Monday, October 09, 2006

The Republican Nannystate

This is a personal outlook paper of The Jacksonian Party.

To those Republicans and any Democrats unwise enough to vote for an internet gambling ban in the US, just a couple of questions:

1) Got the terrorism problem all solved?

2) Got the illegal immigrant problem all solved?

3) Got the illegal drug problem all solved?

4) Got the rebuilding of Iraq finished yet?

5) Got a viable defense against the avian flu and anthrax done for the population yet?

6) How does this make you different than China in regards to Google?

7) Say, how about that nuclear test by North Korea, anything shaking in the Congress yet?

8) Are you going to strongarm companies to comply like China did with Microsoft?

9) Got a nationwide system of tracking sexual predators done yet?

10) Have the military fully funded for everything needed yet?

11) How about that cancer problem that Richard Nixon was so hot on solving, got that licked yet?

12) Checked your pork levels for your district recently?

13) Still funding the UN? And if so, why?

14) Why are we *still* subsidizing farmers?

15) Why are we *still* subsidizing big business?

16) How about education, do we have that above the levels of 1958, yet?

17) Have you checked your election numbers yet?

18) Funding Social Security in perpetuity is *all fixed now* right?

19) How about affordable medical care for the population, gots that for thems that need it?

20) How about those lovely oil prices going up and down, any word on the Continental Shelf, yet?

Just asking.

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