Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ending NAFTA

The following is a position paper of the Jacksonian Party.

Free trade, in conception, will free up markets, expand production and generally, make goods cheaper to nations that do so. That is the theory.

In reality, with NAFTA we have seen an export of Mexican unemployment northwards to the US and Canada. This means that out of work people in Mexico and points south have headed north to take jobs from Citizens of more wealthy nations. Some would say this is 'economic justice', but, in reality, it is subsidizing nations that have no inclination to build a stable manufacturing based economy for their own people. This is paying nations to behave irresponsibly *and* taking the burden of such out of their hands. Further, it erodes the concept of National Sovereignty and National self-determination.

NAFTA had promised to usher in an era of increased industrial expansion and re-distribution of goods production across North America. Instead, Mexico remains a basketcase dependent upon oil and the other parts of north america for sustenance. The US and Canada have seen an influx of poor individuals who do not obey the law and are, in fact, encouraged by their government to do as they are doing. This is anathema to the concept of National Sovereignty and so must end.

As part of the Jacksonian Foreign policy is the concept that Free Trade shall take place only with Foreign Nations that have demonstrated long-term support and understanding of these United States. Mexico, at this point, has not done so and, in fact, has violated the US national borders on a frequent basis with Federal Police and Military crossing at-will. Further, Mexico shows no desire at all to stop illegal entry into the US nor to plug its own migration problems and combat terrorism. This will lead to trouble if it has not already become the cause of future trouble already. As a Nation Mexico has failed the test of being a Friend of the American People. Only Foreign Nations that respect the American People and the United States, support us in our world affairs and give us help when it is needed shall be considered as good Nations to have Free Trade with.

Free Trade with Mexico must end.

And as they will not respect the National Sovereignty of the US, we must close all illegal entry to the US from Mexico. As they do not live up to their Treaty obligations they must be considered a state that is Neutral to the United States. As they have continually and at will crossed and sent agents of their Government across the border, Mexico must be deemed to be hostile to the American interest of self-determination. It is *not* an enemy of the United States, but it does not have the long term welfare and help of the United States as its goal as demonstrated by its ACTIONS.

As part of a new Free Trade set of Treaties, the following Foreign Nations should be offered Free Trade agreements with the United States:

The United Kingdom
Taiwan - Red China can have its fits, I truly do not care. The worlds largest market can learn to suck it up or get red in the face. Taiwan has been a steadfast friend of the American People for long decades and should be duly rewarded.
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
India - In 3-5 years if shown to be a good trading partner, having some differences but no hostility to US interests and generally being helpful. Perhaps a 2.5% tariff scale down per year until it gets to 1% or so and final determination then.

If any of the former Soviet Republics have demonstrated good will, adherance to democratic principles and have been friendly and helpful to the US, they should be considered on a case-by-case basis. I would seriously consider Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia immediately for such.

Everyone else gets a tariff on goods and services coming to the US of 10%. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The US should be damn serious about spreading Free Markets to FRIENDS of the US and encouraging friendly behaviour by limiting freeloaders sucking jobs and economic capability from the US economy.

The following Nations the US shall have no commerce with:

North Korea

Free trade everywhere patently will not work as it will support Nations hostile to the United States. It will also support Transnational Terrorists as they do not respect National concpets and will live off the fruits of American labor if Free Trade is not held accountable to enforcing the concepts of National Sovereignty.

With the right of Free Trade comes Accountability and Responsibility.

Mexico has shown neither accountability nor responsibility as a partner. It is time for them to be considered Neutral to the United States.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 18 06

Hey AJ:
I found this article from a comment you left at Bloviating Zeppelin's site. I like the way you speak about the impact of NAFTA and how that ties into the current illegal Mexican immigrant problem. I will cite this for my post tomorrow. The post for tomorrow loosely covers the citizenship portion of the Fourteenth Amendment and how that is relevant to the illegal immigration debate. Have a great week:)

A Jacksonian said...

Mahndisa - Yet another thing to confuse and excite people and give them reason to vituperate and equivocate... and yet will be unwilling to demonstrate what National *good* is done by Free Trade with those that do not have US interests at heart. The Hamiltonians will get their knickers in a twist purporting that Free Trade is a Supreme Good, if given time. Well, we have given NAFTA due time to show its worth. It is not worth the trouble we are getting as a Nation.

Wilsonians will vituperate upon 'good neighbor policies' and such-like, but forget that neighborliness is a TWO-WAY street and that once one's home has been invaded, one's yard plundered by children camping out permanently and having ones goods thefted to take care of such, that this is NOT a good neighbor.

Jeffersonians will, of course, hit upon the usual 'rights of man' deal. Those wishing to come here legally will get all such rights due them. Those that do *not* shall not be given more than such spare rights as are due human beings and their home governments CHARGED with INTEREST DUE for their use of facilities and goods in the United States. Rights come with responsibilities and accountabilities.

People forget this at their peril, and our Nation has been told to forget this and we are IN peril of no longer being a Sovereign Nation.

Support those that support US ALL in these United States. Give them the honor and friendship they are due for their continued help and outstretched hand of help. I do not care if they are a poor nation in the absolute middle of nowhere, if they are friendly and helpful to the Republic, we should damn well be friendly and helpful to THEM. Demonstrate good will and adherence to the laws, respect for National Sovereignty and support of those that are our friends. Make being friendly to America worthwhile and perhaps we shall be worthy of such friendship. Neglect those that are our friends and we will find ourselves friendless in a hostile world.

Free Trade for Friends of the United States.

The rest may pay for the privelege of having commerce with us.

And to those that show enmity... no help, no handouts, no nothing.

Simple but not simplistic.