Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Regularizing Weaponry for the State Chapters

The Following is a Proposition Paper for the Jacksonian Party.

This Position Paper is based fully upon the reasoning given in the posting: Guns Don't Kill People...

Anyone who comments upon this Position Paper without first reading and understanding the above article shall be deemed an ignoramus and unable to understand the concept of human speech. Such individuals will be given ridicule. Such individuals will be considered AssHats. Even worse such individuals will be seen as to not understanding the concepts of responsibility and accountability that go with the rights vested in them. People who bother me without reading the aforemention document and complaining about any damn thing in this document gains a term: Idiot. [and you call people an idiot for not bothering to read and damn if they don't complain that you do it! figures...]

Ok, you should now see where I am pointing out that the State may have non-standing forces to respond in case of invasion or other danger to that State. The Federal Government may *not* step in against this unless the entire reasoning be deemed Unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. I would love to see those folks stand on the side of unregulated, unmanaged and wanton use of weapons of all sort without any need for personal or social responsibility. That sort of thing would deem the US to be a Chaotic state. And may heaven help them if they try to say that Commerce covers this. Not in *my* America, buddies!

Now since this is a State level concept, each State will do as it will want to in this. There need be no uniformity amongst the States as this deals thoroughly and absolutely with those things that happen within the State. Right now the States are in the position of having a depleted National Guard *and* having local law enforcement overwhelmed by even minor disasters, not to speak of armed gangs of thugs and hoodlums. I have had it with *that*.

The laws being proposed will be a State level Civil Military Code covering the use of all weaponry within the State. This will cover firearms, unarmed and lethal combat techniques, swords, combat knives over two inches in length, animals whose main use is as defense *not* family pet, and other combat skills involving strange, esoteric or not frequently seen weapons.

Weapons that are too old to use and/or are used for display purposes shall have a State enumerated cloth to peace-bond the weapon.

Defense animals will require the proper training of such and have at least one other handler the animal will not attack in case the owner is incapacitated. An ethical code and proper feeding for such animals will be given as a written exam to the owner. The owner shall have a State certified trainer for their animal and present such certification along with typical license plate fee and be given four signs to be posted at the perimeter of the property being defended and clearly visible at all times. Any use of counterfeit or 'lookalike' signage is to be punishable by fine by the State Militia Boards. All animals used for such purposes may only be used during no more than 10 hours of active duty for that animal. Although it is trained to do otherwise, it must be safely kept from the public during normal business hours between 9am and 5pm save if your property needs defense during daytime. Additional signs at the cost of the standard license plate fee will be provided to account for 'Daytime Security Zone'. Exotic and esoteric animals not banned by the State or Federal Government will need to have some expert or experts show how such can be trained or properly kept so as not to endanger the Citizenry. Upon the death of that animal all license plates must be returned to the State for destruction, but an honorable service certificate will be issued giving the animal's name, dates of service and cause of death, with thanks given to the owner of that animal for keeping such.

With some obvious exceptions, such as defense animals, those Citizens choosing to employ lethal arms of any sort shall need to demonstrate the following: appropriate use of such, ability to do such things as hit targets or aim accurately so as to hit targets at a distance, to be able to select amongst closely spaced targets and target one given at random, maintain weaponry or equipment, keep weapons or equipment safely stored when not in use, demonstrate the understanding of concealment and handling of weapons from their concealed state.

additionally the State Civil Military Code shall cover all unauthorized use and non-registration of weapons or other lethal equipment or training. All crimes committed in the State using covered weaponry shall be adjudicated by a non-standing local tribunal chosen at random from those Citizens that have duly registered within the system. These Citizens will be given full authority to read the appropriate Codes covering the offenses and ask the individual to show cause for not following the Law as established by the State. If just cause or other understandable circumstances are not demonstrated to the local tribunal, that tribunal shall hand out punishment within the extent of the Code. A second set of three members will be given the full transcript and ruling and either agree or disagree with it. Disagreement will require written statement of the disagreement. Any disagreements are to be handled by the top official of the State Civil Military Code who shall rule on the disagreements and either remand the case to a new hearing or give written statement as to why any disagreements are not valid or beyond the bounds of normal reason. A case going for remanded will be a final and authoritative decision by a seven member panel for complete re-hearing including all previous work done on the case. There is no appeal to the seven member panel and their word is final.

Citizens will have 30 days to send in a receipt of weapon type, or training in the case of defense animals and unarmed combat forms, and given an initial ownership kit for that weapon type. Included in the kit will be authorized State certified instructors or organizations holding State certified courses.

Upon receiving the State instruction kit an materials the Citizen will have 90 days to show competence and maintenance capability of that weapon or equivalent for defense animal ownership or unarmed lethal combat techniques.

Additionally the Citizen will need to take a simple test to show that they have read and understood the State Civil Military Code and that they will have standing within the State under that Code. This shall be done within 120 days of purchase of a weapon or similar training.

Once competence at the above is shown and the test is passed, the Citizen will be issued an annual Certificate, badge or other identifier,and be told of their place in the local State Civil Military structure that will be called upon in cases of invasion, disaster, response to general authority call for dangerous criminals, or at any such time that the social fabric breaks down and no immediate State or Federal response can be had.

It is the duty of any Citizen to first ensure the safety of their family. Once this has been done, if there is good reason to consider the immediate family safe for the duration, that Armed Citizen must now attempt to establish contact with other members of the local Civil Military structure. A display of badge or other State level identification media shall be plainly shown and that Citizen is now in full cognizance upholding State Martial law and will be held duly accountable to that law.

Upon arrival of State or Federal forces, when the Citizen receives a stand-down order from such, they shall revert back to being an Armed Citizen and follow the instructions of those Superior Forces. If such Superior Forces deem it necessary to continue the State level of Martial law enforcement, they will duly give orders as to how best the Citizen shall protect and defend people, places or other things that needs be protected. Some form or contact with the Superior Forces shall be maintained if at all possible and the Citizen shall do their best to continue their duties until full and permanent relief arrives.

General Weapons Categories

Defense Animals

Defense animals will require the proper training of such and have at least one other handler the animal will not attack in case the owner is incapacitated. An ethical code and proper feeding for such animals will be given as a written exam to the owner. The owner shall have a State certified trainer for their animal and present such certification along with typical license plate fee and be given four signs to be posted at the perimeter of the property being defended and clearly visible at all times. Any use of counterfeit or 'lookalike' signage is to be punishable by fine by the State Militia Boards.

All animals used for such purposes may only be used during no more than 10 hours of active duty for that animal. Although it is trained to do otherwise, it must be safely kept from the public during normal business hours between 9am and 5pm save if your property needs defense during daytime. Additional signs at the cost of the standard license plate fee will be provided to account for 'Daytime Security Zone'.

Exotic and esoteric animals not banned by the State or Federal Government will need to have some expert or experts show how such can be trained or properly kept so as not to endanger the Citizenry.

Owners shall have the medical records updated at least annually to cover all State mandated vaccinations and to ensure that the animal has received good treatment and care. Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate care and handling capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia and State animal control authority.

Upon the death of that animal all license plates must be returned to the State for destruction, but an honorable service certificate will be issued giving the animal's name, dates of service and cause of death, with thanks given to the owner of that animal for keeping such.


Firearms will be broken down into general classes set by the State. Included in these classes will be antique or antiquated firearms with historical value but used actively.

As with all weapons ability to load, aim, fire, hit target(s), reload and show general use of the weapon shall be required. The State shall mandate a minimal level of proficiency achievable by any Average Citizen. Additionally, if the weapon has a concealed carry mode for its type or specific make and model, then the Citizen shall show how they know how to safely carry and use a weapon from that mode. This is mandatory for all such weapons which have a concealed carry mode. A General Use Certificate shall be given for this demonstration by the Citizen and may be re-taken as many times as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Additionally proper handling, storage, cleaning and maintenance of regular parts normally expected to be replaced by an Average Citizen shall be demonstrated for a regular Maintenance Certificate. A full strip clean shall be necessary for some few weapons, but a Citizen may show capability in that and then be given a Full Strip-Clean Maintenance Certificate. Any Citizen wishing to properly strip clean firearms of that type in a business must have their annual Certificate on display at their place of business.

In the case of antique or unique firearms, if no other suitable expert can be found within the State, then that individual will need to demonstrate their background and understanding with that weapon to include: training in its use, maintaining it at a strip-clean level (if applicable), demonstration of how it shall be safely stored and carried, demonstration of how it may be safely carried in a concealed mode (if applicable), and either historical documentation, manufacture documentation (for handmade or custom designed firearms) or other suitable background for that individual weapon as far as the Citizen is cognizant of knowing. Historical or antique weapons will be checked against the national stolen antiquities database to ensure that the item has not been stolen and is wanted Nationally.

Custom or handmade weapons by a weapons smith shall have a Certificate of uniqueness attributed to it as it is of especial interest to the People. Such items are of future historical interest and of current interest to weapons researchers and experts in the field. A full set of photographs and written documentation for fully handmade or custom weapons will be performed by the State at no additional cost to the Citizen. Weapons smiths and customizers that do such within the State shall have their own set of requirements for demonstrating knowledge and capability in that field for the manufacture of such. While not specifically covered under the Code, it is expected that such manufacturers have Certification for use within the State.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.
Exotic Weapons

Ranged - This category includes, but is not limited to: bows, crossbows, rapid fire or repeating crossbows, throwing daggers, throwing knives, throwing axes, throwing stars (of all sorts and types), lethal darts (either hand thrown or blown), spears, atlatl, all ranged siege equipment used other for display and infrequent demonstration and that is mobile, or any other weapon that is primarily used at range to cause damage, harm or inflict lethal or fatal wounds.

All the language for Firearms applies.

Accountability of smaller items or an item being made non-serviceable shall be reported to the State Militia. Time, date and circumstances are to be described. If rendered non-functional that is to be described and if the item is beyond repair, can be repaired but at too high an expense to the Citizen, or will be repaired in due time. A repaired item will be reported as such and brought into service.

All concealed carry regulations apply if the weapon has such a mode.

State Certified experts shall run any and all Certification of training, maintenance, extended maintenance equivalent to strip-clean if the weapon has that need, and proper storage and handling techniques. Citizen organizations of expertise will also be identified. It should be noted that membership in those organizations is not required to receive training from them, but minimal fees for time, equipment and ranges may be applied.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.

Hand to hand or hand wielded - This shall include, but is not limited to, all weapons wielded by hand that are made specifically to inflict lethal or fatal wounds: combat knives longer than 2" if not specifically stated to be for camping purposes only, all combat knives longer than 5" without exception, bayonets, swords, sabers, hand axes, battle axes, nunchuks, katanas, quarter staves or equivalents, multi-sectional combat staves, polearms, pikes, combat batons, maces, morningstars, cudgels, combat clubs, or any other hand wielded weapon designed specifically to hurt, maim, club, puncture, slice or otherwise wound or a kill a human. Improvised and 'at hand' weapons are not covered under this or any other part of the Code.

All such language as covering Exotic Ranged weapons applies as does all historical or custom language from Firearms.

Citizens shall demonstrate ability to wield, strike, strike one of a 'press of targets', handle and otherwise show their knowledge in the use of such weapons. State Certified experts in each weapon class shall used general guidelines in their field to certify minimum capability of cognizant use of such weapons.

All concealed carry modes and cognizant use of such for those weapons with that mode applies.

All maintenance and strip-clean equivalent (if applicable) language applies.

All historical and custom equipment language applies.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for. Additionally, special Certificates for fighting and bringing in deadly or lethal animals during their hunting season will be given for each such animal brought in through the use of these weapons only.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.
Unarmed Lethal Combat or Martial Arts

As many schools and patterns of unarmed combat are employed across the world, this category will be limited to those that teach specifically how to disable, wound, injure or kill through the use of no equipment save that of the body itself. Anything that uses weaponry outside of the body shall be considered in the Exotic Weapons category. Schools, art forms, styles and similar that teach a mixture will need to use the Exotic Weapons category if hand held or distance weapons are an integral part of the combat area. Those that are an important adjunct will require a dual certification for Unarmed and Exotic Weapons.

The State does not recognize anything beyond minimal competence and demonstration of same to State certified experts or recognized experts in that combat area.

Individuals in forms of combat unknown to the State and that have similarity to other combat styles may use a State certified expert in one of those styles for the certification of competence and ability. Wholly unknown and dissimilar combat techniques will be required that the Citizen demonstrate such before a knowledgeable board of experts so as to certify lethality and that the Citizen is competent in the use of such techniques.

All types and styles of Martial Arts schools and methodologies that go through a regularization procedure to ensure a level or standard of conduct and use of their arts shall apply to the State for official recognition of their school, art or style. Additionally they shall designate at what level, belt, class or other similar designation a student, follower, trainee, apprentice or other equivalent will be deemed to be capable of using their capabilities in a lethal manner against a non-trained, unarmed opponent. At that level the individual is to take the test for the State Civil Military Code and upon passing that the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License. Additionally, special Certificates for fighting and bringing in deadly or lethal animals during their hunting season will be given for each such animal brought in through the use of unarmed techniques only with no adjunct equipment.

Annual Certification is done by the teacher, school, system or other designated competent expert(s) of that combat area. If this cannot be done but the Citizen can show ranking and at least annual recognition of rank at a tournament or tournaments in which there is equality of level of capability being performed, then this shall satisfy the State as to the competence and capability of that Citizen.
Instruction and oversight of minors

Parental sign-off and full understanding of that a minor will be undertaking the study, maintenance and use of weapons is required by the State.

Minors must demonstrate knowledge of the State Civil Military Code via testing and acknowledge the responsibilities that they have under that code.

During times of invasion, disaster, civil disorder or other such times when the rule of law breaks down, minors are to accompany their family to shelter or safe haven. At such a point the responsibility of the minor is to oversee the safety of their family. If this is done at a larger shelter facility, then such minors will be required to help protect the entire facility. Additionally the Local Militia may use minors for work in carrying messages, checking out areas where an adult may not be able to pass or in other areas necessary for the defense of the People. Only the State Local Militia may do so and no other State or Federal authority may require this without first gaining consent of the minor's parents or guardians.

The State will hold an annual one day, mandatory attendance course on all the basics of the State Civilian Military Code, the areas it covers, the weapons types it has under it, the structure of the Local Militia and how it operates. This course will be adjusted by grade level from very simple oversight courses at first grade or equivalent to thorough examination of the law and requirements by the age of 18. By the time a student fully understands the State Civilian Military Code, they shall be given the State test and be awarded a Certificate of Cognizance by the State and be considered a full adult for uses of weapons. The only exception is to this is mental infirmity which shall be duly recorded by the State Militia.

In the case where adult parents or guardians are incapacitated, those minors that have such a Certificate of Cognizance are required to operate in defense of their families either by seeking Local Militia aid or via the use of weapons if they have received full certification for such.

And there you have it!

Not knowing about weapons will not be an excuse for *anyone*.

Owning and using weapons properly, safely and maintaining them is of prime importance to the State.

The responsibility of putting your weapon and skills to use in keeping social order in times of disaster is paramount. Additionally, as terrorism is a form of asymmetrical attack, an armed Citizenry is not only an asymmetrical defense it is also an asymmetrical counter-attack.

If gangs and lawlessness are a threat and local law enforcement, police or Federal military cannot intervene and civil order is being disrupted, armed Citizens *must* step forward to protect society after ensuring the safety of their families. The Citizenry of the United States has passed the buck to local police, state police and Federal responses and then has proceeded to underfund them, demean them and diminish them. At this point in time it is necessary for Citizens to realize that in so doing they now MUST pick up the slack.

If you want an effective and honest and capable police force you can damn well pay for it and give the officers the respect they are do for doing hard and dangerous work. The same goes for the State police and National Guards.

My fellow Citizens this buck has come damn full circle and is now on your doorstep again.

If you decide to pass it on again, do *not* expect to get better than you have gotten in the past unless you are willing to put lots of extra bucks behind that first one to get the lawful society you desire. And if you are unwilling to do that, then you should heartily endorse having well armed and cognizant and responsible fellow Citizens picking up the slack you have left behind.

This proposal, as only the States can do so, must come from YOU, not handed down like manna from heaven from the Feds. And I notice that manna is paid for with my tax dollars.

I do not see where any club or organization that teaches the use and respect of weapons and fighting would be against this proposal. They would be basically arguing for the lawless and unaccountable use of weapons, which has gotten us into gangs roaming the streets and drive-by killings. I mislike that a lot. And getting in a circle with thugs and gangsters to sing 'kumbaya' will only get you robbed, raped, beaten and probably killed.

You can either:
  1. Pay for damn good law enforcement. And lots of it. Along with a strong and effective National Guard.
  2. Try to get accountability and responsibility into weapons ownership in defense of civil society.
  3. Pass the buck and see a rising cycle of violence, lawlessness and destruction of society.
I trust my fellow Citizens to carry arms and act responsibly with them to protect society.

Why don't YOU?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Legislation, petition, intent and content

The Following is a Proposition Paper for the Jacksonian Party.

Anyone who tries to actually understand the legal and civil codes, along with legislation needs have some understanding in legal background. That is because the House and the Senate are chock-a-block with lawyers, who love putting in weasel wording to get exceptions and loopholes and other goodies that a plain intent document would not allow. Further, the actual Citizenry input to new legislation is virtually nil today as lobbyists use their contacts to push ideas of large groups that may or may not have the general interest at heart.

Jacksonians distrust this legislation at a distance idea fully.

So all legislation under a Jacksonian concept would have two main parts to it. The first is the INTENT part and the second the CONTENT part.

  • Intent is the actual, plain language intent of the legislation as passed. Whenever adjudicated or set before a jury this part of the law is predominant as it describes the clear intent of Congress in passing the legislation being enacted into law. This will be limited to a 1,000 word document no longer than 2 paragraphs. Call it the legal abstract of intention.
  • Content is the legal content to clarify how the Intent is to be carried out. That can be voluminous but is merely a way to clarify and regularize the Intent.
If a jury of common Citizens cannot understand the Content, then they shall use the Intent to guide them. To be ruled UnConstitutional the Intent must be at variance with the Constitution and the Court must demonstrate the problems between the Intent and the Constitution clearly. If a case is rejected based on poorly worded or otherwise not understandable Content, that portion of the law is held in abeyance, but the Intent is still the Law of the Land. Congress shall either redo the Content portion or clearly pass Legislation of Understanding that they will let normal Citizens rule on Intent ONLY. The Congress shall have 30 days to either pass the latter or inform the Citizenry that new Content wording is being made and give a deadline for its passage. If the new Content does not pass or is not made into Law, then the Intent is kept as the Law of the Land for Citizens to figure out on their own.


Only Citizens may lobby their Representative or Senator.

No corporation, foreign power or other grouping may lobby the Government.


Petitions for new legislations with clearly worded Intent language shall be presented to a Representative and shall have no less than 1,000 signatures from voters in that District. When presented the list of signatures will be passed back to the State for verification of all voters.

For Senators the amount of signatures shall either be 1,000 or 100 per District in that State, whichever is GREATER. All signatures will likewise be screened by the State for verification.

Each Representative and Senator shall allot 1 hour per petition for hearing its need and description. The individual that will do this will be chosen at random from amongst the signatures and may NOT include any of the original drafters of the Intent document nor anyone from their families nor anyone gathering signatures. All of these individuals must be clearly listed so that they can be removed from the selection list. A common Citizen who has signed a Petition will be brought as quickly as is feasibly possible to the Office or other site where the Representative(s) and/or Senator(s) shall hear the Petition. Such meetings will be publicly recorded, but shall NOT be public meetings. After the presentation the Yea's and Nay's will be counted and the Petition shall move forward or not based on that vote. If a single Representative or Senator is all that can be briefed at one time, that briefing shall be recorded and played as soon as possible to the other Senators and Representatives involved. Each member shall cast their vote on paper ballot in a signed and sealed envelope and when all have been briefed the envelopes Read Out as to Signer and their Vote.

This new Intent legislation shall have appropriate Content drafted for it and all members of the House and Senate shall view all appropriate recordings made by the Citizen presenters and then hold appropriate debate on the legislation.

The only other method for starting legislation is to help Federal Government Agencies do their appointed work.

Representative and Senators who have ideas for good legislation must go to the Citizenry and present their idea(s) and have the Citizenry then take up the Petition process. Again, clearly stated Intent language shall be used to do so and the originating Representative or Senator must recuse themselves from the entire organizing, voting and procedural language process until the final legislation is presented on the Floor of their respective chambers for final debate and voting.

All legislation and laws shall have a maximum 10 year 'sunset' provision. The original legislation may be re-passed so as to reset the 'sunset' clock.

The idea behind this is: if an idea is good and can be clearly stated then ANYONE signing up for it should be able to explain it to their Representative and Senator *without* coaching. If a Senator or Representative cannot clearly explain what needs to be done to their Citizens, then it is unlikely to be good legislation in the end. Either way the entire legal system must get back to rule of the Intent of the Law. Currently we are headed to a Law of Rules, where minor loopholes and such are exploited by a system of lawyers and lobbyists to the disadvantage of the People.

This MUST end.

If the Law cannot be clearly and easily understood, then it is NO DAMN GOOD.

As my Uncle Joe pointed out: "The lawyers make the law, the lawyers represent the law, the lawyers sit on the bench and rule on the law and the people just can't understand it as it is."

That is RULE BY LAWYERS and must END.

The Electorate Proposition

The 1970's saw the Democrats go anti-war, betray South Viet Nam and dishonor the soldiers returning from that War. And then start to deplete the defenses of the Nation under Jimmy Carter. This effectively read the Jacksonians out of the Democratic party and they have basically stayed disaffected from politics since then. Ronald Reagan was able to get a number of them back for landslide victories and change voter demographics somewhat, so that the Democratic party lost its stranglehold on post-WWII politics.

Jacksonians *still* remain disaffected because of the attitudes of Clinton and now the attitudes of the defeatist MSM and Democrats. From what I have seen on demographics that is about 30% of the adult population out of the 40%+ that doesn't vote. Normal non-voting is in the 10% or so range without them.

A tough and hard policy for border control, closing down Sanctuary Cities as slavery centers and shutting down businesses trafficking in humans will start to return the Jacksonians to the electorate. Close the southern border and patrol it, while building a *real* line of defenses will start to convince them that maybe, just maybe, people are wising up to the problems around them.

As I have said elsewhere the demographic shift could happen overnight with a very serious and hard resolution to do those above things. The Republican Party is the only one that has anything near this sort of concept and would serve as a natural base for a Jacksonian based party.

With 30% or so of voters returning, the 50/50 America disappears in a flash.

Here is how I see it working out:

Jacksonians 30% of voters.
Legal Immigrants supporting this activity 10% of voters. This *includes* Latinos, who are FOR this.
2/3 of the Republican Party as the RINO's will flee 20% of voters
20% or so of the Black population that is middle class, out of 18% of the population for 3.5-4% of voters

By making this a slavery issue and human trafficking issue the Leftist/Black faultline in the Democratic party will slip HARD. Cleaving out 20% of the black population that is law abiding and supports immigration reform and protecting the nation will change the electoral map of the country.

A back to basics, no-frills governmental policy that seriously looks to defend the nation, uphold the Constitution and re-end slavery will garner 63-65% of voters. The rest are Leftists and disaffected blacks that will not vote *for* the Democrats or Republicans.

A Jacksonian based party will demolish Red/Blue America with the third color from the flag: White. Neutral White. Small government and I do mean tiny, save for Defense and committed expenditures. Cut off the excess limbs, take fat and meat and leave a fighting skeleton of a Federal Government. Flat, across the board, no exceptions, no nothing left out taxation equal for everyone and every business. Show generosity to the truly down and out and give them a small hand up to success.

Jacksonians will want short and sweet Congressional sessions, look seriously askance at any sort of pork in any way, shape or form and probably seek to change the Representative strucure of the House. Too much power in too few hands as it is, and Jacksonians do NOT trust that.

Yeah, I am a 'To Hell With Them Hawk'... but to hell with Red/Blue... to hell with Conservative/Liberal... to hell with Left/Right... to hell with Big Government... and to hell with compassionate slavery and letting any damn group come in to try and kill Americans.

Uphold the Constitution.

Make the borders secure and the only way in through *legal* means.

Give the Citizenry Warrants via Congress to hunt down the enemies of the People by cutting off their air supply of Commerce.

Kill barbarian Transnational Terrorists of all stripes, not just Islamic.

Befriend those Nations that have given us deep friendship and honor and trade with them openly and freely so We can be secure with Our Friends and protect them as they help to protect Us.

And put our enemies on notice that their day is ending.

The Jacksonian Party

WE did not start this fight. But WE sure as HELL will end it.

And to HELL with those trying to bring the Nation down.

Their day will be over, too.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Precepts of Jacksonianism

Jacksonianism? That *looks* absolutely horrible! This entire english language idea of adding '-ism' to a school of thought or such like is actually nice in concept, but ends up with all sorts of awful looking things... But I do digress.

Well, I will start with Steven den Beste on this, as he was the first to bring this to light for me, so these are more or less must reads to know where I am coming from:

Wilsonianism and how Europe fumbled it so badly they got a Second World War.

Jacksonian Foreign Policy and warfare. And this lovely quote that sums up so much...

Will we forgive the Islamic nations, and work to remove the source of their anger? Will the United States begin to address "root causes" and work to remove them? You betcha, but only after the war has been won. Jacksonians remove the danger first, and only then work to make sure the danger never arises again. But a Jacksonian never rewards an enemy, never ever appeases one. Until the war has been won, "root causes" are a distraction. This is the reason why "if you kill Americans, you're dead meat."
Measured Response to threats. And the mirror of the Walter Russell Mead article from The National Interest on the Jacksonian Tradition. A must read! And so is the rest of Mr. den Beste's Essential Library. And an excerpted quote form Mead's article...

For the first Jacksonian rule of war is that wars must be fought with all available force. The use of limited force is deeply repugnant. Jacksonians see war as a switch that is either "on" or "off." They do not like the idea of violence on a dimmer switch. Either the stakes are important enough to fight for—in which case you should fight with everything you have—or they are not, in which case you should mind your own business and stay home. To engage in a limited war is one of the costliest political decisions an American president can make—neither Truman nor Johnson survived it.

The second key concept in Jacksonian thought about war is that the strategic and tactical objective of American forces is to impose our will on the enemy with as few American casualties as possible. The Jacksonian code of military honor does not turn war into sport. It is a deadly and earnest business. This is not the chivalry of a medieval joust, or of the orderly battlefields of eighteenth-century Europe. One does not take risks with soldiers’ lives to give a "fair fight." Some sectors of opinion in the United States and abroad were both shocked and appalled during the Gulf and Kosovo wars over the way in which American forces attacked the enemy from the air without engaging in much ground combat. The "turkey shoot" quality of the closing moments of the war against Iraq created a particularly painful impression. Jacksonians dismiss such thoughts out of hand. It is the obvious duty of American leaders to crush the forces arrayed against us as quickly, thoroughly and professionally as possible.

Truer words were never spoken!

Jacksonians on International Law. And Mr. den Beste on why Jacksonians look askance at 'international law'...
This is, in fact, exactly the Jacksonian nightmare about international relations; where the "rules" themselves are being set by others unilaterally for their own benefit, to our detriment. It's really very simple: I don't abide by any international law that I don't specifically agree to, because if I provide a blanket promise to abide by such laws then you can use that to control me. In fact, I as an American citizen don't have a blanket obligation to obey any law passed by Congress, because if they try to pass laws which infringe my constitutional rights then the laws themselves are invalid.

The usual Jacksonian response to this kind of international situation when it becomes intolerable is to stick a middle finger into the air, and then cock a weapon and aim it. I expect something comparable to that this time. There won't be any open expression of contempt as such so much as that the US will ignore those arguments completely. (Which is, in fact, an even greater expression of contempt.)

Agreeing to help standardize relations between Nation States amongst them is not the same as handing over authority OVER those Nation States to a third body. You play nice and so will we, but if you try to use your interest to over-ride mine via a third party in international affairs, do watch out. Nation States are called Sovereign States for a reason.

More on Jacksonian Foreign Policy. Europe quivers. Some choice quotes...

Jacksonians don't consider the pacification of Germany to be the result of law or diplomacy. They think that it's the result of American military occupation. To put it simply, European peace was made possible by an American threat of war, fifty years of occupation by several American divisions and other military assets. That was the critical difference between 1920 and 1946; in 1920 American Wilsonians tried using diplomacy and the concept of international law and cooperation and friendship and trust, and failed. In 1946, American Jacksonians used military power instead, and succeeded.
Yes, Americans being present in post-War Germany meant that there was an actual force to keep order, look over things and give supervision. And damn well back it up. We were *not* going to go through a THIRD World War because of German expansionism and totalitarianism. So many do forget that little thing.

And a thousand years of Western European war was ended by American military occupation. (Which is why Jacksonians find European preaching against our military might to be ironic and deeply hypocritical. Europe has disarmed and ceased to rely on military power, but it was only capable of doing so because of American military strength. Europeans didn't need armies to threaten each other because they were all being threatened by us as a neutral outsider.)

Jacksonians do not think that international frameworks and international cooperation are impossible or unnecessary. But Jacksonians believe that such frameworks should be limited, concentrated, and closely monitored. Cooperation is possible without trust if it is backed with vigilance and the will to retaliate for cheating. (Retaliation can take many forms, of course; it's not exclusively military.)

And to Jacksonians, trust is foolhardy. There are a lot of good people out there, but there are also a lot of bastards, and if you turn your back someone will stab you in it. "Trust, but verify" is a purely Jacksonian watchword. Those who act honorably will be treated honorably, but those who cheat will be crushed
And as to *why* Ronald Reagan won with a landslide? Jacksonians *disgusted* with the Democratic party that not only supported the withdrawal of troops from South Viet Nam, but then, in Congress, cut them OFF from further aid. All aid. The Democratic Party is seen as wanting an ally of the United States to fail and be crushed by a totalitarian regime and become Communist. Currently Jacksonians are disenfranchised because neither political party tries to address them.

Basically, Jacksonians believe that others will play fair, but some of them will only do so as long as they know they're being watched.
This is what I call "Adult Supervision" on the international scale. But drives down to the Citizenry, too.

Jacksonians don't have any interest in spreading their philosophy around the world. It isn't evangelistic; indeed, the entire concept of trying to actively spread that or any other philosophy around the world is deeply repugnant to pure Jacksonians. Jacksonians are anti-imperialistic.

The whole point of Jacksonianism is "You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. You play fair with me and I'll play fair with you. But if you fuck with me, I'll kill you."

To Jacksonians, it is entirely possible to create an adequate world framework of consistent and fair behavior, sufficient to support trade, through vigilance and the threat of reprisal (military or otherwise). Going beyond that to a world government as such is neither necessary, desirable nor even possible, and the best case is where there is as little international framework and governance as can be: only the bare minimum required but no more. Anything beyond that will eventually be abused by someone, so it's better to do without it.
So, when I form up a Jacksonian Party it is an oxymoron. But my view is that we are currently in a Zero Party System. Even the basics of civility and, indeed, the entire concept of a compact amongst Free People to rule themselves via the Constitution is being destroyed. What is being pushed to REPLACE the Constitution is Transnational Progressivism. And the outgrowth of the idea that there should be an authoratarian system over all nations feeds directly into Transnational Terrorism, which seeks to achieve an authoritarian state or states via the destruction of the Nation State system.

Transnational progressivism is fundamentally authoritarian; it believes in the rule of the enlightened few over the unwashed masses, for their benefit. They are stupid and cannot be permitted to make up their own minds, and the enlightened few will do the right thing for them despite themselves. It is profoundly repugnant to every value I hold as a Jacksonian and a supporter of the fundamental principles on which the American system was founded.
Jacksonianism is Individual oriented, expecting accountability for rights as individuals realize they are responsible for the outcomes of their actions. Transnational Progressivism is elitist in conception, to put elites in power of the plebians. Transnational Terrorists want to put THEMSELVES in the position of the elite dictating to the masses. Do read more of the den Beste article and linked articles to decide for yourselves. And then check out his look at the logic, or lack thereof, of those who argue for things even when they are proven to be wrong on initial assumptions.

At this point I will let you absorb the concepts of Jacksonianism and how they impact the lives of each of us as an evil and pernicious idea that Groups of People should wield power over mere individuals is impacting our society. Negatively impacting it, if I may say so.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jacksonian Domestic Policy

You are responsible for your rights and will be held accountable for misdeeds as guided by your local, state and Federal governments.

Some things that need to be addressed for an orderly government in our day and age:

1) FOIA shall include all parts of the Federal Government including Congress and the Supreme Court.

2) Congress shall not exempt itself from any law.

3) Taxation - All businesses shall be taxed at the rate of individuals. Businesses shall subtratact wages and salaries from their income and shall be taxed on the remainder. There shall be a flat taxation system for the United States with no write-offs of exemptions. This taxation will only be upon wages, salaries and business income as addressed above. It shall NOT include: interest, capital gains, appreciation in value, etc.. Similarly bad investments may not be written off or subtracted. All Nations that are Free Trade Partners shall be under this umbrella so that investment in their Nations shall be considered to be under no tarriff or taxation. Similarly their investments shall be under no tarriff or taxation.

4) Religions - Shall be tax free so long as they do not address any foreign policy with respect to any single Nation or Bloc of Nations. Upon doing so that entire religion shall be declared a corporation and as an Agent of a Foreign Nation. Only general foreign policy precepts may be discussed for best practices in winning friends and influencing people to freedom. All social problems that are not a concern of the entirety of the People of the United States may be addressed to the States. Any religious party attempting to influence National goals or objectives shall be declared a political party and corporation and taxed the same. The Government of the United States shall establish no religion and honor all equally. All sermons, prayers and traditional ceremonial openings will be rotated amongst all religious organizations that apply to a general pool of same and will be chosen at random for such things until that pool is exhausted. That pool shall then be refreshed in its entirety with all entrants. One continuous entrant shall be 'two minutes of introspection, silence and observation with one's own thoughts' which shall have a 20% chance of being applied to any ceremony or opening traditional to the United States. If the ceremony is for the deceased an exception shall be made to have their religious practice used and specified by them, unless they have not specified one, in which case the silence shall be observed. Similar to the above for taxation purposes, charitable groups are tax exempt, save for the provisos listed for religions.

5) Abortion - this is left up to the States to figure out on their Own in accordance with guidance from the Supreme Court.

6) Marriage - this is left up to the States to figure out and regularize on their Own. No health benefits coverage is adjusted due to married status and all offerings shall be neutral to one-individual, two-individuals, or generic family coverage. Taxation is at the individual earnings level with no adjustments.

7) Medications - All safe and standard dosages shall be determined by federal agencies along with best practice guidelines determined by physician standards. All medications and intoxicants shall be regulated, purity verified and taxed if there is no medical use indicated under the best practices precepts. Physicians may only used verifiable and treatable conditions as justification for prescription and all medications with an impairing or intoxicating effect must fall under those practices. All individuals are responsible for their actions and all applicable laws for intoxication shall include all other forms of medication based impairment. Individuals may not use addiction as a justification for seeking the avoidance of taxation. Only those medications that can cause immediate death or permanent impairment at minimal or non-therapeutic dosages, shall be regulated by the Federal Government and administration of same must be under oversight of the best practices precepts by registered physicians. Individuals are responsible for the proper use of medications at therapeutic dosages for prescribed medications. Safety of the public is left up to States and to Employers. States and Employers may require competency, fitness and regular screening to ensure that public safety and health is not impaired due to intoxication and use of non-prescribed medications. The Federal Government is an Employer.

8) Social Security - The mandate for Retirement will end with the age cohort entering the workforce. All funds will be taken from General Revenue and Social Security taxation will end. Social Security benefits will be capped at 150% of the National Poverty Line. The retirement age for honoring Social Security will only exist for the last entrant into the system. The new age cohort will no longer be allowed into the system. As there is no taxation upon interest, appreciation of value and capital gains, those that work and invest well will be expected to manage their own retirement. Social Security will continue to exist for disability and other incapacitation. This will be done via the Office of Disability and Catastrophic care for Citizens and will require a thorough medical review for all existing conditions and mental problems. Once certified as being incapable, the normal procedures shall apply to that individual. With the incoming age cohort the concept of 'Retirement Age' shall be retired.

9) Welfare - The Office of Disability and Catastrophic care for Citizens will be a place of last resort for application for help once each government at municipal, county, regional and state level has certified that an individual is not able to be employed and cannot care for themselves under that of the State involved. Charitable institutions that will care for such individuals for no cost will apply their institutions to a Federal list of availability and restrictions for those that they may accept. Lack of similar religious belief is not a valid restriction and any Federally placed individual may not have religion brought to them by that institution unless it is specifically asked for by that individual. The Federal Government shall provide the lowest cost, one-way, non-refundable transportation to that new facility and validate that the individual has arrived safely. The States are expected to regularize a system of checking on the care of all individuals in such institutions along the lines of best medical, hygienic and ethical practices. Any complaints received on any institution shall be checked by the Federal Government to ensure that the individual is well cared for and the institution well run. Any facility found to be found non-compliant twice in one year or three times in two years will be closed and all individuals moved, at the expense of the State to new facilities. If individuals need be moved out of State, that originating State shall supply all moving expenses and pay for any additional and ongoing costs for care of that individual.

10) Congress shall duly stop illegal crossing into the United States. Congress shall supply necessary funds to the cognizant Agencies to put up permanent control equipment so as to discourage such crossings, using lethal force if needs be. Only crossings through controlled checkpoints shall be allowed. Any individual here illegally shall be put to work on building such control mechanisms for a period of no less than two years or hard labor for five years, before being returned to their country of origin.

11) Congress shall review the entirety of the Federal Regulation system and ensure that it is pertinent and comprehensible to someone of the average educational age within the United States.

12) All regulations passed by Congress shall have a 'sunset' proviso for discontinuation in 10 years if not renewed.

13) All medical malpractice suits must be certified as being truly 'malpractice' by an oversight group of no less than three physicians within that practice type chosen at random within the United States. If found that the physician in question truly did practice medicine poorly and with intent to harm, then malpractice may be awarded. If simple injury by oversight or problems normal to the course of that practice are cited, then the injury may be termed 'an accident'. If such a suit is brought frivolously and dismissed as such, then the plaintiff is liable for the entire cost of the expenditures for the entire case for the defendant and the court.

14) All suits for injuries due to product misuse or unforseen use are prohibited. If a suit is brought a panel of three individuals that are common users of such product or products shall be chosen to determine if misuse or unforseen use is the case. If deemed to be a faulty product used in normal situations, then awards may be made. All manufacturers shall make available all common and ordinary uses of their products and inform purchasers either via enclosure or electronic means of those uses. A warranty card filled out by hand or via electronic means certifies that the user is cognizant of the restrictions upon that item and will not sue based on unintended uses of that product without first asking the manufacturer as to the safety of that use.

15) A Federal Medical service shall be instituted. For all individuals wishing to practice medicine, they may apply to the Federal Government to become Federal Physicians. Such individuals will have the entirety of their direct medical education covered and be expected to work 3 years for every 1 year of education covered. An exemption is made for those fit enough for military work and wish to apply for such, in which case 2 years of service for every 1 year of education shall apply and is accepted into that Service. Each physician will be paid appropriately for a mid-level Government employee and demonstrate knowledge and competence for their specialty. The Government may shift such individuals as needed during time of employment to areas of need. Such personnel may be relocated overseas for work in Embassies or disaster relief. Hardship coverage in disaster relief is a direct day for day repayment of their time. If such an individual leaves before their Federal term is up for any but disability reasons, then the entirety of the cost burden is then shifted back upon that individual. Upon completion of their term an individual may continue on with the Federal service if they are offered such, or practice medicine privately. Poor, indegent and disabled individuals without recourse to proper medical attention via charitable, local or State means may apply to the Federal Government for medical support from this service.

16) All Federal Government medical benefits plans shall be opened up to the Citizenry. Each Citizen applying for such would be expected to pay for their entire premium on their own. Additionally the Federal Government will act as a combination point for all Federal plans for purchase of medication and perform bulk purchasing for all such plans. Cost of medication will be that of the bulk purchase cost, plus additional costs of shipping and tracking such medications. The Federal Medical Service will also prescribe from this pool, with cost savings being passed downwards. Those judged to be truly poor and indigent by the Office of Disability and Catastrophic Care for the Citizenry may apply for medical grants so that their medications will be made available at a means tested cost.

17) All Copyrights shall last no longer than 10 years. After that all such works belong to the public domain. Extensions will not be given.

18) All Patents shall last no longer than 10 years. After that all such works belong to the public domain. Extensions will not be given.

19) All Classified material held by the Federal Government may not be held longer than 15 years without review. At 15 years, if such material has not been reviewed, then it shall be immediately declared De-Classified and given over to the National Archives. The National Archives shall make all such documents available in electronic format in no less than 6 months after receipt. A document may only continued as Classified if it is determined that an individual or individuals will be put at physical risk or bodily harm if such documents are released, in which case an additional 10 years is given, but notice must be given to the individual(s) involved that this is now the case.

20) The 'Black Budget' be listed per line-item with Agency and Sponsor of each item given. Line items may be given numerical codes, but must have reason attached to the line item for the area of work it is under.

I am sure that I missed a couple of things, here and there, but that is it. Add this to what the Government actually *does* and you have a thorough re-structuring of things on a National scale.

For this I can't even say it is *better*... just a bit more in line with what the Nation set out to do, while still not making the Federal Government this isolated bit of the Universe to apply to for succor.

Basically, if you want it done, get the states to do it for you.

The Outline of the Federal Government

Instead of looking at what to get rid of, lets look at what is absolutely needed and allowed for under the Constitution.

Department of Defense
Department of Justice
State Department
Treasury Department
Federal Courts System
Patent & Trademark Office
Department of Federal Transportation services and maintenance
Department of Veterans Affairs

National Archives, Records and Historical works
Internal Revenue Service, to include Tarriff Gathering (although the entire thing becomes tiny)
Census Bureau
Bureau of Industry and Security
International Trade Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Technical Information Service to inclue Telecommunication Services
National Weather Service
US Forest Service
Nuclear Regulatory Service to oversee all aspects of Nuclear use within the US, including detection and preparedness
Food and Drug Administration, to oversee guidelines, standards and inspection of same
Drug and medication testing and standardization service for all drugs and medications
National Institutes of Health
Centers for Disease Control
Federal Health System, with oversight and regularization from NIH
Administration for Native Americans for those roles not coverd by the State Department
Immigration, Naturalization, Border Control, Customs, Inspection and Enforcement service
Federal Emergency Response Management Agency with the current CERT
US Secret Service for protection of the Federal Government Elected Officials and Supreme Court
Office of Disability and Catastrophic care for Citizens
Office of Engineering Design Best Practices (currently parts of OSHA and Mining safety, oversight, reclamation and health)
Veterans Health, Employment, Disabilities and Safety Bureau to be included with DVA
Bureau of Land Management
US Geological Survey
National Park Service

Do note that the Intelligence Community needs reform for the modern age. I have posted on that elsewhere.

See anything missing that is to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" ?

As to why so much is missing... well the Policy section should take care of that!

Jacksonian Foreign Policy

Might as well hit the easiest area first!

There are three classes of Foreign Nations:

  1. Those that the US shall have Free and Unfettered Trade with.
  2. Those that shall undergo normal trade restrictions and have tarriffs applied.
  3. Those Nations we do not like and will have nothing to do with.
The First Group will consist of all Foreign Nations that have had good, honest and open relationships with the United States and has not undermined the concept of expanding the Freedom of the Individual. This set will also include all Foreign Nations that have been under tyrranical rule and have recently been freed and have kept faith with the United States as a People and seek Our help to be Free. These Foreign Nations shall have free access to Our markets and give us the same access to Theirs, save for those individuals or companies that traffick or work with Foreign Nations that are within the Third Group. These Nations may be Freely invested in and will be considered to have no taxation restrictions save those posed for normal investment within the United States. Immigration shall be as Congress warrants, but shall involve no more background checks than are necessary to ensure that Enemies of the United States do not seek entry.

The Second Group shall consist of all Foreign Nations that are not unfriendly to the United States, but have shown little friendliness and familiarity with the United States. All trade of goods and services shall have a set tarriff of no less than 10%. Nations that have proven unhelpful but not overtly or covertly hostile to the interests of the United States shall fall into this category.

The Third Group is all Foreign Nations that have shown hostility or enmity to the United States or that have worked to undermine the relations of the United States with other Nations. All Foreign Nations trafficking with Transnational Terrorist organizations in any way shall fall into this category as they are seeking to undermine the Rule of Nations and orderly conduct between Nations. No trade or banking may take place between the United States and these Foreign Nations. Any individual or company from within the United States or its Free Trade partners that trafficks with these Foreign Nations shall not be able to invest or have banking relationships with the United States nor purchase goods and services from the United States. Such individuals and companies are considered to be pariahs and are unwelcome to visiting the United States.

As part of the spread of Freedom, the United States will run Open Source media dissemination organizations to spread information freely and bring the word of individual rights, responsibilities and freedom to all parts of the world. These media organizations will use fully Open Source media for their purposes, with editing when necessary for brevity or timeliness. Full transcripts of the unedited versions shall be made available immediately upon publication or dissemination via electronic media and be continuously available.

The United States shall not sanction state-sponsored censorship abroad.

The United States shall not sanction the prohibition of the freedom of religious choice.

The United States shall not sanction restrictions upon weapons ownership, save for that of a well-regulated militia. Responsibility and accountability of weapons ownership must be maintained for a people to be orderly and have assurance that weapons will not be used for ill purposes.

The United States shall not sanction prohibition to freedom of speech abroad. There is no such thing as 'hate speech' only hateful people.

The United States shall sanction all efforts to allow individuals to be free in their daily choices and to not have unwarranted intrusion in their lives from any Government, Corporation, Group or other individuals.

The United States shall sanction all efforts that allow individuals to understand that they are to be held accountable for their decisions and outcomes.

Any attack or reason for Casus Belli from a Foreign Nation shall be considered immediately by Congress for Declaring War or Authorizing the Use of Military Force to show displeasure of the People of the United States and give understanding that respect between Nations shall not be abridged.

Congress shall actively handle Warrants for Letters of Marque and Reprisal against all shipping and transport and housing of goods meant to give aid to enemies of the United States. All Foreign Nations shall be warned that such Warranted individuals or Companies as set by Congress shall have oversight upon shipping and are authorized to seize goods and vessels transporting them or to confiscate goods or otherwise interdict them if they are found to be in traffick with the enemies of the United States. All appeals will be handled solely by the Supreme Court of the United States.

That is it, folks!

The First Thing You Have To Do

The First Thing that anyone reading this blog must do is read the Constitution of the United States! And I mean READ it, think about it, understand how it works, the division of powers and responsibilities. It is set up to be a system for allowing a Free People to be Free with minimal governance ability to be handed over to the Federal Government. Yes, the Constitution is a document of the People giving the Government limited things to do, not a Government bestowing rights to the People.

The main body transcript of the US Constitution is here.
The transcripts of the Bill of Rights, Amendments I through X is here.
The transcripts of Amendments XI through XXVII is here.

To anyone who comes asking things along the line: "Well I want my government to give me the right of..."

The only rejoinder is READ THE DAMN CONSTITUTION!

It is written in English.

English is the Language of the People of the United States.

The Constitution is *not* a bilingual document. Do *not* read a translation and expect to figure it out. Read it in its native tongue with some proviso given for shifting in actual ways characters are written and things spelled. There was *no* adhered to dictionary back then to regularize spelling.

Got it?

Anything that anyone wants the Federal Government to do must be thoroughly justified under its provisos.

I will be putting forth some ideas that I think are good and will include them in this. They are *not* things that the Jacksonian Party will adhere to, just ideas on how to make things better for "a more perfect Union".

This is not a Conservative party nor a Liberal party.

The Jacksonian Party is the party of damn spare government and back to basics.

If you want *more* than that, read the Constitution and DO IT YOURSELF!

If you want a social program, then I suggest you address your State.

If you want to have some foreign policy position taken in regards to one Foreign Nation or Bloc of Foreign Nations, then you shall register as an agent of that Nation or Nations.

You have the right to freedom of speech. With that right comes responsibilities and social obligations so that the People can know where you are coming from.

That is how all rights and powers are viewed. They all have obligations and responsibilities from the individual Citizen on up to the Federal Government. Laws are made to put limits on destructive behavior so that society is not rended by unchecked rights. If you act irresponsibly you are held accountable.

Welcome to the Jacksonian Party!

Better keep your pacemaker in fine trim and the valium handy.

You are going to need them.