that manifest themselves with unforeseen results,
- Internal forces that would threaten the integrity of all Nations while being dispersed across them.

Today? No, this is the 19th Century where:
- Industrialization changed the very landscape of production and how we approached it,
- The War of 1812 in which Washington burned,
- The border disputes and War with Mexico,
- The telegraph allowing news and messages to travel at untold speeds,
- The Barbary Pirates and the Marines sent to give them pause,
- Objectivity and the move to include scientific factual thought in politics,
- And Anarchists bringing terror with them as they struck against World Leaders.

Also the Rise of the Empires and the predominance of the Nation State with Colonies flourished to bring a dawning of what many foresaw as a Golden Age, but which ended in World War I. Today, after the end of the Cold War we now witness the *reverse* trend from that of building Nation States up to those that seek to diminish them and, finally end them. For today the list now reads:
- Promising new technologies in the biological, information and nano areas,
- The Twin Towers falling and New York City coated with the ash and dust of them,
- Illegal aliens flooding across the border and disrupting the Nation,
- The first flowering of the Internet to give freedom of speech to All,
- Wars against Afghanistan and Iraq to start de-linking terrorists from State support,
- Transnationalism seeking to change the diminish the liberties of individuals and give them to groups,
- Terrorists and Progressivists taking up the Transnational concept to attack the fundamentals of Nation States to self-govern.

As the United States was first formed, it did not have the wherewithal of a modern State and the founders recognized that some means and methods for attacking difficult problems could not be done by the Nation directly. At that time it was Nation States and Piracy threatening the young Nation, and the capability to respond was handed over to Congress to draft means and methods to curb or end such things. The threat to shipping was distributed and none could easily say if or where or when commerce would be attacked, and its sources were many-fold: European Nations looking for easy prey or not respecting the new Nation, Pirates of many stripes looking to personal gain by capturing ships and cargo, and a system of places where such things were not strictly enforced as being disallowed.

To attack these threats and assist in times of War, the Congress gave Warrants for the capture of goods that had been unlawfully taken by those that attacked the new Nation. Privateering had legal justification and was given means to act effectively by Congress so that the Nation's commerce could be secured and its forces augmented by those willing to take up fighting with just recompense. This, of course, requires a Congress that will allow the might of its Citizens to come forth and stand into those places where Military and standard Intelligence cannot: deeply into the commercial realm to root out and stop trafficking with Our enemies.

Such a thing has not been done for over a century, but the times have reversed to the point where a distributed Citizenry in its course of affairs, here and abroad, would serve much better to stop this trafficking than any Military force. Because the threat is pervasive and pestilent, and seemingly relatively easy to profit from, many do it and thusly empower Our enemies and, indeed, those that would tear down the very Nation State system on this planet to reach their own ends. To do this Congress needs to stop *fearing* We the People and start SERVING US.

That is what they are elected TO DO.

The Jacksonian Party, secondly, recognizes the responsibilities of the Citizenry and all of their rights so as to choose their own way within the confines of the Constitution. That means that individuals may speak out against those Laws of the Land they disagree with, and accept due punishment in violation of such laws. In times of War and unrest some of these rights have been curbed, but never totally wiped out and their curbing is only with the consent of the People. Thus, within all of that, We the People through Our chosen representatives do put forth laws and means to do things lawfully within the scope and bounds given to Us.

One of the best and hardest rights is that of Amendment II, to keep and bear arms. It is not only a right to have a military, but to lawfully allow the Citizenry to decide on how to keep and use such things outside of the purview of the Federal Government. Perhaps the banning of importation and sale of automatic weapons is a necessary ill, as it keeps the ability of individuals to do large amounts of harm on a wholesale basis with firearms in check. But it is a minor curb when one sees the continuum of lethality available to an individual Citizen: Self-Defense courses, Martial Arts, Ancient Arms and Armor, Historical Arms, and, of course, Firearms from Ancient to Modern save those that have a high rounds per minute output and others clearly meant for military and not civilian use. We the People allow that last distinction so that the escalation of firepower and intimidation has a check upon it for the greater common defense and domestic tranquility which are Our responsibilities and come *before* Amendment II.

Within that scope, then, We the People may choose how and how not to use and dedicate Our arms within Our lives. Couple this with the musings given on what a pro-active use of that right as I have given previously, so as to enact the Right of each State to Exist as an independent entity and arm itself as it sees fit in times of invasion or Danger, leads to a new existence for this Nation in its parts. A single State asserting with its Citizens that the Amendment II rights of the Citizenry will be used with the Article I right of the State to protect itself when Federal aid is not timely, and a new class of law emerges: armed rights combined with State survival gives lawless use of arms as an offense *against* the State's right to exist lawfully.

This dynamic changes the flow of power within the United States to each State that positively asserts its right to exist. No longer is the State at the whim and whimsy of a National Guard that has limited service time, nor at the mercy of awaiting Federal help in times of Danger or invasion. What this does is shift the power of States survival DIRECTLY to its lawfully armed Citizens. Yes, the Citizens who are the sole holders of Amendment II become the enactors of this new area and create it as they see fit, so long as it does not create a standing army or military force. An armed Citizen *alone* seeing invasion or breakdown of Civil order is enjoined and empowered to stop such or gain help enough to do so. The individual has that power via this method and means, although still accountable to every OTHER armed Citizen and the State for their actions. A due process of law would allow such which is the State's portion of this so that there may be regularity and accountability.

This is wholly and fully outside the reach and scope of the Federal Government to have *any* say. To attempt to stop a State doing such would be to directly and completely break the Constitution open at Article I. And any attempt to stop armed Citizenry from owning and using *any* arms is a direct breaking of Amendment II. Cognizant, armed Citizens given full backing and authority by the State to protect it from invasion, danger and unlawful use of Arms would be completely and fully empowered to assert these powers.

Thus ANY crossing of the State by Foreign Powers or their Nationals that do not have leave of the Federal Government to be in the Union is considered to be a direct attack upon that State wherever and whenever the State sees such. It is equivalent to an invasion and Declaration of War upon that State's right to exist independently within the security of the Nation. And since this is a Federal Republic, an attack upon one State is an attack upon ALL.

For those looking for an answer to the illegal alien problem: if you are armed and not afraid to join Your right with that of the State You live in to exist, then YOU can be a frontline in finally ending this plague. For everywhere the armed Citizen goes in such a state, the Law goes fully with them as does the responsibility to uphold that Law and be held accountable to it. By taking up Arms you exercise the right to do so, but by having only backing for the individual, it becomes a limited right in scope and influence. By joining it with a broader scoped right, that individual's right is transformed into one that is quite powerful, although still and absolutely limited by due process of Law.

As Citizens We may be in every corner of this Nation and see what needs be seen and can, with the help of Our States, keep the Union whole. For we are enjoined to do that in the Preamble. And if you fear such a power upon others, then perhaps You should learn an art of Arms and join those that have done so to help Protect this Nation.

Third, and finally, is getting representation back to a representative level in the House. By enacting a simple amendment to the Constitution denying the House of Representatives to set its own size and, instead, permanently pegging it to the largest size possible, We the People can end this Zero Party State of the Nation. A House of nearly 10,000 Representatives can no longer make *safe* districts nor sinecure seats by drawing lines on a map every 10 years. Pure demographics will shift even small regions quickly, thus ensuring no concentration of power to leaders of mere political parties. The House would actually have to act as a Representative body for We the People, and not a smoke filled room for cutting deals and ensuring pork going out to their districts.

The sheer scale of such an enterprise gives one pause, but with electronic means of messaging, posting information and feeding back into it, it is perfectly feasible to run such a thing. Indeed, not only feasible, but it would be a benefit to the Nation as it would keep Representatives at HOME where they may listen to We the People and be held accountable on a daily basis. And as they would have ZERO staff, each member would be addressable DIRECTLY by their constituents. No more junkets and flying off to far off lands at the taxpayer's expense. No more hiding out in offices and sending staffers to flack the Citizens. In a district of 30,000 people EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS.

An additional benefit would be having multiple members to oversee nearly every Agency and their departments within the Government. Direct Congressional contact and oversight becomes a reality, doing away with much in the way of Congressional Hearings to hear what is going on in the far reaches of the Government. Instead individual members would post their updates so that every other member could be informed of what was going on.

A House of this size might sweep every lawyer off the street for a term or two, but when it is apparent that power is so widely distributed across the House itself, the ability of lawyers to use this as a stepping stone TO anywhere is gone. Lobbyists would have to lobby individuals in their districts and to get anywhere near a majority would be well nigh impossible as attempts at graft and corruption will be limited. With many eyes and hands comes many watchdogs to keep each other in check. And a few hundred votes change in a district would be enough to boot out someone who had any *hint* of corruption about them.

As the 21st Century dawns we are drawn into an era of problems besetting this Nation. As in the 19th, the unfolding of these problems for good and ill are not readily apparent until things start to move. However, we are left with centuries of legacy, now, which is very much an anchor to a recent past that is forever gone. As a 'HyperPower' the United States is powerless to address distributed threats by groups of individuals that adhere to no Nation. And internally the Nation is corroded by the Transnationalist conception that Nations need be done away with so that Groups may rule.

The power of the Nation State reaches hard limits at the small scale. While it is possible to run a police state, corruption, graft, incompetence and, soon, revolution will bring it down. Even with modern technology, those Nations attempting to reign in their people are finding the People have more knowledge and power than the Government does. Fortunately the United States is *based* upon the ideal that its People ARE its power. And that is given voice via many means, only one of which is the Federal Government. We the People can *change* the balance of power which became so heavily weighted to National Government due to the changes in the World.

But the World continues to change as does the threats to the Nation. No longer is the Federal Government supreme in all things and, in actuality, barely able to come to decisions in its current state of affairs. The power to change that rests in We the People.

The Jacksonian Party stands for the responsibilities of individuals to carry out the common necessities that we *must* do to remain a free people and adhere to the compact between Us known as the Constitution. Indeed, to NOT do so is to declare the end of this Nation that gives Us protection so that each of Us may freely exercise Our rights.

Critics may claim that We are not ready or able or capable or learned enough to do these things. In that they are wrong. We the People may have problems, but when it comes to changing the state of affairs so that We may lead full and free lives, there is NOTHING that shall stand in the way of doing just that. There are problems in any time of change, and things done poorly and inefficiently and so on. But the path we are on as a Nation leads directly to efficient FAILURE.

A National Failure.

The Failure of a Nation to remain a Nation.

If We the People keep passing the buck and expecting someone else to do this for Us, then We shall Fail.

We the People can Fail this Nation.

And Ourselves.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Running the numbers on Illegal Aliens

The following is a personal position analysis viewpoint of The Jacksonian Party.

Now that we all have had time to digest President Bush's announcements on illegal aliens, let us take a look at a number or two and see what they say to us.

First off is the National Unemployment Rate garnered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The current rate is 4.7%. Note that this is AFTER Katrina and the Season of Our Storms. This translates into a workforce of 143,688,000 and an unemployed number of 7,123,000 out of a total population of 300,000,000. Now, digging up Federal numbers on illegal aliens is actually quite difficult as none of these fine public servants actually want to post them where they can be easily found! So I will go with an organization that seems to hit in the ballpark (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which puts it at 10-12 Million illegal aliens in the US. And estimates on those overstaying visas is in the 40% range while those doing the old 'feets get me there' in the 60% range.

Now *everyone* who is for getting these folks some kind of *path to Citizenship* likes to point out that they have FAMILIES here! So I will be fair and give them a hefty 25% drop for children and another 10% for non-working mothers and others with them. If you disagree and support this concept of a *path to Citizenship* then you will have zero heartburn with that obviously FAIR assessment. You would be the same folks pointing out how good they are with families and all, so there should be no arguments from that sector. And to be even FAIRER I will drop it just a bit to round out the number at 30% are non-working men, women and children.

Yes, you have DONE THE MATH CORRECTLY! 7-8 Million hard working illegal aliens!

And the number of out of work Americans? 7.1 Million.

Any questions?

I have extemporized on the problem here, which is full of chiding and mildly assertive talk on what the hell the President has proposed will actually DO.

If you cannot see that illegal aliens are TAKING jobs that should go to Americans getting a FAIR and HONEST wage, then nothing I nor anyone else will ever say will convince you of this. Look to my article for the invective and analysis of what should *happen* to businesses hiring slave labor and why the Federal Government must *stop* funding it.

I am NOT racist.

I am NOT a bigot.

I am damn glad to have LEGAL IMMIGRATION and lots of it!

Breaking the law to be 'law abiding' is asinine in the extreme. REWARDING such behavior only encourages it. And saying that if you can get any sort of documentation cobbled together to show you were here and working and, oh by the way, we won't really close the border just make it a few percent more difficult to get past is a sure signal to open the floodgates on this issue.

I want good jobs that pay fairly for AMERICANS FIRST. Until the unemployment rate is NEGATIVE the need for illegals or any foreigner to do such work is NOT THERE.

Look at the numbers. Yes it is a static snapshot. Now tell me this: What will happen when the floodgates fully open?

No one, and I do mean NO ONE has an answer for that. And no one has told me why, oh why, this will NOT happen as an outcome of the proposed activities. For this is *exactly* what went on the LAST time this happened. And *this* time there are all sorts of criminal narco-traffickers and Transnational Terrorists willing to *help* a flood of illegals so they can increase the drug flow and the flow of terrorists INTO the US.

By trying to find the center of the political spectrum, President Bush has found the hole there and fallen into it. For the center does NOT lay between 'left' and 'right'.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Jacksonian Party and the Liberal litmus test

Hat tip to Instapundit on the Atrios Liberal litmus test being boiled down by a number of bloggers. While many have boiled this down, The Jacksonian Party will do a point-by-point review of the ideas for the Nation. The Jacksonian Party stands neither Left nor Right in outlook, but endeavors to give the greatest freedom to individuals while keeping the Nation whole and abiding to the Constitution and the responsibilities placed upon each of Us in that document. The Jacksonian view is that each individual does as they want so long as they abide by their responsibilities, endanger no others in the doing, hold themselves accountable for their actions and keep to the concept that simple ideas need not be simplistic.

And so it begins, with original points in bold:

1) Undo the bankruptcy bill enacted by this Administration with the help of Congress - Agreed. Too much power is given to Corporations over individuals. If Corporations cannot figure out who and who is not a good or bad credit risk in this day in age, then they deserve to live with the consequences. An individual can admit that they have made poor decisions, pay back what they can so long as self and family are not jeopardized in the doing and, generally, seek to end their problem via bankruptcy. ONCE. Until they get a good credit rating after a decade or more of proven payment on such things as rent/mortgage, monthly gas/electric/phone/net connection/insurance bills and have proven some capability to actually *save* money, I do not see why ANY credit institution should provide any credit to such individuals after a bankruptcy. By leading a poor life to get goodies and not pay for them, the drought of NO CREDIT will be a *wake up* call to such individuals. If they have a problem with being unable to restrain themselves or spend wisely, they should seek counseling and perhaps some medical help.

2) Repeal the Estate Tax - Agreed. What one earns through wealth creation beyond paying an income tax should be without taxation. Taxing someone at death denies them the right to responsibly manage the end of their lives free from interference. While some monetary *dynasties* may be made, in general those require shrewd financial insight and re-investment to remain viable. Further such things tend not to track as well as *original* wealth creation does, so the strength of monetary foundation will sink as more and better ideas are built upon and not *actively* supported and pursued by individuals that just *invest*.

As a further note on this: for those who believe in the individual's deciding on when to terminate their life in the face of terminal illness, supporting an estate tax is saying, 'Please die so we may get some goodies from you.' That is repugnant.

To those saying you should live out a horrible, painful death until your body finally gives in while money is poured into supporting that death, you are saying, 'Please waste your money on useless and fruitless endeavors and deny your heirs funds that they would be due if you had not done so.' That is ALSO repugnant.

The Jacksonian Party stands fore-square in opening the entire pharmacopoeia to those with terminal illnesses so that their end may be as pain free as can be managed. If you die an addict, may it be noted that you would be dead *anyway*.

3) Increase the minimum wage and index it to the CPI - No. The minimum wage sets a floor for wages in the economy. Indexing to the CPI will cause wage and price spirals that eat upon each other. While the economy as a whole benefits from a minimum wage, the political mill of proposal and passage or non-passage has been a good one for the United States and sets a positive brake on wage and price spirals until wages are only raised when it is apparent that the entire floor of the economy has already shifted upwards.

4) Universal health care (obviously the devil is in the details on this one) - In the Domestic Policy an outline for an improved medical system is given. First, open all Federal health plans to the general public so that the public may take advantage of group buying and insurance. As these plans have minimum goals but no set minimum for payment, it is expected that there will be some payment adjustment by the plans over time. Second, allow any health plan that denies no one of joining and ALL Federal health plans to use the Federal Government as a Guaranteed Group purchaser for medications for all of those plans. Pharmaceutical corporations will be given Cost of production PLUS minimal profit contracts for such purchases. This savings will equalize the cost to ALL medical plans that are open to EVERYONE. Private and discriminatory plans may seek to do other things, but they will not be given a better pricing than that offered to the Federal Government. Third, to help out the truly poor and underserved in this Nation, establish a Federal Medical Corps. that will serve such areas. Use current Federal medical facilities when available, work out use of private facilities through medical plans when such are not available and where neither are available move patients on a temporary basis to get such tests done. Drug legalization shall be discussed later, but plays an integral part in this.

5) Increase CAFE standards. Some other environment-related regulation - This set of regulations has had the effect of moving individuals to purchasing vehicles not covered by CAFE standards. It is humorous that the very standards are self-defeating save for corporate fleets of *cars*. That said, Federal Air Quality must be met in certain high pollution regions and heavy fines upon those States for not meeting Federal law need be enforced. As air, water and ground pollution cause more health and disease problems, the fines should cover the expected higher treatment cost to the public and be punitive. The Jacksonian Party stands all FOR daily fines to the States for abusing the health of their populations in this manner. Such monies collected would go into the medical system described in (4), paying for new and innovative research and development on energy use and, also, for new techniques at environmental clean-up.

6) Pro-reproductive rights, getting rid of abstinence-only education, improving education about and access to contraception including the morning after pill, and supporting choice. On the last one there's probably some disagreement around the edges (parental notification, for example), but otherwise - Teach general biology and how the reproductive organs actually work. Point out that the reproductive system has biological means to be used to prevent conception. As has been given before the States should use the Roe v Wade logic and support abortion up to the viability of the fetus to exist outside of its host mother. At that point ALL fetuses become Citizens so that due process is not denied by the *bad luck* of early birth. These points gone over in the links.

7) Simplify and increase the progressivity of the tax code - An oxymoron, one cannot do both. Instead The Jacksonian Party believes that there shall be one income tax that stretches from the lowest individual to the highest corporation at a set flat tax. The only exemption that is allowed is corporate payrolls, so that income is not doubly taxed in the doing. There will be no taxation on capital gains, interest income, or revenue generated by such means that do no require active participation of the individual or corporation. Income is taxed at one flat rate.

8) Kill faith-based funding. Certainly kill federal funding of anything that engages in religious discrimination - Agreed. Faith is up to the individual to decide. By giving the individual a means to know exactly how they will be taxed, how they may invest in society to gain benefit by expanding it and allowing them the freedom to do other social good on their own, the Federal Government makes for a poor chooser on anything done with religion. Religion is for individuals, not the Government of We the People, no matter *what* the majority religion is. No religion gets benefit nor disdain in their beliefs.

9) Reduce corporate giveaways - Agreed, entirely on subsidies and all similar tax breaks given to industries within the United States. For Foreign goods a The Jacksonian Foreign Policy that rewards friends, puts tariffs on the neutral and no trade with the enemies of the United States is better than free trade everywhere.

10) Have Medicare run the Medicare drug plan - Scrap both. Put in the medical policy outlined above.

11) Force companies to stop underfunding their pensions. Change corporate bankruptcy law to put workers and retirees at the head of the line with respect to their pensions - For this let each corporation give a full accounting of its pension plan and policy and how it is doing and where it is invested so that each employee may choose or not to be invested in same. Further, all corporations shall have sufficient funds to cover a severance of ALL employees under the severance policy that each was HIRED under in case the corporation goes into bankruptcy. These funds may NOT be touched by bankruptcy courts and are put into trust until they run dry.

12) Leave the states alone on issues like medical marijuana. Generally move towards "more decriminalization" of drugs, though the details complicated there too - The banning of alcohol established a revenue center for organized crime that allowed other criminal activities to swell and persist once alcohol was no longer banned. Today's prohibition is creating drug cartels and illegal operations that are swelling on a global scale.

Drugs that are addictive caused major problems on their early introduction and availability to the United States. Today all medications should be examined for their pharmaceutical activity, their toxicity levels, their ability to impair the mind and body, methodology that may be used for such medications and the conditions they are good for, methodology for lessening or treating addiction if they have such, and generally giving purity and prescribed dosage sizes for body mass, sex and illnesses being treated.

All medications shall be available over the counter with a proposed Federal tax of 50% upon them if they have no legitimate medical use or are addictive without medical supervision. Further, all employers may actively use Federal testing programs to identify individuals who break work contracts by showing up incapacitated due to the use of medications or intoxicants. Some job categories that have a high degree of endangerment for the general public will fall under a *no use* policy for addictive medications outside of the care of a practitioner and require three randomly chosen practitioners to review the case and ensure that the individual is not addicted to such after treatment. As the States already have a number of laws for doing things while impaired by intoxicants, they should look to expand upon those.

13) Imprison Jeff Goldstein for crimes against humanity for his neverending stupidity - While that may improve the outlook of making imprisonment near Mr. Goldstein an *effective* deterrent, it would only be for that one location. The Jacksonian Party supports putting internet displays in each and every prison cell in the United States that can ONLY access the writings of Mr. Goldstein and ALL who support him. Which, includes The Jacksonian Party on most days, although there are others...

14) Paper ballots - Numbered and initialed with tear-off number slip. Agreed.

15) Improve access to daycare and other pro-family policies. Obviously details matter - Not a Federal responsibility and leads to micromanagment and the Nannystate. Let individuals decide keep the Federal Government out of this completely. If eeducation policies do not lead to better education from the Federal Government, then why should this lead to better daycare for children?

16) Raise the cap on wages covered by FICA taxes - The Jacksonian Party supports ending Social Security as part of hitting the Federal Government RESET button.

17) Torture is bad - Agreed. Return the concept of Duelling back to the law. A non sequitur deserves one in reply.

18) Imprisoning citizens without charges is bad - Identify where and when this is happening. Some crimes may be complex enough that properly figuring out what to charge someone *with* may take a bit. And any Citizen shown to have ties to Transnational Terrorists or any enemy of the United States shall be charged with TREASON. If here as an undercover agent of a Foreign Nation they are to be charged with ESPIONAGE.

19) Playing Calvinball with the Geneva Conventions and treaties generally is bad - To date the Geneva Conventions have been upheld against all lawful combatants as designated by the Treaties signed by the United States. Non-lawful combatants who wear no uniform and represent no Nation should be SHOT ON SIGHT. That is *exactly* what is allowable under the Geneva Conventions and The Jacksonian Party supports THAT to the hilt.

20) Imprisoning anyone indefinitely without charges is bad - Not allowed for Citizens or those here legally and lawfully with lawful intent. Those that represent enemies or perform espionage or otherwise seek to destroy the United States and originate from foreign lands may be dealt with by the Laws of the Land. To date this has not been indicated as a problem for Citizens and those that are *not* Citizens may appeal to their home government for help. I believe a *single phone call* system would be a good one for this to let foreign governments know exactly what sort of individuals are coming from their Nation. This is what diplomats are *for*.

21) Stating that the president can break any law he wants any time "just because" is bad - To date no one has claimed that for this Executive and the only one that has been seen as doing so was Abraham Lincoln. The Jacksonian Party has a good concept of where and what the powers of the Executive are and where they are used and where the rights of the Citizen are actually in-forces. Perhaps a reading of the Constitution is in order to understand these concepts?

22) Marriage rights for all, which includes "gay marriage" and quicker transition to citizenship for the foreign spouses of citizens - The Jacksonian Party would see giving no preference at ALL on marriage status and keep governmental prejudice from intruding upon what goes on between adult individuals in their States. And the transition rate for spouses of Citizens should be INSTANT if that spouse wants to become a Citizen and renounce their Foreign Citizenship before anyone in the Immigration Service and sign such documentation. Dual citizenship is NOT permitted.

There, that should confuse everyone and yet still be somewhat understandable.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reformulating the Intelligence Community

The following is a position paper of the Jacksonian Party.

The author of this paper has previously written on this topic and the title of this article is a direct link to that article.

With the expected tapping of Gen. Michael V. Hayden to head up the CIA there has been some restiveness heard from the CIA itself. To those folks in the CIA, may I remind them that they serve and report through their chain of command to the Executive as Head of Government. Your mission is to follow orders and protect the Nation as your Oath that you have taken has told you. Your likes and dislikes do *not* matter. If you have problems with the way Intelligence is being gathered and used and you suspect the subborning of your chain of command you may go to: The Inspector General's Office, the FBI Counter-Intelligence units, and Congress. You do NOT report to the media or the American People directly on such things unless you suspect complicity in ALL of the above acting in a conspiracy. To do otherwise is to break your Oath to the Constitution and We the People.

The Jacksonian Party does not care who is in charge of which Agency in the Intellligence Community so long as a high degree of professionalism and skepticism are brought to same. Sorting out what is and is not factual from what *might* be factual to what is *pure speculation* requires such, and the people are ill-served by political ideologues in such positions as they tend to become blinded to certain activities done in areas by individuals and groups.

The Jacksonian Party, using the paradigm put forth by the Open Source Initiative community believes that 'Many eyes makes for good interpretation of Intelligence.' As has been identified in the basis article the IC is in a position of not being able to 'connect dots' as it is not formulated around that concept. By forming to work against a huge State-based opponent the entire IC is not agile enough to get information about nor combat a distributed, networked opponent who ignores State boundaries, rarely uses State-based mechanisms and uses asymmetrical warfare as its basis of existence. Clearly the concepts of 'turf' to surround Intelligence types must come to an end as there is no such thing as Intelligence that works in a vacuum.

To that end the Jacksonian Party recommends a complete and entire reformulation of the Intelligence Community as a whole. There are no indispensable Agencies and the only thing to be considered is to how best to gather Intelligence of all types, from all sources and formulate the reasoning driving events so as to better understand them and identify the Enemies of the United States. The era of separated Intelligence capability and reporting shall end.

As a foundation the new Intelligence Community Paradigm shall be based upon an internetworking of all individuals within the Community as a whole. Agencies will no longer be the sole holders of individuals and Intelligence types. Agencies *shall* define the skills necessary to gather and analyze types of Intelligence and be the custodians of those skill sets and identify the level of capability of any individual in the entire Community that has some or all of the skill sets they oversee. Further, such Agencies shall be the ones that identify *Experts* in such areas, both inside and outside the Federal Government.

To do this simple shift of focus from Agencies to skills is an entire shift from Intelligence types to 'connecting dots'. So as to allow dot connecting to take place, no Agency shall have the sole storage or use of any Intelligence type, although it may set security levels for such information based on Sources and Methodology of gathering same. Thus the Director of National Intelligence shall use the policy and direction part of the NSA for this and this organization will report ONLY to the DNI and have oversight on the entire networking and security needs of the ENTIRE Intelligence Community. This key removes the turf battles over Intelligence and requires Agencies to give up this notion that they 'own' Intelligence. Intelligence types may have certain needs in manpower, computer capability, networking, instructions, teaching, etc. Intelligence types are NOT owned by an Agency but the fulfillment of that type is a responsibility of that Agency to the Intelligence Community as a WHOLE.

For this simple and single shift of perspective the Intelligence Community shall have to do something it has never, ever done before: find out what ALL of its people can actually DO.

One would think that this would be an obvious item that was done decades ago, but do remember that the focus was by Intelligence type against a large State-based foe that was seeking to infiltrate and disinform certain Agencies on certain types of Intelligence. By opening up all of the skills of all of the individuals for use, and for quality control, any single point of information can quickly be checked multiple times for its plausibility, reliability and to see if it fits in the larger collection of all information surrounding it. This can only be done in the modern, internetworked world and ONLY done by a flat Intelligence Community that lacks hierarchy but not directive or direction. In this world in which someone knowledgeable in type fonts can bring down a large Main Stream Media figure and give lie to an entire report by removing its foundations there is no such thing as an 'irrelevant' skill.

To that end an entire inventory and rostering of every individual within the Intelligence Community, their skills, knowledge, work capabilities and history, and *past times* or hobbies or avocations is MANDATORY. To those that swear the Oath to do all within their capability to protect and defend the Constitution, they will now be told that they will make EVERYTHING they know and can analyze available for their Nation. Even trivial background and skills that may seem absolutely and positively irrelevant are to be taken in, even if it is just a listing of free-form text by that individual of 'other things' they know. NOTHING is unnecessary in the modern world of distributed threat analysis as those opposing the United States will use *any* method or avenue of attack that they can think of to do so. Thus the entire IC skills base must be available to find and counter such threats.

As the Intellligence Community as a whole needs covert operational capability and the current CIA has been using retired military personnel for such things, this loop is to be CLOSED and the entire covert missions capability brought directly under the President for personal direction and sign-off on missions. This is the old OSS brought back to life. This *new* OSS will go beyond the military realm for its needs and seek help from the rest of the IC for mission information gathering, local knowledge support and other support information and capabilities. As it will be a direct adjunct of the DoD it will fall under the UCMJ and will not be a separate and 'deniable' arm within a civilian Agency. The era of the CIA determining if it should have the means and methods to dispose of Foreign leaders shall come to an end and that full cognizance moved back to the DoD and directly accountable to the Executive.

As the Intelligence Community requires HUMINT in foreign lands to operate, it shall require a covert Intelligence capability that is civilian in nature and will directly be operated by the State Department as they are the sole Agency for direct communications with Foreign Nations. The State Department may exercise means to place personnel in other Agencies for foreign assignments or through commercial or private intermediaries or groups or companies. As a result, all Intelligence of any sort collected by the State Department goes into the entire Intelligence Community as a whole.

To enable active Intelligence Analysis in this distributed environment, individuals will garner assignments from more senior personnel who will stand up ad hoc groups to meet listings of needs put out by the Executive, DNI, Agencies and other sources. Individuals will have all current assignments listed and time apportioned to such also listed so that groups that stand up can properly sort and find individuals with necessary skills to meet the goals of that group. Once an individual is asked and they assess their skills against the requirement, they can say how closely they match up to that requirement. Even if the fit is not good they will be required to meet that need if no one more capable is available. The best available skills are leveraged in this manner and when better becomes available all work materials pass to that new individual and the previous is dropped from the group roster, although an 'on-call' status may be placed for such.

As each working group has a Goal that has its objective defined by Policy, there will be no extraneous groups to look out for the needs of a particular Agency unless that Agency passes such needs up to the DNI or Executive for work. There may be some perennial problems that will require full time work, but be passed off frequently from individual to individual over a period of days, weeks, months or years. These are not only difficult National problems but a perfect place to hone and train individuals and assess their expertise in a given job function.

DoD Intelligence organizations, while oriented towards specific goals given to them via this network, play a key and vital role in this new and flattened structure. Many of those serving in those areas are *experts* in strange and extraneous methodologies for designing, constructing and delivering weapons of all sorts and this is a key area for defense of the Union. Even if it is just a cursory examination request from a working group on the order of: 'We are seeing these materials moving by this group to this place, is it dangerous?' Connecting dots is a Community level effort, and DoD plays a key and vital role in helping to know and assess threats based on military level hardware.

For the average Intelligence Analyst there is actually no such thing as 'free time'. Time not spent on active group work shall be spent: reading and analyzing news events or other forms of articles and giving notation to same for the entire IC, honing skills in certain areas, especially those needed by the IC, and reviewing other people's work as their skills and interests suit them. In this manner the entire constellation of skills and capabilities is captured and Intelligence Analysts are productively adding to the entire cooperative enterprise of the IC while even finding out things about hobbies and past-times, as new and novel techniques found in one area may be applied to another and more critical area of knowledge. By spending overhead time to put in some metadata to commentary, all of this is captured as part of the job function for individuals.

This article ends here as a foundational conception of a New Intelligence Community Paradigm. It should be noted that in this dis-intermediation of Analysts from hierarchy, the entire overhead of bureaucracy is significantly reduced. Entirely new means of synthetically gathering performance capability to assess capability will need to be done as there will be *no* permanent supervisors for individuals. Their capability in adding to the collective effort of the entire IC network is of paramount importance. Job *categories* disappear, and instead the fulfillments of actual *needs* takes prominence. Much other work will need to be done from Network Security, data storage and replication, skills assessment, work tracking, etc. While this will be years in the doing, it is absolutely necessary to meet the modern, non-State based foes who will do anything to erode the concept of the Nation State on a global base and bring down the United States in particular. And as expected, this job is not a 'punch the clock' sort of thing, but a permanent on-call system which will need to adapt itself over commercial lines to allow people with expertise to do work in non-secure settings and still contribute to the security of the Nation.

Basically, the IC needs to join the 21st Century. Not just shuffling boxes on organization charts around.

The Jacksonian Party is all FOR that.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Giving Outlet to the American People for Self-Governance

This is a Jacksonian Party perspective paper, representative of its author's views.

My Fellow Americans and interested others: The United States is in a time just before that of sudden political change, and warning and regularity needs be looked at now lest it turn bloody red.

Our current illegal alien situation is such that the polarizing Main Stream Media (MSM) and Zero Party State are forcing a crack into the body of We the People so that the Republic will have extreme problems and possibly fall into disorder and chaos. By trying to portray those illegally in the United States as having the *right* to become a citizen and using the old argument that being here is 9/10's of the law, they are trying to encourage the idea that not *adhering* to the Laws of the Land is possible and still retain a Republic. In point of fact, without adherence to the Laws of the Land there can be NO nation. The foundation of this Republic is on Justice, equality of application of the laws and keeping civil order and calmness while doing so. Encouraging those here illegally does NONE of those things and erodes the basis of Constitutional governance which is what the United States is all about.

Put simply this is not an issue with *sides* to it. It is an issue of those that do not WANT a Republic and those who DO. And those that are against it have the megaphone of the MSM and seek to push this abhorrent notion that occupation is the equivalent of Citizenship. That *must* end for the Republic to stand.

To do so the very first thing that MUST, absolutely and positively, be done is to shut down the Southern Border of the United States and put in a permanent and discouraging and offensive capability barrier so as to stop all illegal entry into the united states at ground level, below ground and in the air. This will be a job on the order of $5 Billion dollars, give or take a few hundred million, and will take a few years to construct. It will be an integrated physical, electronic and offensively capable system at *all* levels. It will not require foot patrols and will be done via electronic means with distance operation capabilities. All of this will be done and the border with the additional 100' to 200' beyond it given to NORTHCOM for interdiction and free-fire use.

Secondly and simultaneously the Law of the Land regarding illegal aliens *must* be enforced. I do not care if this requires the entirety of the FBI, Immigration Service, Secret Service, and National Guard that is not needed elsewhere. I propose the following as additions to the current laws:

1) All business operations that hire and use illegal aliens for *anything* shall be closed down and shuttered and their goods sold at auction. This goes for meat packing facilities, nursery schools, home health care operations, retail store outlets or even misguided individuals just looking to save a buck and take care of something *on the cheap and under the table*. In that latter case all necessary fines shall be at the MAXIMUM and that should be increased to the entire holdings and joint holdings of that individual. And I do not care if that impoverishes them, their family or their personally owned and run businesses. They are hiring SLAVE LABOR which is expressly forbidden by Amendment XIII and the maximum penalty for disobeying the Law of the Land and not using due process laws should be EXTREME, but not lethal.

2) All illegal aliens will be given a 90 day one-way ticket on any empty seat on any conveyance heading to their nation of origin, no questions asked. The ticket will be non-refundable, non-transferable and will have the individual's picture printed on it along with their thumb print or other finger verifier. That will establish a database so that those seeking entry into the United States can be kept track of and any caught here illegally *again* after such free conveyance home will gain a stiff fine and jail term of HARD LABOR in the hand production of sand and gravel from large rocks via means of a sledgehammer.

3) All Federal subsidies to all industries shall END. All Federal subsidies for industrial and agricultural water use shall END. All tariffs on fruits and vegetables shall END, save if an entire Jacksonian Foreign Policy is put in place, and then it shall be standard to that policy for that Foreign Nation.

4) Free trade with Mexico via NAFTA shall end. Mexico shall address each and every Casus Belli that the United States has recorded and asked to make amends, hand over the miscreants involved and officially APOLOGIZE to the United States for their warlike activities. If Mexico does not do these things, it shall be declared a Foreign Nation HOSTILE to the interests of the United States by its activities.

5) All municipalities and other Sanctuary Cities shall repeal their laws on the handling of illegal aliens and leave that to the Federal Government as that is the way the Constitution divides the powers of We the People to have orderly government. Any municipality that thinks otherwise will suffer immediate reprisals, loss of Federal funding and all Federal support and be interdicted from commerce, trade, public utilities and all other contact with the United States until it does so. If, after one week, a municipality does not come into adherence of the Constitution, NORTHCOM will send troops in to occupy the Secessionist area and govern it until regular and Constitutional government is elected by the People of that area. Those that do not wish to remain as part of the United States will be offered a one-way ticket to ANY nation that will have them. If none can be found, then they shall be tried for Treason as specified in the Constitution.

If these things are NOT done and soon, the United States may face a very nasty and bloody time ahead. All it will take to spark indignation to martial awareness and use is just *one* activity given highlight.

If the ReConquista or MECHa folks gain any sort of a minor tenth of a percentage foothold in any protest and that is played up by the MSM, then we will see open conflict and sudden crystallization by We the People.

If a Sanctuary City or similar openly declares defiance of Congress, Executive or Supreme Court to rule in this, then the start of a Civil War will be seen.

If a Mexican Federal Military or Police officer or unit, illegally in the United States, actually opens fire and kills US law enforcement officers or civilians, then things could get very bloody, very quickly as this will be seen as an attempt to force the will of Mexico upon the United States.

And worst of all would be any or all of these *combined* that would turn into a bloody regional conflict in the northern portion of the Americas.

The Jacksonian Party seeks peaceful and creative means to *engage* the American People to deal with problems so that a body count is kept LOW. Idiots trying to cross the border once a permanent set of emplacements are set up will just be *killed* without warning. No attempt to retrieve bodies shall be allowed. They had received ample warning months ahead of time and they still did something incredibly stupid and *willfully* so.

There will be some economic hardships and slight rising in food prices within the United States, but we might actually notice an increase in wages and a decline in unemployment and a general uptick in the economy as Americans are paid appropriately for jobs slave labor was doing. But even if this causes a recession for a few years, the United States has *still* managed to keep ahead and put further distance between itself and other industrial nations during such times.

And, finally, this will be a great spur to the robotics and automated picking capability to finally and forevermore get humans out of tedious and backbreaking labor in the fields. Meat processing and other facilities will need to employ Americans and may *also* look to ways to use modern hardware and software to automate their facilities. In the normal course of events this would happen ANYWAY as automated picking, processing and packing is already being examined for these areas and will still come about because it is cheaper to have a capital investment in equipment than in humans for non-creative and mundane tasks.

For those who say that this policy is 'racist': I ask them to point at where, exactly, any skin color, ethnic background or other racial determiner is used in this proposal. Because there is NONE. This addresses facts on the ground without using a racial bias. I do not care where illegal aliens come from, what they look like, how they talk or any such thing. I do not *want* them here ILLEGALLY. It is just that simple.

For those who say they have an 'economic right' to be here: I ask you to point out where non-citizens actually have that right as they are not granted the overall use of all of their rights as Citizens are. They get whatever We the People will grudgingly give them, and influencing and degrading the social fabric through the re-introduction of slave labor is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. They have no RIGHT to come here and be SLAVE LABOR. Even if they are *paid* the concept of indentured servitude or being unable to actively enforce rights still are covered by that category of SLAVERY. Any time that work is not paid for to US Citizens or those here legally for such jobs, paid at appropriate rates, taxed accordingly and fair treatment given, you are looking at ILLEGAL activities. And when the threat of force is held and payment for work can be withheld freely, then it is, by definition, SLAVERY. I do NOT want a slave based economy and no Citizen *should*.

For those who say it is *impossible* to transport some large number of illegals out of the Country: there are empty seats on many flights, trains, buses, freighters and other forms of transport. They can be used quickly and easily to move individuals to the far corners of the Earth. And if commercial transport is not available, charter transport and TRANSCOM are BOTH available. And TRANSCOM *definitely* knows how to move large numbers of people quickly out of this Nation for that is their JOB.

For those who say that the children born here are citizens and their families should remain: if the family must leave they will take their children WITH THEM. The United States shall genetically document each and every individual that is a born Citizen but still a Minor and if they, upon reaching the age of 18, wish to re-enter the United States *alone* then they may have their genetic material verified and welcomed HOME. But they will choose to do that FREELY as an ADULT, not have that decision taken from them by FIAT. I detest dictatorial rules and this proposal is one of them. As an Adult they can decide well on their own after experiencing BOTH cultures and make a reasoned decision THEN. Until then their families have chosen unwisely and must go. All of them.

And to those saying: well the Irish/Italians/Poles/Germans/Japanese/Chinese flowed in during the 19th and early 20th Centuries freely and these people should do the same, there is only one answer. We the People changed the laws via Congress. The Laws of the Land were different for an underpopulated nation with lots of land going begging for use. We no longer have that situation and the laws changed. This is the 21st Century. Get used to it. Times change.

I am not against LEGAL IMMIGRATION. I would see laws to encourage those with education and schooling to come here so as not to be a drain on the resources of this Nation to get them into the 21st Century skillsets necessary to build the Republic now and in the future. I am against ALL illegal aliens coming to this country and I do not care if they are *just overstaying their visas*. They must ALL go. I do not care if they come from Mexico, Romania, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mozambique, Slovenia, Yemen, or outer north CF.

They all must go HOME.

Before some damn thing happens and we have a Summer of Our Disconent and the Nation crystallizes and turns to harsher means to gain these ends.

The quiet you hear now is not that of ignorance.

The quiet you hear now is not that of subservience.

The quiet you hear is the seething rage and the calm before the storm.

The Jacksonian Party gives means to track a strong a true course forward so the storm may be mitigated by going through its outer reaches directly.

By taking a different course the Nation is put at peril. For a change in course away from the Republic will sweep the ship INTO the storm and let it engulf us all.

A Republic, defended and kept whole can easily weather this with a few deckchairs blown around.

A divided Republic may not fall, but it will put all we hold dear at risk.

Tell the dividers in the MSM and in both major political parties that they are seen as putting the Nation on a course of peril.

And for any that impugns your right to speak freely on actual problems and calls it something other than it is: Tell them to take those offensive words back or back them up directly, there and then. A few hundred duels would have ended this nonsense in a coarser day and age, but those are not available legally. But the meaning is still clear.

Call out the attacker and force them to own their words with backing or to take them back if they be unsupportable.

The era of Rights without Responsibilities will be the death of this Nation and that is the root of this. Polarization has not gained us synthesis in conflict as so many philosophers hoped. It is, instead, venom, destroying the Republic.