Thursday, June 08, 2006

Time to quit the UN

This is a position post of The Jacksonian Party.

Go to any search engine on the internet and type in the following: UN scandal

And you will get things like the following:

1) Oil for Food Corruption.

2) Calls for Kofi Annan to step down.

3) Shredded evidence.

4) United Nations Correspondents Association problems.

5) Pedophilia and selling videotapes of same by UN force in the Congo.

6) UN procurement office bribery.

7) Illegal sale of UN historic stamp collection.

8) India's Foreign Minister resigns after UN Oil for Food links revealed.

9) Marc Rich, pardoned by President Clinton, is implicated in Oil for Food scandal.

10) UN seeking to increase "voluntary contributions" with its "Digital Solidarity Fund".

11) UN Peacekeepers have long history of abusing those they 'protect'.

12) Nepotism and influence peddling by Kojo Annan.

13) Multiple sex crimes from UN staffers in Congo mission.

14) Russian ties to Oil for Food.

15) DNA tests called for UN Peacekeepers in Congo, Liberia, Burundi, Haiti and other parts of the world to find fathers of "Peacekeeper Babies".

16) Providing ambulances for terrorists in Palestine.

17) UNIFIL Peacekeepers not keeping the peace between Lebanon and Israel and allowing Hezbollah to attack.

18) Additional nepotism and lack of oversight of UN staffers.

19) UN Kosovo Scandal.

20) UN fails to stop genocide in Rwanda.

20 links in 20 minutes. It takes a bit to get past the repeats and in-depth material, but even this thumbnail of events the UN has been involved in leads to one, and only one conclusion:

The United States must withdraw from the UN, stop funding it and end its freedom from taxation from the State of New York.

All back vehicle tickets on all UN staff are to be imposed immediately and paid to the State of New York and any other State that has such outstanding.

The UN is worse than the Mafia and more brazen than the drug cartels.

It is a travesty of operation and gives NO JUSTICE in its operations.

It must go.


Let other Nations deal with it if they can stomach the place. The United States is no longer served by this organization and it can duly survive without the United States giving it any support, backing or recognition.

Indeed, it is a Transnational Criminal Organization and should be branded as such.

It harms every Nation it is in, abuses those it swears to protect and serves no purpose save to enrich itself and its staff.

It is an organization without Honor, without Justice and without accountability to the Law.

End all work with the UN as it serves no good to the US that overcomes its ills.

The Jacksonian Party calls for the complete withdrawal of the United States from the UN.


TexasFred said...

The time to QUIT the UN was right about the time the UN was conceived..

A Jacksonian said...

Woodrow Wilson and his dream were not workable then nor now. The only thing the UN has ever done was serve as a steam vent during the Cold War to relieve just a bit of pressure now and again. That *might* have been critical, but the entire thing was overblown for just that.

I do agree, and it is time to let folks know that the US is ill-served by this Criminal Organization. Leave now, and let it do as it will elsewhere for it will not matter.

pappy said...

the only time the un is any good is when its in front of cola

A Jacksonian said...

pappy - Agreed!

Other than that it is put before 'mentionable' and defines itself. Or perhaps 'able'. Certainly 'caring'. All sorts of things it goes before on the road to Hell.

I thank you for your visit.

Free Agency Rules said...

The other thing the UN is good for is to protect those who peddle in National Secrets and Espionage to have a diplomatic "get out of jail free" card.

And to think the U.S. pays for most of these guys oppulance!


A Jacksonian said...

FAR - Not only direct payment, but they do not pay property taxes to the State of NY nor are their employees taxed by *anyone*. Not the Federal Government, not the State of NY... and then the fact that traffic tickets cannot be enforced upon them....

Too many goodies and too much corruption.

They may go to France, but I want no part of the UN within the United States nor no part of this Nation answerable to it.