Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Supporting Jacksonianism

The Jacksonian Party! Well, if the Democrats cannot stand for Democracy and the Republicans for the Republic, perhaps Jacksonians *should* have a party! BBQ and beer, anyone?

Lets face it, the traditional pary system has failed the electorate by making the House a land of sinecured seats that are guaranteed not to change so long as the electorate is dis-enchanted with the two parties. Believe it or not, that IS the goal: to stop YOU from wanting to vote!

So, the very first thing any Jacksonian *must* do is register to vote. And then exercise your damn franchise even if it is to show up at the voting booth and cast a BLANK BALLOT! Believe it or not that is perfectly acceptable in these United States. You can register the vote of *present*. Meaning you found the entire damn slate of all individuals unacceptable from all parties! And, contrary to popular belief, that is not: 'throwing away your vote', 'ensuring someone you don't like will get in' or 'plain stupid'. On the contrary it is a positive vote to say that you have had ENOUGH of these jokers and want nothing to do with any of them and that your vote must be WON.

And on election night coverage ensure that the TOTAL VOTE COUNT is given so that the true proportion of representation is accounted for. Because the system is set up for only winners and losers, not for reporting how the electorate actually votes.

It takes a LOT of courage to tell people that you are absolutely disgusted with the Zero Party System. And even more when asked why you do not vote for thus-and-so, to say that the Party that person is part of has no good interest of the United States at heart. One Citizen exercising their civic duties and responsibilities can change things... today's electronic media allows for that change to spread by word of mouth. By telling others your position and *why* you are taking it and *what* you want to see instead.

It does absolutely no good at all to just vituperate. You can get that 24/7 on talk radio and television. What these media cannot do, as they are not interactive, is FIND SOLUTIONS. That is up to You the voter, the Citizen. If you cannot offer a solution, no matter how ill thought out, then perhaps you just might want to close your mouth for a bit and find one. Then go out and when you show your emotions you can *also* show that you have actually put some THOUGHT into why what the hell is going on is awful and to offer something to replace it. I just aim for something *better* as that allows for the next generation to build upon it. Perfection is neither desireable nor necessary, just something to get things working well enough to keep the Republic whole.
We are enjoined to make 'a more perfect Union'. And so each of us must understand that just letting raw emotions reign freely do NOTHING to build the Union. If such were the case we would be in heaven now, as that is exactly what is going on in the world today. The way to end it is to shoot back with something ELSE. Ideas make this Nation great. The United States is *still* the most revolutionary Nation on the planet as it entrusts the People with every right and then has a compact that allows a few things that government may have to GOVERN, not to *rule* or *reign*. Giving government more than that, be it from fear or from the idea that 'government can do it better', is just plain nonsense for the Republic. This Nation was founded by Individuals as a common People of the Nation to come together to govern themselves with the least amount of overhead necessary. Every time someone tries to point out a problem or social ill that is not being properly addressed, they are trying to belittle Your input into the system and let you pass the buck up to the government because you are 'not smart enough' to deal with it yourself. If you want rule by *experts* go to France. Do not let anyone snowjob you or bully you into giving up your rights to any damn government without having a hard say on how those rights are used.

The basics of Jacksonianism are simple: give honor where it is given or due, give friendship in return for same, leave others be if they let you be, and if any seek to harm you or bring down the nation, they will get no quarter. The best government is the most accountable and that is LOCAL government. Keeping problems close to home means that you must take up your burden as a Citizen and address them. That means coming up with solutions and *not* passing the buck. If you pass the buck and don't like the outcome, then do NOT bother those who actually did think it out. You are accountable for your actions, and if you let everyone else decide FOR YOU, then your right to complain is gone unless you offer something *better*.

You have a whole load of rights as a Citizen in this Nation. For all of them you are responsible for their use and accountable when you use them. If you freely exercise your rights and do not like the outcome of the overall choice, then you may hold the Citizens and government accountable for that decision. If you stay at home, whine and complain and do NOT vote, then please do not bother the *responsible* Citizens of the Republic with your sloth. You have gotten *exactly* what you deserve.

For more accountability on the Federal level, I seek to get the People's House back in the realm of the People and not sinecured seats for the Royalty of the Two Party system. Letting the House decide its own size is sheer nonsense and must be ended. In the modern day and age, electronic media and communications makes feasible a maximum size House of Representatives to give the greatest representation to the People. This brings accountability down to something that can be seen and recognized, and a single vote actually matters quite a bit with a maximum House. The very foundation of this Nation is that Representative government must be highly accountable and that the House of Representatives was supposed to be the House of the Common Man. All sorts of things were supposed to be put into play there and seen if they make any sense for the Nation. Instead it is now the House of Royalty and cannot be broken into except by support of a system that does not act Representatively.

So what can YOU the Citizen do?

Well, first thing is identify if any of the writings on the Jacksonian Party or other things referenced make any sense at all to you. Being a Jacksonian means that you do keep your temper, give people a chance to have their say, and ask for the same in return. If you cannot marshal your own emotions and thoughts, then you will have a hard time making yourself heard above the cacophony of people doing just that. Being a Jacksonian means that you will give honor where it is due and support those who give you their honor. Even if you *disagree* with them, if others can find the openness to speak freely and openly and be willing to disagree but not stage personal or other low attacks, then you have *no* cause to do so. Save your powder for those that need shooting.

Every good citizen makes his country's honor his own, and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it. - Andrew Jackson
Jacksonianism is not Small Government Conservatism. Jacksonianism is about the leanest government necessary to govern and not one thing more than that. Individuals are to shoulder the burden of making decisions in society. If you, personally, do not think about topics or vote according to your beliefs, then why do you think that complaining about what gets done is valid? The emotional display of such is ruining the public square and meeting place in society today. Personally I cannot honor everything done by every Agency in the name of the People. In point of fact there are only a few Agencies and Departments within the government that I actually respect and see as necessary for governing. By making our government poke its nose into anything that seems necessary, it becomes diffuse and difficult to hold accountable. Government *must* be accountable for its activities for it to gain my honoring of it. That is currently not the case in these United States for this individual, at least.
Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error. - Andrew Jackson
And if you are wrong, then own up to it immediately and apologize! If you unknowingly disparage someone's character or their person without full thought as to what you did, then do the adult thing: APOLOGIZE. That is what adults DO.

Children throw temper tantrums, scream at the top of their lungs and use their feelings to try and twist others to their will to get their way. Adults recognizes this and do *not* accept it. And when someone tries to brand YOU with a label, you must realize that they are doing the exact same thing as a child: they are tagging you with emotions to try and twist you to their will. Keep your temper and even head and you will always be on firm ground. Do NOT let opponents change the debate on *anything* to a side-issue. That must be called out immediately and either ask to show how the issue relates or put it aside for another discussion. Wronging someone unintentionally is NOT the same thing as calling an activity by its proper name. If the name fits the activity, then it is applied. Do not disparage thought or goals by applying labels, as that is an attempt at thought control and despicable .
Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equitable and lasting terms. - Andrew Jackson
As it goes within the Nation, so does a Jacksonian see it amongst Nations. Honor and Friendship where it is given, live and let live for the rest, save those that are your declared enemy or hostile. They need to be kept at bay and fought if they leave no other recourse. Again, a simple concept, but in the enaction one that enriches friends and ensures that there is commonality with them.

So those are my thoughts on Jacksonianism and this place. A Jacksonian party can be started here, but it would be one of disorganization, chaos and no small amount of back-and-forthing. Truthfully as a moderator of such my abilities are limited. I would seek for individuals to act as Adults and Citizens and open up their minds to finding ways to keep the Republic whole and enrich it. Denouncing something without showing *why* it would not work and then offering something that *will* is not allowed.

That is the 'Put up or shut up rule'. Vituperate but only if you can think of something better or a better approach. You do have freedom of speech, but responsibility to the Republic, also.

Personal attacks are to be taken by those wanting them off-site. You do not air dirty laundry in public. If you cannot take care of something between yourself and one that you feel has slighted you, then do *not* seek the support of others in your quest for justice. Because if you do otherwise you will be seen as children unable to control your temper and act reasonably. Agreeing to disagree is one thing. Villifying someone because they don't agree with you is something totally other and best left for the schoolyard bullies.

In truth I have no conception on how to even run a 'blogroll' or 'webring' or any other such thing. I am not a leader nor even a good representative, all I am capable of is finding solutions to problems... I am *good* at that. Beyond that, I am absolutely horrible at running social concerns. So perhaps this can be put to use, or perhaps not. And my health will always be up and down over time and undependable even hour to hour. So the energy needed for doing more is also beyond me.
I do not forget that I am a mechanic. I am proud to own it. Neither do I forget that... the apostle Paul was a tentmaker; Socrates was a sculptor; and Archimedes was a mechanic. - Andrew Jackson
I am open to suggestions, articles or anything of that nature...

Do remember that if you point your finger in accusation, three more point to you as accuser and one to the ground. If you do nothing to build you will be seen as one who could only vituperate and never give and that last finger should remind you of your place once gone. If you offer nothing better, then perhaps it is time to be quiet and think upon what disquiets you... and find a way that will work for it to stop. A way that Builds a Republic and keeps the Union whole under the compact between us known as the Constitution.

That is what it means to be a Citizen.

And a Jacksonian.

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