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The Reasons for The Jacksonian Party

This is an outlook paper for The Jacksonian Party.

Texas Fred has looked at the problems plaguing the Republican party and the Two Party System as a whole and is more than somewhat dissatisfied with it. He gives himself the label of 'Independent Conservative' so as to differentiate his beliefs and outlook from those in the Republican Party that are extremely staunch supporters of it.

This brings up the question of what, exactly is, the aim of modern Conservatism?

As far as can be told it is a hodge-podge of economic conservatives, social conservatives, small government conservatives, big government conservatives, business conservatives, freedom from government conservatives and those who just generally take a look at the goings on by Liberals and shake their heads for various reasons. To put it simply, Conservatism has no moorings to hold on to after Ronald Reagan, and had some big problems actually trying to adhere to any even when he was in office. This mish-mash has led to a strange admixture in which nearly anyone can say they 'have conservative values' but not have any MEANING to that.

And if you think the Conservatives and the Republican Party have problems, the Liberals and Democratic Party have had it for decades.

There is nothing to adhere to in either political party. They put forth nothing of substance that can be given as a guiding light and will change course of their parties at *whimsy* to meet up sections and factions of the voting population and their own party *base*. When one grinds any vegetable back and forth for hours on end, you tend to wind up with pap. And so the two parties have different colors and flavors of pap, but it is still unpalatable.

The Jacksonian Party places its faith in We the People as Individuals. The two parties place their faith in voter segments in an attempt to get a slim majority.

The Jacksonian Party adheres to the leanest possible government necessary to do the few things that are required of it and nothing more. EVER. The responsibilities foisted on government that has made it grow are ones that properly belong to We the People. The two parties wish to shear ever more responsibilities from the People and give them to government so that the People are diminished in their capabilities and made dependent upon government. That is the net effect of them over the entire last century and it is an abomination to the original founding concepts of this Nation.

The Jacksonian Party adheres to the fact that friends and those that help and do good work should be justly honored for those things. Neither party has permanent friends, nor permanent beliefs nor any concept *except* to reward those who vote for them. This is corruption on the largest scale and an abuse of governmental power to, again, diminish the People as a whole as a Unity. This is unjust rewards for obedience, not for doing good deeds. This encourages subservience and *not* freedom.

The Jacksonian Party adheres to the concept of Nation States as the largest necessary government for any consenting people. Since the Peace of Westphalia this has led to the creation and codification of ways Nations are to interact lawfully and have reciprocity of capability to address actions, good and bad, done by other Nations. While the advent of multinational corporations and other large, globe spanning organizations has happened, they must operate within Nation States. Sadly the Liberals by looking to Transnationalism, and the Conservatives by looking to large scale corporations, have BOTH drafted laws that make enforcement of the Nation State and its security difficult if not impossible.

The Jacksonian Party puts forth simple goals to adhere to, as has been stated many times in the Party documents. Further, being straightforward about things is seen as the best way to go at problems both National and International as doing otherwise to appease one sector or another, be it population or business, ends up slighting the People as a whole. The Jacksonian Party by having these simple goals and forthrightly asserting them in ways that are clearly understandable to the common man asserts that the best government is not only the smallest necessary but one that operates above-board and can explain itself when questioned. The two party system no longer does that and, in fact, now tries to take further liberties and rights to themselves via their elected officials so as to RULE the Nation not GOVERN it.

The Jacksonian Party asserts that wanting a small, simple and honorable government that the common man can understand and question so as to hold it accountable is something that is neither Liberal nor Conservative in its outlook. What it does do is assert that the Nation State is the highest form of representation of a People and that the rights and liberties enjoyed by the People are protected by that National government. When the government no longer keeps the Nation secure, it abdicates the primary responsibility GIVEN to it, by the People. Those asserting things to weaken or erode the National security are also destroying the very foundations upon which the People's responsibilities and rights are built upon. The very security of the individual is based upon a Nation's government willing to do those few things necessary to actually protect the Nation and all of the rights within it.

The Jacksonian Party also asserts that the modern age of communication now allows for a much stricter and closer adherence to the Constitution than has ever been possible since the Early Days of the Republic. By now being a vast People spread across a Continent and to other points on the globe, We are separated by only 1 second for communications. Thus the ability to form a distributed representative government with much denser representation is now not only possible, but NECESSARY so that the People may have their full voice in the state of the Nation. This cannot be done with a huge and complex government, but can be done with one that adheres to those few things given to it and handing BACK to the People those things that are not suited nor originally given to government.

The Jacksonian Party asserts that the true strength of the Terrible Swift Sword of the Republic is *not* its military which is the merest cutting edge and tip of that Sword. The true strength is in the People of the Republic and that strength stretches to wherever We the People, seeking to form a more perfect Union are present. The People can help bring Justice to those that seek to harm and destroy the Nation. The government is necessary to tell who those people are, but the People can then use that knowledge with the consent of government to track, hunt and bring down those enemies of We the People. The military is what is used against the avowed foes of the United States that are Nations and operate within the rules between Nation States. In times past it was We the People who hunted and tracked others, destroyed commerce with Our enemies and were given just and suitable recompense for those things.

That era of the Early Republic has returned to the World in modern guise.

Government now has trouble fighting those that are no government, raise no flag, and pursue the destruction of everything that allows We the People to be secure.

And to properly fight this, the government needs to do those things that it is given to do and only those and do them well if not PERFECTLY. A high standard for any government, but one that can serve as a goal for a Nation in which Free People take up the struggle to remain Free.

Thus the Party of One.

For as it was said, so it is true: "One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

Each and every one of Us.

We the People.

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