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How to make The Jacksonian Party

This document is the Guidance Document for Creation of The Jacksonian Party.


The Jacksonian Party is unlike any other political party in that it has NO hierarchy. The Jacksonian Party has no steering committees, no fund raising arm, no right to say who and who may not run as a Jacksonian, and, finally, no right to enforce its beliefs upon any single member or group of members or the People as a whole.

The Jacksonian Party is a political party of Networks. Jacksonians, as individuals within this party concept, will equally share ideas, discuss them and create better and more refined versions of them that strictly adhere to the Constitutional separation of powers and not only enforces them but creates new rights for the People [these are the part of all rights that the people withhold to themselves via Amendments IX and X, no further rights need be promulgated in the Constitution or via law. In this the creation of rights is the exploration of them and finding formulations not previously thought about]. The Jacksonian Party, at some point, will need to come into contact with the older formulation of how to enter politics, which has been set up by the current two National parties at local levels. As any other third party has found, this system is nearly impossible to get into, as it has stiff requirements based on the old conception of what a political party *is*. So The Jacksonian Party will need to ask for help through all of its networks that ARE its members: political, social, electronic, economic, and so forth. Where you have friends and associates as an individual Jacksonian adhering to the concepts of The Jacksonian Party, you as that individual shall put forth the ideas and ideals of Jacksonianism and ask those friends and associates if they are willing to support same to change the nature of politics.

The Jacksonian Party has core and simple beliefs: that the Citizen has many responsibilities towards this Nation and must use their Rights to seek those ends, beyond that of the Federal government which is only a small part of those ends. By giving honor, trust, friendship and using Rights in a manner that is *constructive* to those Rights, The Jacksonian Party supports a vigorous social intercourse and the growth of the Republic that disparages no part of the People but uplifts the People as a whole. The Jacksonian Party adheres to the honor of previous generations in building the Republic, but realizes that they were mortal humans who may have actually gotten it wrong, and the things that looked good *then* may be a hindrance to We the People *now*.

All Governments within the Republic of the United States are set up to govern, not rule. Those portions of government which have become ruling factors or factions must be abolished totally and completely, and only *then* see if there are any parts of the original concept that helps in Governing the Law and ensuring equality of Justice and the Tranquility of the People in their lives, without harming their liberty and freedom.

The Jacksonian Party supports and adheres to the concept of the sparest and leanest government able to do a few things to help in actual governance and everything else is left up to the People without the interference or oversight of that government, save to ensure due process and equality for all of the People.

If and when any member of The Jacksonian Party seeks and attains high office of governance, that individual is enjoined on a daily basis to find ways to reign in government which has turned into a rod of rulership that hurts the People. Those individuals that are such members that attain such office will have as their first and foremost duty to ensure that government does not take or is given more rights than was intended to it and administers those few things it does efficiently and well.

The Jacksonian Party by being a distributed, non-centralized party will spread that message both in and of its members and from those that have sought and gained high office, and offer reasons WHY this is for the good of the People. It is expected that the current two party system will buck hard against this, but they are the parties of labor unions, phone banks, and mass mailings, while The Jacksonian Party is the party of simply explaining simple means to achieve simple ends via many-to-many media. The Jacksonian Party seeks to leverage the power of each individual in their lives to spread the word on the problems of the world and how to simply reform the approach of the government of the People so as to directly address such problems and bring them to an END.

The Jacksonian Party members expect that there will be valid and easy to explain reasons why government should not have MORE functions than it was intended to. The Jacksonian Party does NOT live by soundbites, but via the capability of each individual to reason for themselves. Any media that does not give full and accurate accounting of Jacksonian concepts, precepts, ideals and explanatory evidence of how these are being enacted will be addressed via all means across the board and all capabilities via all Jacksonians until such media properly and accurately represent Jacksonianism. Media that try to 'soundbite' or engage in polarizing conflict shall be called on that openly and publicly and then told that they shall either give fair hearing to ideas or have those ideas presented elsewhere fairly and told *why* it was not told via another media outlet.

The Jacksonian Party members recognize that they are first, and foremost, Citizens of the Republic of the United States. That the Constitution is in force for every moment of every day for every individual, and that the enjoining Preamble which describes what We the People set out to do means each and every member of the Republic at ALL times. The Constitution is living because We the People enforce it and use it DAILY and it shall only cease to exist once the last person who adheres to it, be they US Citizen or some last individual after some unforeseen event on the planet ends that life. When the last believer in the US Constitution dies, then, and only THEN does it die as a means of governing We the People.


Becoming a member of The Jacksonian Party is simple:

1) In your daily lives, use the precepts of honor, friendship, reciprocity and live-and-let-live as your standards for all behavior, and acknowledge all of the responsibilities placed upon you as a member of We the People in all of your actions.

2) The electronic and networked media offer the capability of creating autonomous webs and networks between individuals and groups of individuals. When officially declaring membership in The Jacksonian Party, clear and distinctive linkage will be given to such and to all of the documents that you personally support as designed by Party members. One may copy entire documents from The Jacksonian Party to their website and then place commentary *outside* of the text of the document or make a separate point by point analysis in a different post than the copied original document.

3) In the electronic media venue, you shall clearly state why and what parts of above documentation that you support and which parts you do NOT. The Jacksonian Party doctrine is a vital and growing capability and conflicting viewpoints are accepted and embraced as a lively means of GROWING the rights of the People as a whole and disparaging none of the People in so doing.

4) Any member of The Jacksonian Party is free to put out articles based upon their understanding of how Jacksonianism is used in creating a better Republic. When addressing things that affect such governing bodies or that impact upon We the People as a whole, clear and express definition and verbiage must be given to how such ideas adhere to the responsibilities of We the People and then how they are lawfully to be done via the Government or by the People in part or whole. The Jacksonian Party is about simple ideals expressed in modern terms to come to understandable results. Clear and express linkage from ideals through enaction to expected results must be adhered to so that good and better ideas may FLOURISH.

5) The Jacksonian Party is not a party of exclusivity and individuals may be members of other parties, groups, organizations, or other such as they please. In doing so, however, they must clearly put forth their concepts of Jacksonianism in what they do and why they do such things. And as Jacksonianism is a valid and known form of political thought and outlook, when asked what you are politically, it should naturally be: I am a Citizen of the Republic and a Jacksonian in outlook. That is not prescriptive, but is the only way to let people know that you clearly understand what you are about, can explain your philosophy of life and can clearly reason to the positions of understanding on how to do things to anyone who asks.

6) Outside of electronic media, each individual is left to their own cognizance on how and if it is appropriate to display their adherence to Jacksonianism. As We the People are creative, it is expected that creative means will be found to express such that gives honor to the conceptions of Jacksonianism and the Republic, and at most will gently chide others to more fully support the Republic and the hard work necessary to do same.

7) Individual Jacksonians may seek to meet up with others and form more localized groups via normal meeting places of their choice. Such venues as: libraries, hunting and fishing clubs, sports clubs, target ranges, restaurants, religious sites, schools, parks, and such are left to the cognizance of the individuals involved and availability of such spaces as offered to the General Public for such meetings.

The Jacksonian Party realizes that there are variations and strains of through and within Jacksonian culture and disparages none of them, and supports all efforts to building a better Republic. So long as such modes of thought show how they grow out of the solid base of Citizenship and Jacksonianism and demonstrate how that enaction of those things yields results through differing means that improves upon them, they are valid, even if such are held by one and only one member alone. Because a good idea may not be enacted well through one area, but may be *re-applied* to another area and find much better enaction, no mode of thought is left out, although some will prove more useful than others.

States Chapters

To enact a State Chapter of the Jacksonian Party requires cracking into the current two party stratified and ossified system which they have set up for themselves. This will prove difficult in the extreme and will frustrate many individual Jacksonians no end, as it has other groups trying to do same. Luckily, unlike those other groups, each member of The Jacksonian Party has a dispersed support network of OTHER Jacksonians to call upon for help. And help will be necessary across the board in some instances as State level offices try to actually BLOCK the expression of We the People to entertain a new political party into the local arena.

To encourage Citizen participation, let each individual know that signing up for The Jacksonian Party does not denigrate their current party affiliation in any way, shape or form. That The Jacksonian Party, unlike any other party, does embrace newness of thought and ideals so long as they work from the common foundations of the Constitution and Honorable Jacksonianism. And finally, explain that they, as signatories, are seen not only as equal members of the party, but are all of them on its Ruling Board. Where any State allows, each petitioner to enact The Jacksonian Party is an equal and ruling member of that Party. There is absolute equality in that. No Jacksonian is any better than any other Jacksonian and shall *not* dictate anything to any other member or to any government or to the People as a whole. Where States do not allow same, then the highest oversight position available is to be awarded to each signatory so that they each have the exact same rights of oversight and intercourse and will be awarded rights within The Jacksonian Party to freely express their opinions and be held in respect by other members.

It is fully and completely expected that individuals who are negative to the concepts and concerns of Jacksonianism will join up in an attempt to disrupt such evolving networks. These individuals will do things that are abhorrent to Jacksonians as individuals and as a whole: they will stage personal and unwarranted attacks, they will impugn labels based on what they think something is rather than the express action itself, and they will attempt to engage in fruitless and negative debate trying to bring down things they disagree with. Personal attacks, in a previous era, were meant to be backed up by the concept of a *duel*. As Jacksonians recognize that such has been outlawed, we instead seek other means to have individuals back up their words. Those attacks must be *substantiated* beyond mere pointing out that such-and-such an idea against a negatively connotated label as an IDEA. Those attacks must *demonstrate* that intended outcomes of proposed ideas are, indeed, negative and show exactly how and why they are. Finally, as those that would sink into personal name calling without substantiation are rife, the 'put-up or shut-up' rule will be a guiding precept for The Jacksonian Party and one of the few things all members shall adhere to as a basis for their membership:

It is not enough to impugn an idea or those holding it. To those who would do so, they may be asked to show their better concept that will replace the proposed idea and give clear and convincing evidence that it is, indeed, better. Further, they will then stand behind and defend that idea of their own conception which is offered in alternative. All personal attacks will CEASE and each individual shall then defend their own position without disparaging that of another individual. If this is NOT done, the individual seeking to denigrate will be asked to SHUT UP. If that individual will not do so, they will join a list of those officially 'read out' of The Jacksonian Party for not adhering to the responsibilities of We the People to build a better Republic with the right of Freedom of Speech. Once identified that individual may only re-enter the Party after giving a full and in-depth apology to those that have been offended and that apology must be accepted by each and every one that has been offended. A single NAY will continue the repudiation of the Party towards that individual. This is the honorable and just way to handle those that disparage others for having different ideas and offering none better on their own.
A note on duels: deadly combat is not allowed by The Jacksonian Party members to settle grievances. If the Put-up or Shut-up rule is deemed excessive and a challenge and counter-offer for non-deadly means can be set and IMMEDIATELY enacted or honorably enacted at a set time later to settle a dispute, it SHALL BE SO. Such events shall have 'seconds' in attendance who will ensure that the entire affair is carried out as described and that honor is served therein and that there is an amicable ending and handshaking afterwards and that both parties set the matter aside PERMANENTLY and will NEVER TAKE IT UP AGAIN FROM EITHER SIDE. In all such affairs there must be equality of chance or skill or compensation where one skill is greater than another so that there is equality in what will be done. Personal attacks are to be ENDED.

Other Rules and Bylaws

If a State Chapter meeting needs such, Robert's Rules of Order may be used.

Also a simple 'each member has 5 minutes to talk' rule may be put in place, with individuals handing their minutes to others that can more easily speak and express ideas and then multi-round voting on ideas until a winner or usable idea is confirmed by a two-thirds majority, with minority ideas being represented and passed upon and their percentages recorded or actual vote totals.

In all cases the Put-up or Shut-up rule shall be enforced.

Whenever a position is taken that does not clearly express where it comes from or how it is an honorable stance via Citizenship and the simple precepts of Jacksonianism, such members will be asked to demonstrate their idea in writing and distribute such electronically.

Any that run for office shall have their own minor organization to run for that office and will have accounts the members of the Party may pay into if they support that individual.

As The Jacksonian Party itself, in conception, has no standing office, no standing president or presiding officer and only a ruling council made up of all of those who are Party Members, the only need for remuneration shall be for Party functions and meetings. A simple set attendance fee by those wishing to bring the meeting together shall be established and set upon interest: if a member expresses interest they shall be expected to pay for attendance even if they are unable to attend. Members who did not express interest, but attend, are expected to *chip in* funds or other goods to help the overall meeting. Excess money shall be refunded proportionately to all those members who paid for attendance. The Jacksonian Party has NO PARTY TREASURY to be ruled over. Indeed there is no way to abscond with Party funds, save thefting them from individuals running events.

The Jacksonian Party is that of cooperative simplicity in things, be they personal affairs or international problems. This scales well and nearly perfectly across the board once applied and needs no other complication upon it.

Listing of Pertinent Reading

The following is a listing of the founding member of the Party of 1 to all others seeking to join their Party of 1 together with the original or to set their own networked Party of 1 up for others to join and grow:

The USS Clueless, considered the online cornerstone of Jacksonian expression. Use the search engine on that site for relevant terms. A copy of its archives are available for download.

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My view on the Electorate of the United States after Jacksonians were read out of the Democratic party. An early conception of using the Republican party as a basis for Jacksonian conceptions, but that party is now seen as too inherently flawed and compromised to serve such a function.

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Goals on the Global War on Terrorism, something NO OTHER PARTY has.

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Why empowering the People to eliminate distributed enemies is a better idea in the modern age.

Make laws to follow the Constitutional example of Intent and Content, and let Intent guide.

A 21st century energy independence policy that moves beyond non-renewables and agriculture.

Reforming the House of Representatives to enable maximal representation and remove sinecured seats set by the two party system.

Hitting the Federal Government RESET button, a goal of The Jacksonian Party once in a position to do so, so as to get it down to the least possible government that is needed to govern.

Making paying for education ACCOUNTABLE. If the People really want the Federal Government to pony up money, it damn well better get RESULTS.

Ending Sanctuary Cities as slavery zones so as to save the Union.

From Securing the Borders to The Jacksonian Party, why The Jacksonian Party is necessary today.

What an effective and deadly border security wall and firing system would consist of and how it would work.

Ending NAFTA so that Free Trade supports the United States and does not harm us in the modern era.

The simple proposition on 'guest workers': Can't need them if we still have unemployment!

The coming War With Mexico.

Reformulating the Intelligence Community so it can join the 21st Century.

Why Iran cannot be contained like the Cold War.

For the State Chapters to Consider:

On Amendment II and what the States can do to build upon it.

How a State could give full due process and authority to those who know how to use arms.

Why States would use Amendment II and Article I provisions to re-inforce both of them so the State would be more secure and enhance all the Rights involved.

States have the right to properly determine Citizenship as given in Roe v. Wade, thus ending the abortion debate.

More on the Roe v. Wade case and how poorly thought out it was, and still could be very useful.

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