Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jacksonian Foreign Policy

Might as well hit the easiest area first!

There are three classes of Foreign Nations:

  1. Those that the US shall have Free and Unfettered Trade with.
  2. Those that shall undergo normal trade restrictions and have tarriffs applied.
  3. Those Nations we do not like and will have nothing to do with.
The First Group will consist of all Foreign Nations that have had good, honest and open relationships with the United States and has not undermined the concept of expanding the Freedom of the Individual. This set will also include all Foreign Nations that have been under tyrranical rule and have recently been freed and have kept faith with the United States as a People and seek Our help to be Free. These Foreign Nations shall have free access to Our markets and give us the same access to Theirs, save for those individuals or companies that traffick or work with Foreign Nations that are within the Third Group. These Nations may be Freely invested in and will be considered to have no taxation restrictions save those posed for normal investment within the United States. Immigration shall be as Congress warrants, but shall involve no more background checks than are necessary to ensure that Enemies of the United States do not seek entry.

The Second Group shall consist of all Foreign Nations that are not unfriendly to the United States, but have shown little friendliness and familiarity with the United States. All trade of goods and services shall have a set tarriff of no less than 10%. Nations that have proven unhelpful but not overtly or covertly hostile to the interests of the United States shall fall into this category.

The Third Group is all Foreign Nations that have shown hostility or enmity to the United States or that have worked to undermine the relations of the United States with other Nations. All Foreign Nations trafficking with Transnational Terrorist organizations in any way shall fall into this category as they are seeking to undermine the Rule of Nations and orderly conduct between Nations. No trade or banking may take place between the United States and these Foreign Nations. Any individual or company from within the United States or its Free Trade partners that trafficks with these Foreign Nations shall not be able to invest or have banking relationships with the United States nor purchase goods and services from the United States. Such individuals and companies are considered to be pariahs and are unwelcome to visiting the United States.

As part of the spread of Freedom, the United States will run Open Source media dissemination organizations to spread information freely and bring the word of individual rights, responsibilities and freedom to all parts of the world. These media organizations will use fully Open Source media for their purposes, with editing when necessary for brevity or timeliness. Full transcripts of the unedited versions shall be made available immediately upon publication or dissemination via electronic media and be continuously available.

The United States shall not sanction state-sponsored censorship abroad.

The United States shall not sanction the prohibition of the freedom of religious choice.

The United States shall not sanction restrictions upon weapons ownership, save for that of a well-regulated militia. Responsibility and accountability of weapons ownership must be maintained for a people to be orderly and have assurance that weapons will not be used for ill purposes.

The United States shall not sanction prohibition to freedom of speech abroad. There is no such thing as 'hate speech' only hateful people.

The United States shall sanction all efforts to allow individuals to be free in their daily choices and to not have unwarranted intrusion in their lives from any Government, Corporation, Group or other individuals.

The United States shall sanction all efforts that allow individuals to understand that they are to be held accountable for their decisions and outcomes.

Any attack or reason for Casus Belli from a Foreign Nation shall be considered immediately by Congress for Declaring War or Authorizing the Use of Military Force to show displeasure of the People of the United States and give understanding that respect between Nations shall not be abridged.

Congress shall actively handle Warrants for Letters of Marque and Reprisal against all shipping and transport and housing of goods meant to give aid to enemies of the United States. All Foreign Nations shall be warned that such Warranted individuals or Companies as set by Congress shall have oversight upon shipping and are authorized to seize goods and vessels transporting them or to confiscate goods or otherwise interdict them if they are found to be in traffick with the enemies of the United States. All appeals will be handled solely by the Supreme Court of the United States.

That is it, folks!

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