Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why the Jacksonian Party takes the direct approach

This is a outlook statement by The Jacksonian Party.

Many people complain that Jacksonians are either too easy-going or damn bloodthirsty, and cannot, for the life of them, figure out which response they will get whenever something is brought up. So, to help explain a few things, let me bring you this tidbit of common sense that I *always* thought was obvious.

On a look at the iceberg that the Titanic struck it always seemed to me that the obvious was overlooked. And an expert in maritime safety finally brought the problem out to the public, because it *is* obvious but extremely counter-intuitive. The main reason the Titanic sank was that it suffered severe and multiple compartment breaches simultaneously which ruined the integrity of the ship beyond containment. Indeed, many of the center sections of the ship did not have containment features that extended from keel to upper superstructure, but were stopped short of the upper decks. This was a major problem as flooding overtopped those decks and made the sinking a fatal fact, which a basic design change could have mitigated. In theory the Titanic was meant to serve as its own lifeboat, once swamped in multiple sections, but no one envisioned the ship going at any great speed when such happened.

But, back to the iceberg.

The maritime expert succinctly said [and I paraphrase]: 'British shipping Captains wanted to sustain as little damage as possible to their vessels and so the decision to avoid the iceberg was one that made sense given normal iceberg size for those waters. However, they knew that this was a heavier than usual iceberg season and that many bergs to even get that far south had to be very large. So the instinct to avoid the iceberg was fatal. If the Titanic had simply HIT the berg straight on, the ship would have come to a complete halt, dishes and glassware would go flying about, people would have injuries and only the front compartment or two would have sustained damage. They would be 'crumple zones' and were not used and would be missed by no one. The Titanic would have sustained damage it could mitigate via its containment system and once the flooding was contained it could back off and then steam slowly into port. A bit late, but having survived the impact with few permanent injuries to people. By trying to avoid damage the Captain sealed the fate of the ship.'

Trying to avoid a head-on collision will often end up with you heading at high speed into the wilderness, not a good idea. And if both drivers choose the same side to avoid a collision, then you get all sorts of fun physics added into heading off into the wilderness. If you both choose correctly, it can be avoided. But if you are piloting something a bit larger and less amenable to course change, it is often better to just 'stay the course' put the engines on STOP and let it happen.

That is the basic attitude towards things: let others choose as they may, but stay a set course and deal with things as necessary. By trying to avoid damage, things can actually be made much, much worse. The nimble Republic of the early days is gone and the ship of state is now huge and unwieldy to guide. The course of remaining a Sovereign Nation State with Republican government via representative democracy was set at the founding of the Nation. As the vessel grew in size and power, its nimbleness started to disappear, and as more functions got added to the Government its ability to chart course became bogged down.

Today we have a huge Federal government, with all sorts of things welded onto it that it was never meant to have. And today the very groups in charge in the Government want to *mitigate* damage by trying to avoid it. A large Nation can take a direct smack into an obstacle and survive, assess the damage, do necessary repairs and then get under way again at a slower pace. Avoiding the collision will be the end of the Republic as it takes multiple breaches below the waterline and the old compartment system has become so degraded that it no longer serves its function of containing damage.

Ploughing head-on into the immigration problem would be re-stating the Sovereignty of the American People to have their Own Nation and determine who does and does not get to be invited into the Republic. By not adhering to that, the very law abiding structure of the vessel is degraded to the point of becoming near anarchy. With municipalities and some cities declaring their own immigration policy, the old rift over slavery is being brought back to undermine the Republic *again*. This tears at the very foundation of the Republic and its separation of rights and powers.

By trying to take in millions of unassimilated individuals who have no respect for National Sovereignty the very fabric that allows this Nation to be a Republic is ripped asunder. To come here *seeking* a law abiding Nation by breaking its Laws, that social fabric is degraded and respect for the Law itself is diminished.

With the Federal government actually *subsidizing* and *protecting* poorly designed agricultural areas, the influx of people here illegally is subsidized, also. The Tax dollars of the People go to undermine the Republic, thusly. We become diminished in economic power by not forcing businesses to cope with a modern marketplace that is global in concern. Free trade that goes to actually *support* enemies or those that wish no good of the Republic, further deteriorates the concept of National Sovereignty and Self-Determination.

Wars are NOT fought on 'a dimmer switch' and should be pursued until a conclusion and then help given to those that have suffered under Tyranny. If they see the United States as a People that respect self-determination in others, we expect such in return. If the hand of friendship is slapped away, then it is *not* extended again until amends are made by the one doing the slapping. Wars without goals are fruitless and useless. Wars must have clear statements and have a conclusive capability within them. The Cold War had such and was a bitter and long fought struggle that drained this Nation and *still* it remained and increased its power and capacity as compared to all other industrial powers on the planet. The War on Transnational Terrorism may take as long, but the Goals needs be clearly stated: end the fool idea that you can win through killing and intimidation against the Free People of the United States.

But that has not been done by any Individual seeking high office nor by any Party within the Republic save this one. Goals need not be: reach the capital of thus and such country to win. Although such are helpful and necessary, they are not the typical ones of this struggle. Make no bones about it, this is a struggle for maintaining the very concept of the Nation State and the Civilization it supports. Transnationalism eats away at the Nation State concept to put Authoritarianism in its place. Be they *Progressives* or *Terrorists* their goal to end the system of National States are THE SAME.

This pernicious idea threatens the very Freedoms that this Nation fought long and hard for to get and retain. And yet many would just give them away for temporary security by 'welcoming in foreign workers' and not dealing with terrorism AT ALL. Both of these are symptoms of Transnationalism, which puts forward that no one Nation is better than any other and that there are NO special values in once culture as compared to another.

By not being able to discriminate and differentiate between peoples based on their outlook and actions, Transnationalism seeks to homogenize humanity and ensure that nothing special is left about it. Literally there would be no value at all placed on one individual over another, and criminals and victims would both have the exact same status. To those not realizing it, this is all of it, from top to bottom, Transnationalism. The United States is a threat to Transnationalism because we still believe in the Specialness of Our Nation. They seek to end that via changing the government into one that is more socialist and have succeeded over the years in grafting on strange appendages which now change education, agriculture, industrial policy and, now, immigration policy and warfighting policy.

Jacksonians believe in the Individual and the Rights of the Individual to exist within a compact as set up by the Constitution. There is a specialness in that ALONE, to let people's thoughts and action guide their destiny for good or ill. It is recognized that fate and fortune can hand unkindly circumstances and giving a help out of such is for the common good. But becoming dependent upon that is a social ill that degrades the very fabric of personal freedom. We have been taught that a 'social safety net' is a good thing so as to absolve people of their individual choices when they go for ill. By not letting them hit the ground and learning the hard lessons of making bad choices there is no education via experience. A Big Brother government that saves everyone also destroys everyone to make them all perfectly and exactly equal before the ever present State.

Transnationalists preach about all the *good* a State can do. They forget to inform you that your rights are limited to those ALLOWED by that State so it can do its necessary good. Once a State can be all-powerful it can take everything from the Individual and that must be stopped.

The best way to stop such is to let the ship of State plough directly into the problems facing it by adhering to the course that was set by the Founders.

Maintain National Sovereignty so that a free People can remain free.

Give honor and friendship to those Nations that give the same to Ours and help them freely to achieve *their* greatness, which will not diminish Ours if they truly be friends.

To those that wish us neither good nor ill, return the same with a gentle chillness and let them see the good Actions of the American People in helping those that are Our Friends. Demonstrate by *doing* not by *preaching*.

And to Our enemies: they will be hounded and fought until they are either dead or have surrendered. No Vietnam wars 'on a dimmer' switch. No stopping half-way after 100 hours on a job just barely started. And no piddling away the Nation's resources on far off struggles of foreign peoples, neither side of which have ever shown much interest in Our Nation. While the latter may seem *necessary* in light of the genocide of the Second World War, it should be pointed out that no one doing that pontificating has had the actual guts to commit their Nation to doing such.

If you want the United States to be the 'World's Policeman' you had better damn well pay us and let us deal as necessary with wrongdoers and then DO NOT CRITICIZE US if everything does not turn out just absolutely perfect. Otherwise we shall stick with what is necessary to keep a free People free, and let foreign folks do as they will as is their RIGHT.

Yes, sail the ship of the United States DIRECTLY into the iceberg. We can recover and seal the breaches and get under way again once the repairs are made. I expect the iceberg to shatter due to the size of the ship hitting it.

Do NOT try to mitigate things and *avoid* damage.

That will, assuredly, be the end of the Republic if it continues.

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