Sunday, March 26, 2006

The First Thing You Have To Do

The First Thing that anyone reading this blog must do is read the Constitution of the United States! And I mean READ it, think about it, understand how it works, the division of powers and responsibilities. It is set up to be a system for allowing a Free People to be Free with minimal governance ability to be handed over to the Federal Government. Yes, the Constitution is a document of the People giving the Government limited things to do, not a Government bestowing rights to the People.

The main body transcript of the US Constitution is here.
The transcripts of the Bill of Rights, Amendments I through X is here.
The transcripts of Amendments XI through XXVII is here.

To anyone who comes asking things along the line: "Well I want my government to give me the right of..."

The only rejoinder is READ THE DAMN CONSTITUTION!

It is written in English.

English is the Language of the People of the United States.

The Constitution is *not* a bilingual document. Do *not* read a translation and expect to figure it out. Read it in its native tongue with some proviso given for shifting in actual ways characters are written and things spelled. There was *no* adhered to dictionary back then to regularize spelling.

Got it?

Anything that anyone wants the Federal Government to do must be thoroughly justified under its provisos.

I will be putting forth some ideas that I think are good and will include them in this. They are *not* things that the Jacksonian Party will adhere to, just ideas on how to make things better for "a more perfect Union".

This is not a Conservative party nor a Liberal party.

The Jacksonian Party is the party of damn spare government and back to basics.

If you want *more* than that, read the Constitution and DO IT YOURSELF!

If you want a social program, then I suggest you address your State.

If you want to have some foreign policy position taken in regards to one Foreign Nation or Bloc of Foreign Nations, then you shall register as an agent of that Nation or Nations.

You have the right to freedom of speech. With that right comes responsibilities and social obligations so that the People can know where you are coming from.

That is how all rights and powers are viewed. They all have obligations and responsibilities from the individual Citizen on up to the Federal Government. Laws are made to put limits on destructive behavior so that society is not rended by unchecked rights. If you act irresponsibly you are held accountable.

Welcome to the Jacksonian Party!

Better keep your pacemaker in fine trim and the valium handy.

You are going to need them.

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