Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The NIE analysis and what its implications are

This is a personal perspective piece from The Jacksonian Party.

Currently my life takes me away from blogging, but a quick response to the NIE release needs be done with a bit of overview.

The actual information is not new to anyone who reads either from The Jacksonian Party or the more free-form personal site, Dumb Looks Still Free. The last finding is the 'money paragraph' that sums up the entire problem facing the United States and all Nation States:

Anti-US and anti-globalization sentiment is on the rise and fueling other radical ideologies. This could prompt some leftist, nationalist, or separatist groups to adopt terrorist methods to attack US interests. The radicalization process is occurring more quickly, more widely, and more anonymously in the Internet age, raising the likelihood of surprise attacks by unknown groups whose members and supporters may be difficult to pinpoint.

• We judge that groups of all stripes will increasingly use the Internet to communicate, propagandize, recruit, train, and obtain logistical and financial support.
This is nothing new and has been the operational assessment since the stand-up of DLSF and The Jacksonian Party. How internetworking of Transnational Terrorist organizations has grown was first examined in Template of Terror and from that the growing problem of terrorist organizations being able to exchange ideas, training and suppliers leads to a larger web of internetworking and support across *all* terrorist organizations. The year 1995 proved to be a key one in conceptualizing terrorist organizations as the attempt by al Qaeda to replicate the 1993 WTC bombing with its Oplan Bojinka plot fell through due to complexity and size issues which gives the 'bad luck ' of being discovered a higher probability of happening. Although direct ties between al Qaeda and Aum Shinrikyo cannot be demonstrated, they do not have to be as Aum offered a methodology on 'how to do' large scale, concerted terrorist attacks efficiently. The following Oklahoma City bombing, to al Qaeda, may have served as a 'final sign' from Allah on exactly what to do next: synthesize the jihadist outlook with the Aum methodology and attack the US in a distributed form using small and secure cells to do so.

In The Web of the Supernote, there is an examination of *how* this internetworked Transnational Terrorist web can flex with help from a Nation, in this case North Korea. Not only are the direct ties to one of the IRA groups proven, but the early distribution of these supernotes in the Bekaa valley indicate high level contacts between North Korea and Syria and Iran. All three of these are needed to get the high quality supernotes from North Korea to the Bekaa as neither Syria nor Iran have demonstrable forgery capabilities on par with North Korea. Again, this is a flexing of the larger, internetworked web of terrorist organizations and the length of that web spreads INTO North Korea and then OUTWARDS to not only other Nations and terrorist groups, but into organized crime in the S.E. Asian sphere of influence including Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand.

Some indication of the kind of scope of this network as it extends into the criminal sphere was looked at as I went through the Tanzanite trade and suspected al Qaeda links. While some low level al Qaeda individuals were involved in the periphery of this, reading into the illegal gem trade found that emerald gangs and 'families' in South America are intensively competitive and are an additional overlay on the current narcotics problems there. Here the links are not as well publicized and span a wide area, and a few diverse topics on how networks work internally to common nexus points is given a quick overview in looking at the stolen car trade to Iraq, the rising drug kingpins in Peru and the Tokyo manufacturing company that was part of the AQ Khan network for laundering goods that should not go to terrorist supporting regimes from Western manufacturers. Because each of these organizations operates in similar spheres and locales as other organizations, they can no longer be approached as separate entities.

As an example: FARC, with ties to al Qaeda, IRA and PLO, must co-exist with emerald 'families' and other criminal smuggling organizations. FARC must also be able to deal with Shining Path so they know the delimitations of each other's territory and goals. That, in and of itself, is a complex web of terrorism and criminal organizations, and when a NEW player wants to get into the scene, one expects that it must either have entree to the area so as to not 'step on toes' or be seen as a competitor or that it is so capable as to dominate the local organizations. Here the organization intruding into this realm is Hezbollah, and it has *not* had noticeable friction with the local organizations and has now gained welcome to Venezuela to operate openly. By all reports it is 'spinning up' a chapter similar to its one in Lebanon in recruitment and training of locals.

For the US this is now a direct problem as Hezbollah is putting on a South American face, that is no longer Arabic. In one look at the Illegal Aliens problem, I looked at the Hezbollah sympathizers and operatives in the US working on bank fraud, marketing of black or grey market goods, and actively cooperating with Mexican narcotics gangs. These are all documented cases either in trial or finishing up with convictions. One does not *get* Hezbollah in the US with easy entree to the Asian black/grey market trafficking and with Mexican drug gang affiliation by *accident*. Hezbollah has been flexing the South American web of organized crime and terrorism to its own ends of replicating its Lebanese success in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela so as to stage attacks on the US once it can firmly get operations established here via the organized crime contacts that stretch to Asia. Iran, via North Korea, can *make* just such contacts and enable its Foreign Legion known as Hezbollah to expand globally.

When Israel retaliated against Hezbollah's attacks, I looked at the need for a broader peace plan for the Middle East that actually addresses the *real* problems there, not the one sponsored by Islamic recruiters for terrorism. Anyone who has read that document will see it as part and parcel of a larger package which I put forth in the Goals in the Global War on Terror document. This viewpoint is one that open warfare against Nations is the *sidelight* to the actual confrontation going on between the ideological conception put forth by the West in the Treaty of Westphalia that Nation States are the sole representative actor for Peoples and the Transnationalist conception that Nation States must be removed so as to put in 'Group' rule in which rights are apportioned by group affiliation: gender, ethnicity, skin color. Terrorists have taken up that goal of removing Nation States by illegitimate warfare outside of the Westphalian concept which gains the term: barbarism. And the now known goal of al Qaeda, using the means of terrorism is given in their Management of Savagery document which I do a partial overview on here and summary analysis for what it means, here.

In my Coalescence of Barbarism overview, this movement by those wishing to put in-place their group view ideology, be it from Progressivist, Islamic, Capitalist or Communist outlook, is seen as a threat to the entirety of all of Civilization and the norms of interaction between Nation States. This path is a Long Road back to Empires.

The Leftist Transnational Progressivist agenda, in the United States, has been one to diminish morale of the People and institute a long-term method to erode civil rights for individuals and institute this conception of 'Group rights'. Many people have bought into this conception and the idea that the Government is no longer representative of the People. The 'wedge issue' that was successfully used was the Viet Nam war, which saw the traditionalist Democrats, that were strong on Defense topics, lose out to the Left and Transnationalists starting in the 1968-74 timeframe, and then continue on ever since. The idea that the war to save South Viet Nam was ill-thought out, ill-timed, and blatantly lied about to the People was false and erroneous. It had been properly scoped in the 1960's as a defensive struggle against Communist hegemony in S. E. Asia and retreating there had long term and dire consequences for the US, the West and the World. I go over those consequences here, but in summation the step-wise fashion of eroding Western will to defend the Nation State conception led to an attempt by the Soviet Union to spread globally. The nasty side-effect of that struggle was to give birth to internetworked terrorist organizations that started by depending on demographics and geographic locales, but then spread globally. The loss of will to actually counter Iran is a major *win* for Transnationalists and Global defeat for civilization and now puts the concept of Nation State at risk.

In the United States, the anti-establishment media organizations have felt their power wax during the Viet Nam and Watergate era, but then slowly erode as the drumbeat of the negative about the activities of the United States has left the populace disillusioned not only with the US but with the Mainstream Media as a whole. By foisting off 'elites' that 'know what the people want' a line of ideology is pushed by the MSM that undermines the actual will of the People and the resolve to remain whole as a Nation. This marries up with the Transnationalist agenda of both the Progressivist and Terrorist stripe as they both now sing from the same hymn book and now outrage is 'manufactured' on cue by either the Terrorists or the Progressivists to gain attention. The objective of this is to totally disillusion individuals in America and the West to the point where retreat on a global scale will signal the rapid erosion of the Nation State as a whole.

And as the United States and Israel have been used as excuses by Transnationalists for the *problems* of the world, they have both been targeted by the MSM for direct attack. In their zeal to demonstrate the 'wrongs' of these Nations, the MSM is now finding that it needs to blatantly misreport, fake and otherwise misrepresent actual, factual happenings so as to give them 'spin'. Thus we find that the line between actual, factual reporting of events has been replaced by trying to get the 'real story' behind the events... even if there is no 'real story' there. The 'real story' is turning out that there is no method of holding the MSM directly accountable for outright falsification and fabrication of 'news' and events or for serving as a propaganda arm of organizations, be they terrorist, progressive or the even more unaccountable NGOs. By blurring these lines and not being held accountable, any scattershot of 'facts' can be woven into a fictitious representation of events backed by *nothing*. The NYT and AP were started to give straight factual accounting of events so as to combat 'yellow journalism', but have now morphed into advocacy journalism spreading their own color of yellow: cowardice. And so, real, actual, verifiable facts that represent 'news' do not get reported by the MSM.

Politics has followed suit in this movement and the United States now stands at a cross-roads with the Twilight of the Two Party State. Even if done for totally honest reasons, this has led to the beginning of the Zero Party State, an era which does not bode will for the Union. The current President is about as much as trying to steer away from disaster as confronting it, and little good and much ill comes from that. A President that is unwilling to remind Congress of their responsibilities is leading to a final calcification of the House of Representatives that began in 1913 and turning it into a form of Landed Aristocracy. The Supreme Court completes this 'trifecta' by asserting things *into* Treaties that have been specifically *rejected* by the Executive and Legislative branches of Government. And now those two branches are back trying to get something put together that represents something the Union actually has signed on to. And this, too, erodes the concept of what it means to have a working, integral Nation State. Concepts of 'holocaust', 'torture' and 'tyranny' are now bandied about for things that are blatantly NONE of those things. And those cities which have decided to secede from the Union are not held accountable, but are finding that their decisions are making them havens for criminals, killers and terrorists.

Which gets us right back to the question of the spread of terrorism on a global scale *beyond* the Islamic Imperial form of it. They *all* seek Dominion and Empire, they just call it different things, with the last favorite being 'dictatorship of the proletariat'. The United States is the ONLY Nation that gives that government flows *from* the rights of the People and that government protects but does not *grant* rights. Thus ALL the activities of the Nation are not only the responsibility of the Nation, as a whole, but to each and every individual within the Nation. That is what We the People agreed to when We got this ball rolling in 1787 and remains so until We yield Our rights up to the Progressivists or Terrorists that wish to enslave Us back into Empire. As a Nation and individuals We have grown so accustomed to the supremacy of the Nation State that actual, real powers handed to Congress are forgotten about, completely! And, as People within Our States we have *also* forgotten that Our States can ALSO hold the Federal Government accountable by the very Constitution We agree to. And as part of that Constitution, if the Federal Government does NOT uphold the Laws of the Land to Protect the Union, then We the People in Our States can join with Our States to protect THEM and hold the Federal Government accountable and ask: Where the HELL ARE YOU? The Federal Government actually has said it will Defend the Nation and it is no longer doing so and the responsibility for that accountability is NOT ONLY via elections as We the People have the entire suite of rights save those very few that We LEND to government to damn well GOVERN.

The United States is *not* in a traditional form of war. Fighting this sort of war is not something We the People have done for over 150 years, and yet, way back when, We the People ensured that We could FIGHT such wars. We the People purposely LIMIT the capabilities of Our Armed Forces so that they are not given the scope or power to deal with small, non-Nation threats for a REASON. Any Military organization given that MUCH SCOPE is a danger to FREEDOM and LIBERTY in conception and actual fact. That is why when the MSM reports on 'legitimate armed political parties' it is saying something that is ANATHEMA to a Free People: every single instance where such a 'party' has come to power has led to military dictatorship. We the People RESTRICT Our military and tell them that they are to take on the Mighty Nations of the World and We the People will deal with the bullies. That is the responsibility We the People agreed to in 1787 and that remains until this very DAY. I love and want a Mighty Military Machine to take out the truly abhorable Nations that threaten the Union. I do NOT want a Military with so much power that it can start thinking that it can run things better than We are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

The Transnationalists and MSM want us to be sitting on Our collective Asses and hand over Our rights to the next passing terrorist or 'victim group'.

A groups of sour grapes folk are complaining that We the People are not dedicating time and energy to fight Transnational Terrorism. And they are RIGHT. They want the Union to mobilize for a National war of the old style so that the Military can get all the 'tools' it needs to take power and in that they are WRONG. We have a groups of retired Generals complaining that 1% of the Nation has taken up the burden of defending the rest of the Nation. I will make the argument that a different 1% pays the majority of the taxes and are getting screwed in the process. The argument is *itself* illegitimate because that is how things are RUN HERE.

The legitimate argument is that neither the Executive nor the Legislative have properly scoped out the conflict, listened to all of their folks that actually run the Government and have *listened* to them. All of the parts of the Federal Government cannot WIN THIS WAR. Is that clear? Separately and collectively they can fight something known as a 'holding action' to keep things from getting worse *quickly*. To actually stem the tide and force it back requires that they gain some humility and realize that they do, indeed, Represent the People and have to tell us what needs to be done to WIN. Anything short of the People taking this fight to the enemy is guaranteeing that this struggle will go on for decades and may not succeed. Because the enemy is *not* a nice and civilized Communist system, but a barbaric formulation of Empire that by *any stripe* will enslave Free People to their will.

This is not the kind of war that We have fought for a long, long time.

It is a war that requires that We recognize that civilization itself is at stake, but *not* from Nations, by and large, although I expect a few of those will go down because of this war. The Mighty Edge of the Sword of the Republic can deal with those Nasty outer parts of this barbaric creature known as Transnational Terrorism. But bleeding it is not an option as it must cleaved asunder by the full weight and heft of that Terrible Swift Sword of the Republic.

And only We the People can take on *that* role.

And if you think it is bad *now*, just imagine it if We do *not* do so and let the world slide into chaos and hand Our children a losing battle because We were afraid to do the necessary things it requires to be a Nation.

To be a People.

We can go out and face the butchers down and force them back and make them realize that it was an ill-thing to take up ignoble arms against Us.

Or we can cower and retreat... and start fitting the fetters of slavery onto Us as Freedom is just not worth the fight.

Only We the People can decide this.

Which means: YOU.

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