Friday, July 07, 2006

Supporting Individuals

This is a position paper of The Jacksonian Party.

The Founder of this Party has firm and stated beliefs for not voting for any member of either House of Congress or the Elected Executives as they have abdicated their responsibilities and duties to the Constitution.

As a Party, however, The Jacksonian Party at this current time has to look at whatever the current Zero Party State coughs up, like a ragged hairball. So even while displeased with the Two Parties, The Jacksonian Party does support those individuals that appear to at least be in the same plane of existence and time-continuum and planet as the United States now occupies.

These individuals are rare.

One of them is Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn). Mr. Lieberman is facing a primary challenge in his home state by an individual that is a favorite of Leftists, but has few connections with reality and his actual State that he is running from, beyond being a wealthy individual residing there. Bull Moose sees this as some form of JFK vs McGovern ideological tussle within the Democratic Party, in which the Left seeks to oust Mr. Lieberman so as to gain ideological purity.

Luckily, Mr. Lieberman is gathering votes for an Independent run, should the Democratic primary go against him.

On the plus side Mr. Lieberman has always been strong on support of the Armed Forces, believes that Victory is a worthy goal in Iraq and has openly stated his support of the Armed Forces of the United States and has gained much ire from the Left in this doing. Further, he is NOT a Seatwarmer left over from the 99th Congress having first been elected to the 101st Congress. So at least he has not BROKEN that promise, although not been as strong a proponent as one could like on actually *fixing* the problem of illegal entry and staying in this Nation. On many other things Mr. Lieberman generally votes to the left of the midpoint between the Two Parties, but he is clear on the need for a viable Nation and the defense of it.

Thusly, while the individual who is the Founder of The Jacksonian Party could not, in good conscience, actually vote for Mr. Lieberman for *anything*, the actual Jacksonian Party urges individuals in Connecticut to support Mr. Lieberman's run for re-election as he is the closest thing to a Jacksonian within the entire Democratic Party. His staying power to those touchstones is admirable and commendable and speaks highly and deeply of his convictions to keep the Nation secure. In attitude and speaking ability Mr. Lieberman comes across as one's stodgy Uncle that everyone in the family dearly loves *because* he is plain and dependable and reliable.

Mr. Lieberman is one of the few individuals from either of the Two Parties in the Zero Party State that has those qualities that put him within that sphere known as 'Jacksonianism'. He does not adhere to that in words and often gives other indications to moderation and old style liberalism in his activities. For keeping to those things that make the Nation secure and supporting the Armed Forces and the need for Victory, Mr. Lieberman is one of the few *sane* voices left in either House of Congress.

If Mr. Lieberman merely dropped out of the race after losing a Democratic primary, one must think that the upcoming election would be one of meager turnout and close division between the ideologues who did come out to vote. It would be a 50/50 election... because the Center would have dropped out and wants no part of EITHER the Left or the Right. In that Connecticut is a microcosm of the Nation: close and nasty elections with the majority staying home.

The Jacksonian Party formally SUPPORTS the Candidacy and Re-Election to the Senate of Joseph I. Lieberman.

Give 'em Hell, Joe!

Or at least a *lot* of Heck.

"Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error." - Andrew Jackson

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