Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Giving Outlet to the American People for Self-Governance

This is a Jacksonian Party perspective paper, representative of its author's views.

My Fellow Americans and interested others: The United States is in a time just before that of sudden political change, and warning and regularity needs be looked at now lest it turn bloody red.

Our current illegal alien situation is such that the polarizing Main Stream Media (MSM) and Zero Party State are forcing a crack into the body of We the People so that the Republic will have extreme problems and possibly fall into disorder and chaos. By trying to portray those illegally in the United States as having the *right* to become a citizen and using the old argument that being here is 9/10's of the law, they are trying to encourage the idea that not *adhering* to the Laws of the Land is possible and still retain a Republic. In point of fact, without adherence to the Laws of the Land there can be NO nation. The foundation of this Republic is on Justice, equality of application of the laws and keeping civil order and calmness while doing so. Encouraging those here illegally does NONE of those things and erodes the basis of Constitutional governance which is what the United States is all about.

Put simply this is not an issue with *sides* to it. It is an issue of those that do not WANT a Republic and those who DO. And those that are against it have the megaphone of the MSM and seek to push this abhorrent notion that occupation is the equivalent of Citizenship. That *must* end for the Republic to stand.

To do so the very first thing that MUST, absolutely and positively, be done is to shut down the Southern Border of the United States and put in a permanent and discouraging and offensive capability barrier so as to stop all illegal entry into the united states at ground level, below ground and in the air. This will be a job on the order of $5 Billion dollars, give or take a few hundred million, and will take a few years to construct. It will be an integrated physical, electronic and offensively capable system at *all* levels. It will not require foot patrols and will be done via electronic means with distance operation capabilities. All of this will be done and the border with the additional 100' to 200' beyond it given to NORTHCOM for interdiction and free-fire use.

Secondly and simultaneously the Law of the Land regarding illegal aliens *must* be enforced. I do not care if this requires the entirety of the FBI, Immigration Service, Secret Service, and National Guard that is not needed elsewhere. I propose the following as additions to the current laws:

1) All business operations that hire and use illegal aliens for *anything* shall be closed down and shuttered and their goods sold at auction. This goes for meat packing facilities, nursery schools, home health care operations, retail store outlets or even misguided individuals just looking to save a buck and take care of something *on the cheap and under the table*. In that latter case all necessary fines shall be at the MAXIMUM and that should be increased to the entire holdings and joint holdings of that individual. And I do not care if that impoverishes them, their family or their personally owned and run businesses. They are hiring SLAVE LABOR which is expressly forbidden by Amendment XIII and the maximum penalty for disobeying the Law of the Land and not using due process laws should be EXTREME, but not lethal.

2) All illegal aliens will be given a 90 day one-way ticket on any empty seat on any conveyance heading to their nation of origin, no questions asked. The ticket will be non-refundable, non-transferable and will have the individual's picture printed on it along with their thumb print or other finger verifier. That will establish a database so that those seeking entry into the United States can be kept track of and any caught here illegally *again* after such free conveyance home will gain a stiff fine and jail term of HARD LABOR in the hand production of sand and gravel from large rocks via means of a sledgehammer.

3) All Federal subsidies to all industries shall END. All Federal subsidies for industrial and agricultural water use shall END. All tariffs on fruits and vegetables shall END, save if an entire Jacksonian Foreign Policy is put in place, and then it shall be standard to that policy for that Foreign Nation.

4) Free trade with Mexico via NAFTA shall end. Mexico shall address each and every Casus Belli that the United States has recorded and asked to make amends, hand over the miscreants involved and officially APOLOGIZE to the United States for their warlike activities. If Mexico does not do these things, it shall be declared a Foreign Nation HOSTILE to the interests of the United States by its activities.

5) All municipalities and other Sanctuary Cities shall repeal their laws on the handling of illegal aliens and leave that to the Federal Government as that is the way the Constitution divides the powers of We the People to have orderly government. Any municipality that thinks otherwise will suffer immediate reprisals, loss of Federal funding and all Federal support and be interdicted from commerce, trade, public utilities and all other contact with the United States until it does so. If, after one week, a municipality does not come into adherence of the Constitution, NORTHCOM will send troops in to occupy the Secessionist area and govern it until regular and Constitutional government is elected by the People of that area. Those that do not wish to remain as part of the United States will be offered a one-way ticket to ANY nation that will have them. If none can be found, then they shall be tried for Treason as specified in the Constitution.

If these things are NOT done and soon, the United States may face a very nasty and bloody time ahead. All it will take to spark indignation to martial awareness and use is just *one* activity given highlight.

If the ReConquista or MECHa folks gain any sort of a minor tenth of a percentage foothold in any protest and that is played up by the MSM, then we will see open conflict and sudden crystallization by We the People.

If a Sanctuary City or similar openly declares defiance of Congress, Executive or Supreme Court to rule in this, then the start of a Civil War will be seen.

If a Mexican Federal Military or Police officer or unit, illegally in the United States, actually opens fire and kills US law enforcement officers or civilians, then things could get very bloody, very quickly as this will be seen as an attempt to force the will of Mexico upon the United States.

And worst of all would be any or all of these *combined* that would turn into a bloody regional conflict in the northern portion of the Americas.

The Jacksonian Party seeks peaceful and creative means to *engage* the American People to deal with problems so that a body count is kept LOW. Idiots trying to cross the border once a permanent set of emplacements are set up will just be *killed* without warning. No attempt to retrieve bodies shall be allowed. They had received ample warning months ahead of time and they still did something incredibly stupid and *willfully* so.

There will be some economic hardships and slight rising in food prices within the United States, but we might actually notice an increase in wages and a decline in unemployment and a general uptick in the economy as Americans are paid appropriately for jobs slave labor was doing. But even if this causes a recession for a few years, the United States has *still* managed to keep ahead and put further distance between itself and other industrial nations during such times.

And, finally, this will be a great spur to the robotics and automated picking capability to finally and forevermore get humans out of tedious and backbreaking labor in the fields. Meat processing and other facilities will need to employ Americans and may *also* look to ways to use modern hardware and software to automate their facilities. In the normal course of events this would happen ANYWAY as automated picking, processing and packing is already being examined for these areas and will still come about because it is cheaper to have a capital investment in equipment than in humans for non-creative and mundane tasks.

For those who say that this policy is 'racist': I ask them to point at where, exactly, any skin color, ethnic background or other racial determiner is used in this proposal. Because there is NONE. This addresses facts on the ground without using a racial bias. I do not care where illegal aliens come from, what they look like, how they talk or any such thing. I do not *want* them here ILLEGALLY. It is just that simple.

For those who say they have an 'economic right' to be here: I ask you to point out where non-citizens actually have that right as they are not granted the overall use of all of their rights as Citizens are. They get whatever We the People will grudgingly give them, and influencing and degrading the social fabric through the re-introduction of slave labor is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. They have no RIGHT to come here and be SLAVE LABOR. Even if they are *paid* the concept of indentured servitude or being unable to actively enforce rights still are covered by that category of SLAVERY. Any time that work is not paid for to US Citizens or those here legally for such jobs, paid at appropriate rates, taxed accordingly and fair treatment given, you are looking at ILLEGAL activities. And when the threat of force is held and payment for work can be withheld freely, then it is, by definition, SLAVERY. I do NOT want a slave based economy and no Citizen *should*.

For those who say it is *impossible* to transport some large number of illegals out of the Country: there are empty seats on many flights, trains, buses, freighters and other forms of transport. They can be used quickly and easily to move individuals to the far corners of the Earth. And if commercial transport is not available, charter transport and TRANSCOM are BOTH available. And TRANSCOM *definitely* knows how to move large numbers of people quickly out of this Nation for that is their JOB.

For those who say that the children born here are citizens and their families should remain: if the family must leave they will take their children WITH THEM. The United States shall genetically document each and every individual that is a born Citizen but still a Minor and if they, upon reaching the age of 18, wish to re-enter the United States *alone* then they may have their genetic material verified and welcomed HOME. But they will choose to do that FREELY as an ADULT, not have that decision taken from them by FIAT. I detest dictatorial rules and this proposal is one of them. As an Adult they can decide well on their own after experiencing BOTH cultures and make a reasoned decision THEN. Until then their families have chosen unwisely and must go. All of them.

And to those saying: well the Irish/Italians/Poles/Germans/Japanese/Chinese flowed in during the 19th and early 20th Centuries freely and these people should do the same, there is only one answer. We the People changed the laws via Congress. The Laws of the Land were different for an underpopulated nation with lots of land going begging for use. We no longer have that situation and the laws changed. This is the 21st Century. Get used to it. Times change.

I am not against LEGAL IMMIGRATION. I would see laws to encourage those with education and schooling to come here so as not to be a drain on the resources of this Nation to get them into the 21st Century skillsets necessary to build the Republic now and in the future. I am against ALL illegal aliens coming to this country and I do not care if they are *just overstaying their visas*. They must ALL go. I do not care if they come from Mexico, Romania, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mozambique, Slovenia, Yemen, or outer north CF.

They all must go HOME.

Before some damn thing happens and we have a Summer of Our Disconent and the Nation crystallizes and turns to harsher means to gain these ends.

The quiet you hear now is not that of ignorance.

The quiet you hear now is not that of subservience.

The quiet you hear is the seething rage and the calm before the storm.

The Jacksonian Party gives means to track a strong a true course forward so the storm may be mitigated by going through its outer reaches directly.

By taking a different course the Nation is put at peril. For a change in course away from the Republic will sweep the ship INTO the storm and let it engulf us all.

A Republic, defended and kept whole can easily weather this with a few deckchairs blown around.

A divided Republic may not fall, but it will put all we hold dear at risk.

Tell the dividers in the MSM and in both major political parties that they are seen as putting the Nation on a course of peril.

And for any that impugns your right to speak freely on actual problems and calls it something other than it is: Tell them to take those offensive words back or back them up directly, there and then. A few hundred duels would have ended this nonsense in a coarser day and age, but those are not available legally. But the meaning is still clear.

Call out the attacker and force them to own their words with backing or to take them back if they be unsupportable.

The era of Rights without Responsibilities will be the death of this Nation and that is the root of this. Polarization has not gained us synthesis in conflict as so many philosophers hoped. It is, instead, venom, destroying the Republic.

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A Jacksonian said...

spiney - There is, indeed, much dereliction of the power that We the People grant this Federal Government to Govern, but not RULE us. When Congress cannot find its own Warmaking Powers, the course of the Republic in times of strife is hampered. And when NONE of the three branches of Government will assert their rightful power over those municipalities not enforcing the Law of the Land, then the Republic is put at dire straigts.

We the People have all of the responsibilities as laid out in the Preamble. The Federal Government is one method to help achieve those responsibilities but they are not the only means and We the People have everything NOT handed to the Government to use.

As Citizens and individuals we must ask if these duly granted powers to Government are being used and adhered to as laid out in the Constitution. I fully and wholeheartedly agree with you on this issue that all three branches of Government are NOT doing so.

All are to blame.

And that puts the entirety of the People and the Republic at risk.

I thank you for your time here in reading this article.