Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Running the numbers on Illegal Aliens

The following is a personal position analysis viewpoint of The Jacksonian Party.

Now that we all have had time to digest President Bush's announcements on illegal aliens, let us take a look at a number or two and see what they say to us.

First off is the National Unemployment Rate garnered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The current rate is 4.7%. Note that this is AFTER Katrina and the Season of Our Storms. This translates into a workforce of 143,688,000 and an unemployed number of 7,123,000 out of a total population of 300,000,000. Now, digging up Federal numbers on illegal aliens is actually quite difficult as none of these fine public servants actually want to post them where they can be easily found! So I will go with an organization that seems to hit in the ballpark (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which puts it at 10-12 Million illegal aliens in the US. And estimates on those overstaying visas is in the 40% range while those doing the old 'feets get me there' in the 60% range.

Now *everyone* who is for getting these folks some kind of *path to Citizenship* likes to point out that they have FAMILIES here! So I will be fair and give them a hefty 25% drop for children and another 10% for non-working mothers and others with them. If you disagree and support this concept of a *path to Citizenship* then you will have zero heartburn with that obviously FAIR assessment. You would be the same folks pointing out how good they are with families and all, so there should be no arguments from that sector. And to be even FAIRER I will drop it just a bit to round out the number at 30% are non-working men, women and children.

Yes, you have DONE THE MATH CORRECTLY! 7-8 Million hard working illegal aliens!

And the number of out of work Americans? 7.1 Million.

Any questions?

I have extemporized on the problem here, which is full of chiding and mildly assertive talk on what the hell the President has proposed will actually DO.

If you cannot see that illegal aliens are TAKING jobs that should go to Americans getting a FAIR and HONEST wage, then nothing I nor anyone else will ever say will convince you of this. Look to my article for the invective and analysis of what should *happen* to businesses hiring slave labor and why the Federal Government must *stop* funding it.

I am NOT racist.

I am NOT a bigot.

I am damn glad to have LEGAL IMMIGRATION and lots of it!

Breaking the law to be 'law abiding' is asinine in the extreme. REWARDING such behavior only encourages it. And saying that if you can get any sort of documentation cobbled together to show you were here and working and, oh by the way, we won't really close the border just make it a few percent more difficult to get past is a sure signal to open the floodgates on this issue.

I want good jobs that pay fairly for AMERICANS FIRST. Until the unemployment rate is NEGATIVE the need for illegals or any foreigner to do such work is NOT THERE.

Look at the numbers. Yes it is a static snapshot. Now tell me this: What will happen when the floodgates fully open?

No one, and I do mean NO ONE has an answer for that. And no one has told me why, oh why, this will NOT happen as an outcome of the proposed activities. For this is *exactly* what went on the LAST time this happened. And *this* time there are all sorts of criminal narco-traffickers and Transnational Terrorists willing to *help* a flood of illegals so they can increase the drug flow and the flow of terrorists INTO the US.

By trying to find the center of the political spectrum, President Bush has found the hole there and fallen into it. For the center does NOT lay between 'left' and 'right'.

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