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This is the site of The Jacksonian Party Webring.

It is unlikely that you, as an individual, have come here by accident, although your reasons for doing so are your own.

Just who ARE Jacksonians?

As the creator of this site and as an individual trying to draft what it means to be a Jacksonian, I have put the basics together in this post: What it means to be a Jacksonian. Modern Jacksonians differ from their past brethren in that the modern world has removed such things as time and distance delays for travel and movement. While other philosophies and ideologies see this as a major change to the world, Jacksonians use their scale-free concept of how Honorable ideas may be promulgated between Friends and see that this is something that is equally applicable to the Individual and to the Nation. Thus, a 'Global Village' fits within all pre-existing constructs that Jacksonians use to approach life as a 'Global Village' is just a larger scale of the pre-existing 'Village' or 'Town' concept. Jacksonians, however, recognize the National separation between the 'Neighborhoods' of this 'Village' and adhere to the fact that such are created by the commonality between those individuals WITHIN those 'Neighborhoods'. To Jacksonians the highest allegiance that can Honorably be given is to that of Nation in which All the People of that Nation agree by common understanding what it means to HAVE a Nation.

Jacksonians, thusly, are not 'Globalists' or 'Transnationalists' as other folks in other 'Neighborhoods' have highly differing values and orientation to the world and we respect those differences. What Jacksonians do adhere to is supporting those 'Neighborhoods' or Nations that are the Friends and Allies of the United States. By using Friendship and Alliance as discriminating factors, Jacksonians parse out National differences and come to differing conclusions about the World than do other ideological orientations that are not scale-free, but highly scale-dependent. This means that the actual political outlook of Jacksonians adheres to the compact between the People of the Nation, known as the Constitution and *not* to other moral basis of religion, race, creed, ethnicity or carbonated beverage of choice. Jacksonians can 'agree to disagree' on many things and let the more involved 'moralists' try to figure out those things that need figuring. What cannot be done is to put at peril the full and complete Rights of the People as seen within the Constitution either in part or in whole.

All of this is placed within the context of the Preamble of the Constitution being the overall guiding framework for how rights are to be used and to what ends: Preambling and what it tells you about yourself.

Are Jacksonians 'liberal'?

Jacksonians adhere to the basic understanding of the Rights of Man being that of having the least hindrance from Government and the most Liberty for the Individual, but being fully accountable for those Rights and the actions taken using them. Jacksonians do believe that the Preamble of the Constitution, by being a statement starting with We the People actually IS the voice of We the People. That voice has clearly spoken for Individualism and support for the Nation by not empowering Government to do more than what little is given to it to do. In general, the 20th century move by liberals to socialistic ideas and ideals are contrary to this, as are those of the Transnational Progressivists. Jacksonians see that life and liberty of the People of the United States is worth FIGHTING FOR. Further, when Friends and Allies are put at peril due to the actions of others, the United States to BE a Friend or Ally should and MUST help them.

By disavowing attempts at 'global progressivism' Jacksonians support those Nations that are seeking the path of liberty and freedom and come to the United States for help in doing so in the manner of one being a Friend or seeking Friendship. As Friendship has reciprocity, those coming to be a Friend of the Nation must also open their Hearts and Minds to us as we do to them. When the Nation needs to remove a threat to it, or via its agreements to a wider set of Friends, those Nations to which the United States has helped out of the Grasp of Tyranny MUST be given help to stand up on its own so that the People there can come to some commonality on what they want to do next without the US pressuring them at every turn. There is no honor in that pressure if we truly believe that Peoples have all of their rights to liberty and freedom and are capable of acting to ensure it or NOT as they choose. We sorrow if they choose not to, but that is NOT up for the People of the United States to decide for them.

Finally Jacksonians do not see violence as a first or a "last" resort. In putting forth that, in putting forth that we are NOT wiser than other people in leading their own lives from the Personal to the International scale, and that Government is not seen as anything more than the 'backstop' of liberty and giving it nothing more to do than that, Jacksonians have fallen out of modern 'liberalism' and 'progressivism' views.

Are Jacksonians 'libertarian'?

Jacksonians approach life putting the Responsibilities handed to the Individual by the compact of the framework of the Constitution in a serious manner. Jacksonians observe that this framework within the actual body of the Constitution is one that follows this methodology: Responsibilities given, Due Process Means to Achieve those Responsibilities laid out, and then, Rights which are to be used to uphold those Responsibilities FIRST. Thusly, Jacksonians adhere to the Responsibilities that are required to build the Nation as the First and Foremost thing required of any of the People. Without having that basic direction and guidance, the free use of rights leads to dissolution of the commonality of the People and the disintegration of the Nation. Rights that are used to actually diminish the Nation are contrary to the Responsibilities given to us as Individuals and when methodology steps outside of Due Process the road to Anarchy and Barbarism is then laid out. Jacksonians walk the path to Civilization which requires that a Nation hold things in common FIRST and that those things be upheld so as to remain a Nation. When asked about such things, Honorable action is seen as that which upholds the words and concepts that bind the Nation together and are put forth via Just means to achieve that End.

By holding to commonality of Nation, that Individuals are to work in accordance with responsibilities set out by the People and in seeing Rights are to be used FIRST to uphold those Responsibilities, they have apparently fallen off the 'radar screen' of libertarianism. Further, by placing actions within context of Honor, a full scale divorce from libertarianism as it is promulgated in recent years is put forward.

Are Jacksonians 'conservative'?

Jacksonians use the basis of their foundational belief to put forth things that are outside of conservative doctrine, or when coming to similar ends have used wholly different means and understanding to get to those ends. Jacksonians do *not* believe in such things as 'Free Trade' being liberating and put forth that 'Free Trade' should be for those who DESERVE IT, those being the Friends and Allies of the Nation. Using this and other formulational bases, Jacksonians by placing religion to be in the Personal and Individual categorize those things that have basis only in a given religion, sect, cult or ideology the only test required of it in this world as set out by the Constitution: Can it be proven outside of that set of beliefs?

Thusly, Jacksonians keep to the original Concept of the Nation that the States serve as a means for the diverse People of the United States to TEST OUT ideologies and then have them brought forth for examination by the larger commonality of the Union. Those ideas that cannot find wider adherence or acceptance or have factual contra-indicators to them are held in abeyance for the wider Union. The United States is based on 'regularity' between the States and their activities, but not upon them being 'identical'. States can and must serve as the 'proving grounds' for ideas and ideologies and then, those States must abide by the larger commonality of the Union when they step outside of that which is seen as being 'regular' between the States as a whole.

By holding these things as an understanding of what it takes to be a People, Jacksonians have, apparently, fallen outside of the 'social' and 'economic' conservative traditions. And by keeping to the original tradition of religious institutions at the Founding of the Nation of not wanting *any* interference from Government in their affairs, the entire religious swath of conservatism seems to be at odds with Jacksonians.

What IS The Jacksonian Party?

The Jacksonian Party is the first 21st century party that uses those things given to us in the Constitution to actually *do* to make this Nation known as the Republic of the United States of America. By adhering to the Nation and keeping its Honor as the basis of our own, Jacksonians are attempting to fashion a means by which the entire Nation can survive and disenfranchise NO Citizen or duly allowed individual who is here legally under the Laws of the United States. To properly address this New Century and this New Era of Mankind, The Jacksonian Party puts forth that the original concepts for Individualism, Liberty and Just means to uphold them are as relevant today as they were at the founding of the Nation.

Many of the underpinnings of why there should be a Party of those who Hold No Party in Common has been put down in: The Reasons for The Jacksonian Party.

To address the fact that this is the electronic era of the purest form of individualism, The Jacksonian Party puts forth that it cannot BE an old-style party with a hierarchy To fit in the modern, interconnected world the emphasis of a Political Party must shift from ideas that were necessary when communication and transportation were expensive and impractical. The ills of the modern day political parties are rampantly manifest in that they work to keep themselves in power more than they represent any Will of the People. By having 'Guiding Committees' and 'Party Leaders' doctrine is put forth and foisted upon the Party membership, often in ways in which even voting AGAINST those things put forward still leaves individuals with nothing good or worthy of supporting. This concentration of political power is anathema to Jacksonians as it leads to corrupt practices and the institutionalizing OF those practices as they are given to be a 'good thing for the Party'.

Thusly the basic plan of The Jacksonian Party is given in: How to make The Jacksonian Party.

The Jacksonian Party looks to leverage the modern era of communications to help foster a common set of networked individuals who are willing to 'hash out' what it takes to move from a an online political party in 'conception' to one of 'reality'. To do this and to help weed out those that only seek to demean or diminish the works of others so that they can strut about on their own ego, some basic 'rules of the road' are put down in the following: Supporting Jacksonianism.

The Jacksonian Party thusly has ONE major rule that ALL who join must abide by: the 'put up or shut up rule'.

If you feel that something that any Jacksonian who is a member of The Jacksonian Party has put out as their viewpoint is wrong, it must be clearly stated WHY you think it is wrong and you must ALSO offer something BETTER. Running down individuals or ideas for ones own personal gratitude is seen as a despicable and deplorable action. Ideologues engage in that and have gotten this Nation heavily divided these past few decades and none of that is seen as a benefit to the Nation. To do something differently, Jacksonians adhere to this strange notion that one must, in all actuality, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY! Yes, if you deplore a way that people attack without foundation, then do NOT do so on your own.

The excuse of the child for doing something because 'someone else did it to me' is neither reasonable nor right to an adult unless it is in the area of actual, physical attack. In all other things Jacksonians seek accommodation and use a 'live and let live' conception of the world. We prefer to work to make a better world and 'a more perfect Union' amongst We the People.

The Precepts of Jacksonianism clearly lay out the one place where this is *not* the case: warfare.

In this realm of activities Jacksonians believe that anyone who attacks the Nation *must* be stopped. Permanently. Here there is no 'reciprocity of equality' as the Nation has been put at jeopardy by those attacking it. As Steven Den Beste put it so succinctly in the post-9/11 world:

Will we forgive the Islamic nations, and work to remove the source of their anger? Will the United States begin to address "root causes" and work to remove them? You betcha, but only after the war has been won. Jacksonians remove the danger first, and only then work to make sure the danger never arises again. But a Jacksonian never rewards an enemy, never ever appeases one. Until the war has been won, "root causes" are a distraction. This is the reason why "if you kill Americans, you're dead meat."
If you attack the United States of America, then you should expect to die in return.

That, alone, clearly demarcates the difference between Jacksonians and 'liberal', 'conservative' and 'libertarian' ideologies.

What does one need to agree to so as to join The Jacksonian Party Webring?

These are the following that The Jacksonian Party will not abide by in this webring:

1) NO Adult or primarily pornographic websites. This is a party of commonality, not YOUR sexual interests or orientation. The Jacksonian Party does not discriminate AGAINST any sexual orientation so long as it be legal and between consenting adults. If your site has a MIX between your own personal sexual needs and stimulations and those of the political, then the following code is to be put in the post header of those things having sexual or pornographic nature: NSFW. Not Safe For Work.

2) No companies, corporations, consortiums or other group will be considered for this webring. It is a the Party of One, because as Andrew Jackson said: "One man with courage makes a majority." If you are joining and can only get webspace on same, then some ability to discriminate and ONLY have your outlook available must be given, usually by the web address. and have it clearly stated that these views you hold are NOT associated with any larger organizations and only with YOURSELF.

3) No religious institutions, non-profit organizations or, indeed, any organization of any sort. This is the Party of One and open to Individuals only.

4) Spam, advertising or any other form of email or circulation of ideas for commercial, religious, or other 'enlightenment' of individuals will NOT be tolerated. Jacksonians come together for the Good of the Nation, not to personally profit or spread news of your own personal prophet.

5) All individuals agree to the rules outlined in: Supporting Jacksonianism and then expanded to a full set of rules the Dumb Looks Still Free Commentary Policy. The short and sweet are: No personal attacks, The Mommy Rule, Civility, Actions and not intent, Adhering to the Constitution for all ideas, Limited Moderation. In any circulation of emails or comment threads where these things are not adhered to pertaining to things Jacksonian, the individual will have the 'Put up or Shut up' rule applied and asked to 'show cause' for such things. Excuses are not reasons.

6) No other Party affiliation is denigrated or lost by Individuals when joining The Jacksonian Party. That said, when a group of Party members needs to form an ACTUAL political organization within their State, individuals will be expected to SUPPORT that. Some States have this daft notion that one can only adhere to one party at a time, and so expect that one will lose other Party affiliation in preference to The Jacksonian Party or local formulation thereof. This is something that Jacksonians detest about the current system as it limits viewpoints to parties, but that can only be addressed by actually changing the system. So be it. If you think it is good for the Nation, then DO SO.

7) An individual must actually READ and either agree or post commentary, either on their website or via comment thread on their actual understanding of What it means to be a Jacksonian. Any emails sent to me will be posted in a separate place within The Jacksonian Party for that purpose. And, yes, a better way needs to be found to DO this. Anyone with skills and wanting to address this may read this post on how to help.

8) The Jacksonian Party has a Party Agenda Platform. Unlike other political parties, this is the actual platform individuals are expected to support or state clearly where and how they differ from it. It is hoped that providing a 'starting point' that a much better vehicle for moving good ideas forward can be made. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves what they do and do not support and WHY.

9) Anyone running for The Jacksonian Party must adhere to The Ethics Platform for Candidates. As in all other things of The Jacksonian Party it can be improved upon by commentary and individuals stating why they follow or disagree with it. Note that the entire concept of The Jacksonian Party is that of a non-centralized Party. It has NO TREASURY TO RAID. Excess money is given BACK after an election run. Individuals realize that incumbency is not a sinecure and that actually getting support from the People is necessary without forming a Political Machine. As Jacksonians decry these things in other Parties, we will NOT take them upon ourselves and do things like that.

10) Above all else Jacksonians adhere to the Constitution and the Preamble as the guidance on what is necessary to have a Nation and how Rights are to be used via Just Due Process means to fulfill the Responsibilities handed to us as Individuals within the greater setup of We the People. Thusly this document must be read and agreement to it understood as part of joining this webring: Preambling and what it tells you about yourself.

11) As a courtesy for people slipping through the webring, the actual ring code that is provided is to be put somewhere in the upper one-half of one's sidebar if at all possible. People need to find it so they do not get stuck at your site. That is part of this 'Civility' concept. Many of us keep long link lists and such around, but for folks traveling on a 'ring of ideas' they need to actually re-find the ring when they are done at your site.

12) To Join The Jacksonian Party Webring click on this link to enter your site info. Your Site ID should be something short and easy to remember, for this site I have used TJP1, as an example. I will be contacted and will carry it from there. You will receive a code snippet to be put into your sidebar. Once that is in place and published it will show up on my next search and then it will be activated. Hopefully, it will be as simple as that. To leave the Webring just remove the code snippet from the sidebar and contact me once you have done so.

That is it!

Notice that folks overseas can have Jacksonian ideas and are *welcome*. The Jacksonian Party sees that other Nations may have similar folks with this outlook and coming to understand each other and how to better fulfill Our Nations, even in disagreement, is vital to the future of this 'Village' we live in.

All content including logos and such are free for download either via the click and copy method or by asking me for such. Easy enough to zip them up and send them along.

The Jacksonian Party documents are available via the sidebar on this site and other musings of mine are interlinked there with my Dumb Looks Still Free site. As other sites come forward I will be revising that listing and breaking it out a bit more for easier finding of viewpoints and commentary or pointing to a site that will be doing those things.

As I said way back when on the first post of this site:

Welcome to the Jacksonian Party!

Better keep your pacemaker in fine trim and the valium handy.

You are going to need them.
And how true that remains!

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Peregrine John said...

Excellent. I may need to finally open a blog devoted to political and social philosophy, so as to properly take part.

A Jacksonian said...

John - My thanks! I am still looking at a good blogrolling system for general supporters, but not folks wanting to think of a Party. I may default out to Blogrolling's fare, but I want to ensure that I make a good choice.

Russell Tactical Arms said...

I coundn't find a contact link on you page. I see you have links on the side of your pages and would be interested in having my sites link on your page. The site is we sell guns, ammo, and accessories. Thanks

A Jacksonian said...

RTA - I can do that for my personal page. The party page I keep non-commercial.

My posting account name has a gmail address attached to it. That isn't posted due to the levels of spam I've gotten from the short time I did have it posted.