Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Electorate Proposition

The 1970's saw the Democrats go anti-war, betray South Viet Nam and dishonor the soldiers returning from that War. And then start to deplete the defenses of the Nation under Jimmy Carter. This effectively read the Jacksonians out of the Democratic party and they have basically stayed disaffected from politics since then. Ronald Reagan was able to get a number of them back for landslide victories and change voter demographics somewhat, so that the Democratic party lost its stranglehold on post-WWII politics.

Jacksonians *still* remain disaffected because of the attitudes of Clinton and now the attitudes of the defeatist MSM and Democrats. From what I have seen on demographics that is about 30% of the adult population out of the 40%+ that doesn't vote. Normal non-voting is in the 10% or so range without them.

A tough and hard policy for border control, closing down Sanctuary Cities as slavery centers and shutting down businesses trafficking in humans will start to return the Jacksonians to the electorate. Close the southern border and patrol it, while building a *real* line of defenses will start to convince them that maybe, just maybe, people are wising up to the problems around them.

As I have said elsewhere the demographic shift could happen overnight with a very serious and hard resolution to do those above things. The Republican Party is the only one that has anything near this sort of concept and would serve as a natural base for a Jacksonian based party.

With 30% or so of voters returning, the 50/50 America disappears in a flash.

Here is how I see it working out:

Jacksonians 30% of voters.
Legal Immigrants supporting this activity 10% of voters. This *includes* Latinos, who are FOR this.
2/3 of the Republican Party as the RINO's will flee 20% of voters
20% or so of the Black population that is middle class, out of 18% of the population for 3.5-4% of voters

By making this a slavery issue and human trafficking issue the Leftist/Black faultline in the Democratic party will slip HARD. Cleaving out 20% of the black population that is law abiding and supports immigration reform and protecting the nation will change the electoral map of the country.

A back to basics, no-frills governmental policy that seriously looks to defend the nation, uphold the Constitution and re-end slavery will garner 63-65% of voters. The rest are Leftists and disaffected blacks that will not vote *for* the Democrats or Republicans.

A Jacksonian based party will demolish Red/Blue America with the third color from the flag: White. Neutral White. Small government and I do mean tiny, save for Defense and committed expenditures. Cut off the excess limbs, take fat and meat and leave a fighting skeleton of a Federal Government. Flat, across the board, no exceptions, no nothing left out taxation equal for everyone and every business. Show generosity to the truly down and out and give them a small hand up to success.

Jacksonians will want short and sweet Congressional sessions, look seriously askance at any sort of pork in any way, shape or form and probably seek to change the Representative strucure of the House. Too much power in too few hands as it is, and Jacksonians do NOT trust that.

Yeah, I am a 'To Hell With Them Hawk'... but to hell with Red/Blue... to hell with Conservative/Liberal... to hell with Left/Right... to hell with Big Government... and to hell with compassionate slavery and letting any damn group come in to try and kill Americans.

Uphold the Constitution.

Make the borders secure and the only way in through *legal* means.

Give the Citizenry Warrants via Congress to hunt down the enemies of the People by cutting off their air supply of Commerce.

Kill barbarian Transnational Terrorists of all stripes, not just Islamic.

Befriend those Nations that have given us deep friendship and honor and trade with them openly and freely so We can be secure with Our Friends and protect them as they help to protect Us.

And put our enemies on notice that their day is ending.

The Jacksonian Party

WE did not start this fight. But WE sure as HELL will end it.

And to HELL with those trying to bring the Nation down.

Their day will be over, too.

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