Friday, December 29, 2006

The Year Ahead

The following is a personal perspective paper of The Jacksonian Party.

When the good Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin put forth a post on his views on the year ahead and asked for any from his readers, I did, indeed, respond.

As has been the case at DLSF, I shall give the full rendition of my words only, attempt to fairly impart any responses and then give my continuance or response to that. Spelling, syntax and grammar all remain mangled 'as is' so the reader will know the lacks within the writer's capability.

Thus begins my response:

I do wish you a Merry Christmas, Mr. Z!

There is one image that will not shake from my mind about Mr. Giuliani... that of him amidst the smoke, dust and chaos, doing what was necessary and putting the first face on *how* to face this world. He did not know what had happened to the rest of America, but something under his care will *not* fall while he is in charge. To hell and gone with 'social issues' which are used to divide the Nation into smaller pieces. Those can be hashed out as needs be... but we must *have* a Nation to do that. The time of America running from the World is now over.

Large oceans will not protect us.

A large military will not protect us.

More nuclear devices will not protect us.

The only ones that can protect us is us, We the People.

The last time America went isolationist when the world was in danger, we heard about this funny man in Germany and the Sudetenland. Japan had already been in China and fighting Russia for long years by then. We slept. We pulled the covers up and hoped for the best. The World would not touch America...

Now there is no excuse, no place to run to, no place to hide and only the American People can save themselves. We are, most likely, doomed and have been ever since the Republic started. But we are consumate experts in putting off that final doomsday just *one more day*.

That feeling that used to portend isolationism now cannot isolate America. The last time it was reminded of this, three tyrants fell across the world. This time the World will not be so lucky if we decide that 'enough is enough'. Isolationism is anger at being disturbed in Our Liberty and this time there are those denying that Liberty has meaning both at home and overseas.

We cannot afford the Socialist Coma of Europe, nor the criminal capitalism of Russia or the lashing decay of Communism in China. Each of those types of systems have run their course and those ideas of the mid-19th century and 20th century have run out of steam. And yet a Nation of the 18th century can survive and flourish, but the death toll to get from here to there mounts day by day, not by ones and twos in Iraq or Afghanistan, but by the huge butcher's bill that accrues if we run again.

We now have enemies that cannot and will not make Peace by design of how they fight and what they do. The Left has no solution, no value, nothing to put up to address that. Fear speaking of the enemy and you become enslaved by that fear. Yet that is what those to that edge of the spectrum do every day... those on the Right have lost all hold on what it means to have a Nation that stands *for* anything. Big Government from *both* sides is the death of Liberty and Freedom as life is dictated by Government.

We felt the shifting in the winds this summer... a shift that left both Parties and both *sides* becalmed. The Dream of Empire has awoken in the world once more and they cannot address it. Hegelian views are not those to confront an Empire... Empire must be opposed across the spectrum with *everything* and give it no room to gain strength and build.

Run this time and the first global war of this century will make the death toll to all of last century's conflicts appear miniscule. America on the run will be ripe for the knife in the back... and then the Terrible Swift Sword of the Republic, in full flame, will drop sunlight in a thousand places and light them up with the final light of Liberty.

Those that want to do *nothing* now, that want to *run* now, that want to *hide* now are asking for that fate. By trying to avoid it, you doom yourself to it as that is the logic of Empire and of every Tyrant ever to walk the Earth.

And it all starts with Naming Names.

And hearing one 'side' of the spectrum squeal at the 'unfairness' of it. And the other side fall silent as they have no answer to those names, having created the situation we are stuck in. Then you have two sides that get you to the exact same end... squealing and silence, just the same.

The cold winter winds of Empire are starting to be heard in far off lands now brought close. Jack Frost is visiting the cozy red lumps of Communists and making them tremble. Those wanting a 'real world approach' shiver at the coldness and wonder if it is time to put the suntan lotion away. Those trying to get 'economic stability' suddenly realize their coins have gone icy cold and they stick to the fingers.

2007 the Year Empire Returned to Mankind.

And the Sons and Daughters of Liberty squabbled as the first flakes of snow drifted onto them.

Nothing in politics of the 20th century has stopped this from happening.

Welcome to the 21st century.
Now the good Mr. Z did respond to this and cited that the Left seems to, after all of these years of touting how 'small the world is getting', be running and trying to get the idea across that really, America CAN isolate herself from the world once more. And from that I did, indeed, give response.

Thus this follows:
Mr. Z - The Left kept on telling everyone what a 'small world it is'. Now they run hard from that very same belief.

It is small and it has reached out to strike, not once, but many times. It has struck at home to let us know that Empire is coming back and will not stand us. And there the Left go saying the size of the world will protect us.

You cannot have it both ways and the proof of the smallness was on Dec. 7, 1941. The next good reminder of that was on 9/11, although the strikes at Embassies ARE against Sovereign Territory of the US. That has been set in diplomatic circles for at least two Centuries if not longer.

The Left would now have us curl up and deny the world and want to sing happy songs, while the barbarians seeking Empire arise once more to start pulling civilization down. These enemies will not stop.

They are taking no quarter: submit or die.

The US put paid to such in previous generations all the way back to Thomas Jefferson... funny how so many on the Left laud him, and then will not stand up as HE DID to send troops to a far off land to protect the Nation and let others know that we will not submit to blackmail or extortion. If Jefferson could do that, then where does the Left get off in wanting to curl up and deny the world?

And Jackson sent the first US ship of any kind half-way around the world to deal with Pirates. Islamic Pirates. The first US ship to circumnavigate the globe was a War Ship sent by Jackson. We have been fighting Islam in one form or another since Jefferson. Jackson. T. Roosevelt. Those were men that had ideals, Jackson's harsh but fair, Jefferson's high but realistic, and Roosevelt's optimistic and yet oriented to keeping the Nation safe.

Where does the Left of today get off running when the likes of those set the Nation to fight Islam? And the Islamic Moros in the Philippines took nearly a full decade to finally put down and end as a threat then. And the Moros of today restarting their killing still FEAR the name of Pershing. And respect that name.

I do not care if America is loved by the likes of terrorists. I want them to fear us enough so that they drop this fool notion of attacking us. If not, then the Roman way against those who opposed them also worked. As did the Varangians in Byzantium who unfurled the Raven Banner. As did Jefferson. Jackson. Teddy Roosevelt.

They wish to build an Empire on our bones.

I do not want to give them the least bit of breathing space to continue.

If you abhor fighting *now* then the holocaust to follow is your responsibility entire.

Fighting is never the *first* thing to do.
By making it the last you guarantee slavery before it.
I put it around #3.

Talk first, but that has been tried for decades with thousands dead.

We have been struck many times, and with talking nothing has been accomplished.

Now attacked, and so it is fight.

We did not start this war.

But we sure, as hell, will end it or die trying because it is the death of Liberty if we STOP.
And any readers know that the Modern Jacksonian has not only *adjusted* to this, but re-asserts the paradigm of scale-free networks of friendship and accountability above all else in DEALING with this small world of ours that does, indeed, look like a raucous village of millenia past. And to that sort of free-form setting the Modern Jacksonian applies the tried and true structures of Responsibility, Method, and Rights to uphold the first two.

For all the Leftist going on for well neigh two decades on how small the world has gotten, to run away NOW is death to the Republic, Liberty and Freedom.

And the Re-Birth of Empires that will remove all of that for good and all.

May you all have a Happy New Year.

Let us work together to ensure that it is not one of the LAST for the Republic.

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